My Imagines Go In One Direction

Hey guys I'm going to start doing some one shots so could you please leave your name, the 1d boy you would like, hair colour, eye colour and age thanks Taylor and if you could please favourite and like!


4. This is one for anyone and everyone

You are shopping with your best friend Taylor. You need a new outfit, because tonight is a party. It's not big, just a couple of people but still, it's a special party. You're about to try some clothes on, Louis calls. ''Hey [Y/N], tonight is going to be a bit different. Make sure you look nice, and take your some of your girlfriends with you. I'll do the same. Forget the party, we're gonna do something better. Come to my house about 8 o'clock, see you then.'' with that, he hang up. ''Well Gina, I think tonight is going to be a bit different. Louis just called, we need to go to his house with some friends.'' I told her. ''Let's do it then!'' she grinned.

I rang at Louis' doorbell, waiting for an answer. Louis opened the door, looking stunning, as always... ''Welcome ladies, come in!'' We walked to his livingroom, where we saw 4 boys sitting on the ground, with a tray full of objects. ''We're playing seven minutes in heaven tonight.'' Louis grinned. If I knew that we're going to play this game, I didn't come, but I was too late... ''[Y/N] you go first!'' Louis said.

Which object do you choose?

1. A plastic spider
2. A rose
3. A candle
4. A watch
5. A little blanket.

1. Without a doubt you picked the plastic spider. It looked so funny. ''Who's the lucky one?'' I joked. ''I believe it's me...'' Louis standed up. Oh my, it's Louis... My crush since, since forever! I walked to the closet with Louis and got in. ''You know [Y/N], I have a crush on you since the day I saw you, and now finally I can kiss you. You don't know how long I waited for this.'' And with that he kissed me. Passionated. ''I feel the same for you Louis, I really like you.'' I saw a twinkle in his eye. Suddenly pounded someone on the closet door. ''Yeah, your time is over guys, next one.''

2. Ofcourse I picked the rose, it is such a beautiful one. ''From who of you guys is the rose?'' I looked around me and saw a really cute guy standing up. ''It's mine, I'm Liam.'' He said shy. Oh my, he is so adorable. We walked to the closet and got in. ''Hey, I'm [Y/N]! Nice to meet you.'' I gave him a kiss on his cheek and saw him blushing. ''Beautiful name for a beautiful lady.'' He said. Suddenly I felt his warm lips on mine. It was such a passionated and lovely kiss. ''I'd love to see you more often, [Y/N].'' He said with his adorable voice. ''Same here, Liam.'' And with that we heard someone yelling that our time was over.

3. I doubted, what should I choose? I saw the candle, and chose that one. It's kinda mysterious and I like that. ''Who of you crazy fools layd a candle on the tray?'' I laughed. A mysterious boy with black hair and tattoos standed up. Damn he's hot. We walked to the closet and got in. ''Hey, my name is Zayn.'' He grinned. ''Hey Zayn, I'm [Y/N].'' I saw him looking at my dress. ''You look hot, [Y/N].'' I blushed. ''Well, thank you.'' I pressed my lips on his. ''Hey [Y/N], are you free tomorrow?'' He grinned. ''For you, I am.'' ''Great, see you tomorrow about 3 o'clock at Starbucks.'' And he walked out of the closet.

4. A cute little blue watch layd on the tray. I picked it up and looked at it. ''Well, who's going with me?'' I grinned. A cute blonde boy standed up. ''I think that's me!'' He said enthusiastic. We walked to the closet and got in. ''Hey there, you're [Y/N], right? Louis told me things about you. I'm Niall by the way!'' ''I hope Louis told good things about me!'' ''Yeah he did, don't worry.'' He laughed. He pressed his lips on mine. I felt butterfly's flying in my stomach. ''Well [Y/N], I think I kinda feel something for you, I never had it before. It's so quick.'' ''Same here Niall, I hope I can see you more often.''

5. You saw a little blanket on the tray. It’s really cute. You picked it up and felt how soft it was. ‘’Who of you handsomes is the lucky one?’’ I joked. A really hot curly boy stood up and it felt like his dimples where melting in you. ‘’Hi, ermm, I’m Harry.’’ He said with his low and slow voice. We walked to the closet together. ‘’I’m not very good at this, Harry.’’ You told him. ‘’Me either…’’ Harry whispered. He pressed a sensitive kiss on your nose. It made you blush. ‘’I can feel you’re blushing babe.’’ He said. You laughed and told him your name. ‘’Well [Y/N], maybe I see you next week? Meet me at Starbucks on Friday, at 5 o’clock.’’ And with that, you heard a bounce on the closet. ‘’Times up!’’
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