My Imagines Go In One Direction

Hey guys I'm going to start doing some one shots so could you please leave your name, the 1d boy you would like, hair colour, eye colour and age thanks Taylor and if you could please favourite and like!


16. Niall for Marijane

The day was gently fading although it was only four. Niall and I had spent the entire day in our separate houses, pretending we were deadly enemies still – we weren’t but we were until Kaylas party.
At the party we fought, as we always did, except this time when I stormed out in tears he followed me out and into the garden. I kept on crying, I didn’t know he was there until he spoke.
‘Marijane,’ he began but I didn’t let him finish.
‘Leave me alone Niall, I don’t need any more fighting – you’re not worth it.’ I said and then I saw his face. His jaw was trembling and his blue orbs seemed to be watery, though that could’ve been the light.
‘You really think that’s why I’m here? To make you more miserable? I am sick of hurting you, I can’t do it anymore. I think I’m in love.’ Niall told me as he closed the gap between us.
So just because some poor girl has you doting on her you feel you can’t possibly hurt me?! Well guess what – you just twisted the knife in my stomach because I love you Niall James Horan and you don’t give a tiny rat’s arse about me do you?’ I shouted at him, not caring that my make up was running down my face – I was too upset to notice Niall crying.
He pulled me into his arms and kissed the top of my head.
‘You didn’t let me finish – as always.’ Niall grumbled, I looked up at him and saw his usual cheeky grin playing across his face.
‘I’m in love, with you.’ He said and we shared our first kiss.
That was six months ago and we still haven’t told anyone – it just hasn’t felt right yet.
Niall is taking me out for dinner tonight, for my birthday and I can’t wait! I have a gorgeous dress (butterfly print of course!) and my hair and makeup is done to perfection courtesy of my sister, this was her birthday present to me, this and the loan of her Louboutin heels, which she doesn’t currently know about but it's going to stay that way.
Niall is picking me up at five because we’re going somewhere else first. It’s now five to five and I’m sitting on the staircase, ready to go. I can see the doorway but the doorway can’t see me! The doorbell just went and oh my god he looks so gorgeous I think I might die!
He’s wearing a black suit and white shirt, black converses and a black skinny tie – he’s so hot!
‘She ready?’ he asked Katie who’d let him in.
‘Yep and she suspects nothing! Gah I’m so excited – she’s going to be so happy.’ Katie all but screamed. Niall laughed before answering.
‘If she’s half as happy as you then I’m a lucky man!’ he smiled as he spoke, I nearly swooned but I was busy wondering about “what I don’t suspect”.
Oh well! I began to make my way downstairs, my cream heels clacking on every wooden step. I watched Niall’s face as he looked up, his eyes taking in my legs first and making their way up to my face. I beamed at him and took his hand.
‘See you later Katie.’ I called over my shoulder as Niall pulled me gently towards his car. He held open the door for me and helped me in, then he jogged round to his side and we set off.
Ten minutes later we’d made it to Kayla’s house.
‘Why are we here? Taylor moved months ago!’ I questioned and he smiled before hopping out his side and almost sprinting round to mine.
‘We have something to do here first Marijane.’ Niall said and we walked up to Taylor's empty house.
Niall shoved at the side gate a few times and it gave way. He took my hand and led me through to the corner of the garden where there seemed to be some light. I gasped a little when I took in my surroundings.
There was a tiny table, with two chairs surrounded by fairy lights. I turned to Niall who was grinning as me like a maniac – his face looked like it would burst if he kept smiling like this!
‘Marijane – I love you.’ He said simply and he kissed me. I could almost taste his nerves on his kiss.
‘I love you too.’ I replied with a smile, Niall broke away from my arms and pressed something on the table.
In seconds Adele’s voice filled the garden.
‘Our song.’ I whispered and Niall nodded as he placed his hands on my hips and I placed mine on his shoulders. We danced for a while and then Niall sat me down on one of the seats.
‘I know I say it all the time but I love you, forever and always Marijane. No other girl ever came close to you and you set the bar pretty damn high. Once I found you I knew there was no going back and I don’t want to go back – I love you and well, what I’m trying to ask is,’ Niall paused and fumbled in his pocket and brought out an old green ring box. He knelt down on one knee and I realised what I hadn’t been expecting.
‘Will you marry me?’
My hand flew to my mouth and tears prickled the backs of my eyes as I slowly nodded my head. Niall slipped the gorgeous emerald engagement ring onto my second finger.
‘You’re the most amazing man I’ve ever met, I love you Niall.’ I told him as he got up from the ground, I stood too and we shared our first kiss as fiancées. My hands found themselves in his short blonde hair in seconds as the kiss deepened. After a few minutes I pulled away.
‘Not outside Nialler.’ I told him and he grinned.
‘I’ve already thought of all this, come with me.’ he replied and he guided me towards the back door.
‘Open it.’ He said, I could tell there was a surprise coming, so I braced myself. The door opened easily and we stepped inside, Niall flicked a switch and the kitchen was illuminated. A pot of Bolognese caught my eye and I turned to Niall.
‘Oh I wonder how that got there!’ he said mischievously, it dawned on me – he must have been working on this all day.
Niall was busy finishing off dinner and so I took myself on a tour of Taylor's old house, I went through the hall – finding plush carpet beneath my feet and a shelf at my waist height. I noticed a bowl of keys. I ignored it, almost but I noticed one lot of keys was Niall’s – it held a key ring from our secret trip to Alton Towers on it. Maybe he left them there when he was setting up for tonight?
I moved to the lounge, finding it completely furnished – surely Taylor's family took all their things? I saw photo frames on the wall so I took a closer look.
They were pictures of me and Niall, his family, my family, our school photos,
‘Oh damn it – you ruined the surprise Giselle!’ Niall cried out as he wrapped his arms around me from behind.
‘What d’you mean?’ I asked twisting in his grasp to face him.
‘I mean, this house is ours – welcome home soon-to-be-Mrs-Horan!’ he said with a grin. We kissed passionately again.
‘I don’t suppose the bedrooms are sorted yet are they?’ I asked cheekily and Niall’s grin widened.
‘Of course they are!’ he confirmed and he whisked me away, forgetting all about dinner.

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