My Imagines Go In One Direction

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15. Niall for Giselle

Giselles P.O.V
‘Giselle please?’ Niall whined, pulled my hand as we made our way through the crowds at the jam packed theme park.

‘Niall please no! You know I hate roller coasters!’ I protested, he just laughed and pushed me through the crowd to join the queue for Saw.

‘Well the boys will come with me wont you lads?’ he said, appealing to Louis, Harry, Liam and Zayn. They all shook their heads.

‘Wimps! Please Giselle?’ he was pleading, it was sweet actually.

‘I can’t!’ I squealed, he gave me a look. The kind of look that said ‘you’re talking shit.’

‘Why not then?’ he asked, folding his arms and waiting for my excuse. I scanned the board quickly the only options were: pregnancy, be under twelve, be wearing sandals, be able to walk.

‘I’m pregnant?’ I tried, the boys started laughing and Niall snorted, trying to contain his laughter.

‘No you’re not!’ Louis cried out.

‘You’re not, are you?’ Niall said, a cute worried look plastering itself across his cherub face.

‘No, but if it gets me out of this ride, then yes.’ I replied quickly, relief struck Niall like lightening and he gave me a quick kiss.

‘You’re adorable you know that right? You know I love you? Ride with me – I won’t let anything happen to you I promise.’ He said and the boys started wooing and whistling, I giggled and Niall took that as okay let’s go.

We left the boys by the entrance and set about queuing for what seemed like a billion hours. I felt so sick it was unreal! Niall held my hand the whole way round the curvy line to the awful thing that was Saw. I noticed that Harry and Louis were up at the wall which overlooked the queue, Liam and Zayn weren’t with them. I didn’t have to wonder where they were for long though.

‘Vas happenin!’ they shouted in unison, pouncing on me and Niall, he laughed it off but I had to go and shriek like a little girl! All three boys started top howl with laughter and I could feel myself going bright red.

‘I’m sorry I wasn’t expecting it! Stop laughing at me!!!’ I told them indignantly, I crossed my arms and pulled a face like a grumpy child. Niall stopped laughing and kissed me, turning my mood instantly from wanting to cry and throw up simultaneously to feeling like I could fly.

‘Get a room!’ called a stranger from behind us in the queue. Niall reluctantly pulled away, but he left his arms round my waist and we had a hug instead.

‘I wish I’d bought Esther.’ Liam said, he sounded a bit grumpy so he started having a conversation with Zayn about Esther and Hannah, both were ‘ill’ with the same stomach bug; somehow no one else had even had the slightest stomach upset. I say they had a conversation; it was just them rambling about why they loved them to each other at the same time.

‘So how do you feel now that we’re...’ he paused to count. ‘ people from the front?’ Niall asked, real concern tingeing his gorgeous Irish brogue. He still had their arms wrapped around me and I stood on my tip toes to plant a little kiss on Niall’s lips before I answered.

‘I fell like I’m going to throw up but its okay because you’re here.’ I replied and he smiled, placing a little kiss on my forehead.

‘Any fours?’ the female attendant called from the front.

‘Yeah.’ Zayn called out in the manliest voice I had ever heard. I raised my eyebrow at him and he leant down to my ear.

‘I can’t help it, she’s hot.’ He whispered and I rolled my eyes. We reached the front and Zayn was already trying to chat her up. Using the whole I’m-in-a-band-you-may-have-heard-of-us line. A little plan hatched in my head as me and Niall snuck up on him.

‘Such a shame Hannah couldn’t make it today! I bet you really miss your girlfriend eh Zayn?’ I said really loudly so he couldn’t not hear me.

‘Yeah loads.’ Zayn said and stormed towards his seat on the ride, slotted in next to Liam. Niall smiled at the attendant and pulled me gently to the two seats next to them. It was a four row so Niall put me in between him and Zayn, thinking it would freak me out less if I was sandwiched in between the angry guy and the adrenaline junkie. The ride shuddered into life and I grasped Niall’s hand.

‘You let go of that hand and I’ll kill you.’ I told him and he laughed, bringing my hand up to his mouth to kiss it.

‘I love you Giselle.’ He murmured against my skin, but I couldn’t be sure as we were making our way up a steep giant slope. I felt someone take my right hand. It was Zayn. I smiled at him and he gave me a look that I couldn’t read. I was so confused that I didn’t realise we had come to the top of the slope and we about to drop a bajillion miles.

‘GET ME OFF!’ I screamed as we went down and Niall whooped and hollered like a hyena. Liam was paralysed in sheer terror and Zayn was emotionless as he held my hand. Something wasn’t right about that boy. But I didn’t have time to worry about him as I could see I was about to go upside down.

I screamed again, this time no words; just noise. Niall squeezed my hand, as if to say it was alright and I stopped screaming out of fear quite so much, and more out of the fact that everyone else was so I thought I’d join in.

Eventually the ride ended and we got off, making our way up to Harry and Louis. Zayn wanted to look at the pictures so I gave Niall a kiss and went with him. We took a while to spot ours and when we did we laughed like loons on loon pills. Niall was pulling a face which Zayn described as a camel eating a melon; I had my eyes shut tight and was screaming, Zayn was sitting there, legs crossed, mouth closed eyes like saucers, and Liam looked green, actually green! We couldn’t not buy it!

It was really awkward while we waited, Zayn kept looking like he was going to say something and then not saying anything. It was really getting on my nerves and eventually I broke.

‘What is your problem?!’ I snapped at him, he looked really taken a back for a split second and then anger clouded his model like features.

‘My problem? You really want to know my problem? Well, I’m in love with my girlfriend’s best friend who happens to be in love with my best friend. Happy? Now you know my problem, so why don’t you run and tell Hannah and Niall!’ he shouted and a few people turned to look, no doubt this will pop up on every gossip site you can think of in a few hours.

‘Oh Zayn how’d you get yourself into this mess?’ I cooed, bringing him in for a hug as tears had started to fall from his eyes. I wondered who the girl was.

‘I don’t know, I just saw you one morning and you were so pretty, no makeup, bed head, you were smiling fit to bust and dancing round the kitchen, you pulled me in to dance with you even though you knew I hated it, you just laughed at me being embarrassed and turned the music up louder, twirling in your own little world. I just watched you and I realised I wanted you, I loved you.’

Oh shit.

‘Zayn are you sure? I mean how do you know its love?’ I asked, pulling away from him, he’d just said he was in love with me. I was in shock.

‘I’ve never felt like this before, I’m meant to be with you. I know I am, it’s just taking you longer to realise it.’ Zayn stated clearly, taking my hand in his, repeating what Niall did less than twenty minutes earlier, he kissed my hand lightly. He dropped it just in time for Niall to bound up; he wrapped his arms around my waist from behind and kissed my neck.

‘You two are taking your time! Are you buying it?’ he asked, totally clueless that the tension was so thick you’d need a cerated knife to cut it.

‘Yeah it’s really funny, isn’t it Zayn?’ I smiled, hoping my fake grin didn’t seem false.

‘Yeah, urm, I think I’m going to go, I feel a bit ill. I’ve probably got what Hannah and Esther have; I’ll see you back at the house.’ He said quickly and left. Niall looked surprised.

‘What’s his problem?’ he asked no one in particular.

Our photo number was called and Niall went to collect it.

‘If only you knew.’ I muttered in answer to his rhetorical question.

Typical, I wait all my life for a perfect man, and then two come along at once.

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