My Imagines Go In One Direction

Hey guys I'm going to start doing some one shots so could you please leave your name, the 1d boy you would like, hair colour, eye colour and age thanks Taylor and if you could please favourite and like!


22. Niall for Danielle

“oh shit” I muttered under my breath. Niall and I were at his house watching a movie after having a long day of playing in the newly fallen snow that graced the ground when I started to feel that lurch in my stomach that only ment one thing

“shit, Shit, SHIT” I scrambled to get out of his arms as I hurled myself towards the bathroom on the other side of his flat. Seeing Niall running after me calling my name I slammed the door and collapsed in front of the toilet covered in a cold sweat and tears running out of my eyes. I rarely had panic attacks anymore so I hadn’t told Niall of my diagnosis of panic disorder, surely leaving him more confused. I covered my mouth with my hand to hold back the sobs hardly noticing my boyfriend pounding on the door trying to get in.

“Danielle!? Princess!? Are you ok baby?! Let me in!” Nomatter how strong I wanted to be infront of him somehow when I went through this anxiety I needed someone to be next to me, holding me. Whether it be my mother or my six year old cousin, I could never do this alone. I turned into someone else in these episodes, I was no longer confident and outgoing, I became a shell while I resigned myself to the fate of death or the worse option of having to bear through this for however many hours or minutes.

“Ni- Niall please….” I sobbed out

“baby come open the door, im right here”

I crawled over slowly to the door barley able to hold myself up and turned the door knob then quickly retracted back to my previous position of curling myself over his toilet. I heard the door slam open and him gasp. There was his ever strong girlfriend curled on the bathroom ground, clammy and shaking, crying as if her life depended on it. He rushed to my side and lifted me into his arms holding me tight as I stared into his eyes.

“wha, Whats wrong baby girl, how can I help, I love you so much, please tell me whats wrong”

“I’m sorry niall, I’m not at strong as you think” I sobbed out “I-I don’t have these very often but please niall, help.”

“shhhhh baby I’m right here, look into my eyes, I’m right here, take a deep breath. Feel my hands rubbing your back, can you tell what letters I’m making?”

I shook my head violently unable to process anything outside of my body, only able to notice the feeling of inpending doom creeping into my soul. Everything was spinning and I felt like I was going to vomit any second.

“princess, Danielle look at me, I have a joke to tell you, wanna hear it?”

I nodded my head slowly as I zoned in and out

“what did the melted cheese say to the unlucky tortilla? Man, It’s just nacho day!”

I couldn’t help but let a small giggle escape my lips causing a smile to grace nialls face

“theres my beautiful girl, why don’t I carry you to my room and we can snuggle?”

I shook thinking about not having the comfort of a toilet right next to me. He quickly caught on and said

“I can bring a bucket. Maybe we can run over to a dollar store when you feel a bit better and bedazzle it!”

I couldn’t help but laugh even though my body was barley responding

“how do you even know what that means mister manly man, or was I mistaken about your masculinity?”

“even when you feel like your dying you somehow still manage to be able to insult me, funny how that works eh?” he said with a wink.

The moment of relief quickly passed and soon the cold sweat resumed, the shaking getting worse. Niall picked me up in his arms letting my head rest on his chest, which enabled me to hear his soothing heart beat. He walked us to his bedroom sitting by the headboard with me still cradled in his arms. He runs his large calloused hands through my hair while humming my favourite song in my ear, slowly rocking back and forth. Slowly the sobs start to slow and I’m able to talk again in a quiet voice.

“I’m sorry Nialler, I always ment to tell you that I had panic attacks but I guess I wanted you to think I was strong, I know its stupid but I guess I just wanted you to be proud of me, I guess that’s not gonna happen now…”

“What do you mean?” His voice vibrated through his chest calming me even more

“I will always be proud of you, no matter what, you are perfect to me, the way you look down when someone tells you you’re beautiful, the way you cry in movies and the way you fit just like a puzzle piece into my side. The fact that you go through this makes you even stronger and makes me even prouder to call you my girlfriend. You know sometimes when I have had a day with tons of fans mobbing us I have panic attacks too, and I know how hard it is. You are not weak by any means my love don’t ever think that…I love you”

I cuddled farther into his chest trying to show how much I loved him without words because no words can describe this feeling. A few mins later I spoke up,

“I’m tired, can we go to bed now?”

“but its 8:30!!”

“please, I just need to sleep..”

“ok baby”

He shuffled us down and pulled the covers over our bodies and situated himself so we were face to face. He kissed my slowly closing eyelids, my cheeks, my forehead, my chin, my nose and finally my lips. His crooning voice lulled me inches from sleep but before I finally drifted off I heard a quiet whisper say

“I am so proud of you Danielle, more then you could ever know, I love you..”

Needless to say we both fell asleep with a smile on our faces, wrapped in each others arms.


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