My Imagines Go In One Direction

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19. Niall for Brianna

The tour had just ended; their very first tour. As they walked off the stage for the last time, a certain blonde band member paused and took one more look out to the crowd that were still screaming. He still couldn’t believe it. He had made his dreams come true.

He stood a few metres away from the stairs leading backstage and just stared. The widest grin formed on his lips and he could feel himself start to get a little emotional. He laughed at himself. This was insane, he thought. Any moment he would wake up and this would all be a dream.

But he didn’t. He shook himself and waved once more to the crowd which only set them off again. He continued to laugh as he found the lads patting each other on the back and hugging the crew and everyone backstage.

He ran over to his four best mates and pulled them into one big embrace and a single tear fell from his eye. To be in this moment with any other group of lads wouldn’t feel right. He believed fate had brought them all together. They just fit together so well.

“Thank you guys, so, so much,” His Irish accent coated with sincerity. The eldest of the bunch who stood on his left, pulled him in close and kissed his forehead.

“Don’t get emotional on us, mate. Dublin got enough of that,” He chuckled, his own voice slowly dripping with a happy kind of sadness. Of course he wasn’t the only one who would miss this tour; their very first tour.

He felt a pinch on his arm and looked up to the attacker. With his short fair hair, and plaid shirt, Liam wiped his eyes as he looked at the Irishman.

“Now you’ve got me tearing up, Niall!” Liam laughed. The boy in the red varsity jacket was trying to cover up his own tears next to him. All Niall could do as he looked around the tight circle, was smile in astonishment. They had done it. Together. And now he was making everyone else sentimental about it all.

The boy with the always unruly but somehow always perfect curls had his arm tightly wrapped around the eldest member’s waist. Harry covered his face from the other boys as he hid in Louis’ shoulder.

“Niall look what you’ve done to Curly!” Louis demanded, a grin plastered to his face. All Niall could do was burst into laughter and say, “I love you lads, so much. You know that,” Liam who stood on his right wrapped him up in a tight embrace away from the rest of the lads and that’s when the blonde began to cry freely.

But the tears that fell were happy ones, grateful ones. He was just so glad he could have experienced this whole tour. He was already itching to be out on stage performing to thousands again.

His heart beat rapidly inside him and it seemed to quicken when he realised who was waiting for him somewhere backstage. Liam broke the embrace first, well, Louis did, as he karate chopped them apart. Louis was always keeping things moving within the band, always keeping this up beat.

Niall was grateful that he had interrupted the hug when he had; he felt like he would have completely broken down within the minute if he stood there for too much longer. He was now aware of his surroundings again and without another word, he walked off in search of someone.

The lads called out to him but Niall didn’t turn. His mind was on one thing and one thing only; her.

Countless crew members who walked past him congratulated him and patted him on the back. He nodded and smiled to all of them but he was definitely distracted. He could still hear faint screams and cheering through the walls. The grin didn’t slip once from his face.

“Niall! Congratulations on finishing the tour love,” Eleanor and Danielle were walking in the opposite direction to Niall, when he ran into them. He hugged them both and kissed both cheeks.

“Thanks guys, I think the lads are still right behind the stage, if you’re lookin’ for them,” They said their thank you’s and many more congratulations before leaving Niall to continue on his search for her.

The girl who had stuck with him the whole way through the tour. The girl who had made it through the distance and long periods of time apart and had still been there for him. The girl that meant more to him than life itself; the most beautiful girl in the world.

And there she was. As Niall had opened the door to the back parking lot to the arena in Belfast, it was like an angel had descended from the heavens. A streetlamp made a 21st century halo above her head and she glowed in the darkness.

If his smile was wide before, it somehow grew even wider. She stood with her arms crossed, her eyes looking down at something on the road. Her dark hair blew a little in her face as a slight breeze passed through the lot. Moving the hair out of her eyes, she looked up. As she did, her arms unfolded and her face lit up.

They were running towards each other in an instant. It was like an old movie when the two lovers are reunited after years of being apart and they still had feelings for each other. Everything still felt the same, everything still felt right.

Everything was perfect.

They reached each other with a lot of impact and if they were hurt by the collision, neither said a word. They wouldn’t have been able to anyway as their lips found each other almost instantly. Niall lifted her up from the ground, his arms tightly wrapped around her waist as he spun her around.

He could feel her smile against his lips. Her arms were wrapped around his neck and one hand made its way into his beautiful blonde hair. As he stopped spinning, the kiss became more passionate and slow, like time had been slowed down.

That was a first, Niall thought. Whenever they were together, he felt like time would intentionally speed up just so he couldn’t spend a lot of time with her. Both her hands were now entangled in his blonde locks and goose bumps covered his body all over.

He gripped her waist tightly and held her close; he didn’t want her going anywhere. She smelled so sweet. Like a milkshake. That made him hungry. His mind instantly brought up Nandos chicken and he laughed during the kiss.
She pulled away slowly, a grin on her own lips, a twinkle in her eye.

“Thinking about Nandos again?” She raised her eyebrows playfully. She knew him too well.

“You’ve got to stop reading my mind, Brianna,” He said softly as he slowly leant forward and rubbed his nose against hers gently. She felt tingles grow throughout her entire body and she giggled. The way he could make her knees go weak with just one action, made her blush.

No other guy had ever had this impact on her. But she knew no other guy was like Mr Niall Horan. He was different, he was amazing, he was talented, and he was beautiful. He was everything; everything to her.

“I love you Brianna,” The words fell from his mouth like precious diamonds; every word was worth a million dollars. Her stomach filled with butterflies and she bit her lip, leaning forwards on her toes to find his soft lips again.

“I’m ..” She spoke in between her kisses, “So … incredibly … proud … of you,” His lips were like the small bottle of water you find after walking around aimlessly in a desert for days on end. They gave her life and an empowering feeling. She couldn’t get enough of him.

“Oi you two!” Niall cursed in his head. He didn’t want anyone interrupting them anytime and especially not this time. Brianna did slowly pull away though, her hand finding its place in Niall’s back pocket.

They both squinted into the darkness to see who had shouted at them. It seemed impossible to see. Maybe they had both just heard something inside their heads. There was definitely no one standing near the door.

“Ahhh!” Brianna screamed and spun around as someone had poked both her sides. Standing under the streetlamp now, doubled over in laughter, was Louis Tomlinson. But of course, Niall thought, shaking his head. Louis was the master of cock blocking.

“Lou, what the hell do you want?” Niall shook his head, annoyed, but with a grin on his face nonetheless. It was a minute or two before Louis could breathe properly after the hilarity of scaring Brianna.

“Ahh, wooo, okay, I was told to get you guys back inside. There’s going to be an after tour party!” He threw his arms up in happiness and hugged Brianna, and ruffling Niall’s hair.

“Don’t be too long now,” He winked at the both of them seedily as he walked backwards to the back door. Niall face palmed and Brianna laughed, blushing. She was glad they were standing out from under the streetlamp for the moment.

“Well, you wanna head over then?” He said, pulling Brianna close once more. She rested her hands on his firm chest which lay underneath the perfectly fitted red Polo shirt. She could feel his racing heart beneath it.

“In … a minute,” She whispered, trailing kisses along his chin before reaching his lips and biting the bottom one. Niall grinned.

“I like … the sound of a minute …” He trailed off as Brianna slowly pushed him against the wall. Her hands found themselves in his back pockets again and he grinned.

What better way to end your very first tour than with your girlfriend. Niall couldn’t think of anything better. She was all his and he was all hers. Perfection was confined to one person. And they were both holding that one perfect person.

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