My Imagines Go In One Direction

Hey guys I'm going to start doing some one shots so could you please leave your name, the 1d boy you would like, hair colour, eye colour and age thanks Taylor and if you could please favourite and like!


17. Niall for Ashlynn

I felt the tears push past my eyes and fall in rhythm down my face as I read the mean comments being said about me on Facebook. My ex’s new girlfriend was posting mean things saying I was worthless and no wonder he had left me for her. That hurt. I had thought I had finally found love, when all of a sudden I had received a text saying it’s over and the next day he was all over her. But she was right. I wasn’t a gorgeous slut like she was; I was a normal, McDonald’s eating, extremely unathletic, musically talented nobody who was forever alone in a sea of couples. Even worse, it was homecoming season, so I had to watch every girl in school get asked to the dance in the most heartwarming ways, all the while knowing I will never be asked. Even my best friend Niall was asking some girl, although he wouldn’t tell me who. I wished so much that he would be asking me, I had realized I was in love with him and I didn’t know what to do. I felt so bad, I had been ignoring him these last few days, I just couldn’t stand seeing my ex with his girlfriend, my heart broke every time and I just needed to be alone.

The comments kept getting worse and worse, each pushing my limits until I couldn’t take it anymore. I shoved my laptop off of my lap and onto the floor as I ran to the bathroom. Niall made me promise that I wouldn’t do this anymore, but he wasn’t here and I gave up. I grabbed my blade hidden inside the mirror and held it up to my wrist, aligning it with all of the other raised scars. I felt so low, I wasn’t good enough for my parents, I wasn’t good enough for my ex-boyfriend, I wasn’t good enough for anyone! A million thoughts raced through my mind until I couldn’t think at all. My heart started racing and I pressed the cold blade to my skin, chills running down my spine as I-

I heard something hit my window, and I dropped the blade in fright. Curious and a little afraid, I wiped my tears, headed over and looked out. I saw no one, but a bunch of balloons were tied to my mailbox. Running downstairs and outside I reached the mailbox and looked inside. There was a purple envelope, and inside there was a note for me:

Walk three blocks up,
Turn right at the lamp post,
And find the red flowers
For a surprise
~mr potato head

I stood there, shocked and confused. There was no way this was for me. I turned over the envelope, and my name was written on it. Wait a second. I looked at the note again, this time recognizing the handwriting immediately. NO. WAY. I walked down the street and followed the instructions, which led me to the park. I spotted some red and went over to it, and when I did, my jaw dropped in shock and I stood there speechless. Niall was standing there, holding a guitar and behind him tied between two trees was a giant sign that read,


The red I saw turned out to be rose petals scattered on the ground, but that wasn’t even the best part. Niall smiled at me, strumming a familiar tune, and began to sing:

Much as you blame yourself, you can't be blamed for the way that you feel
Had no example of a love, that was even remotely real
How can you understand something that you never had
Ooh baby if you let me, I can help you out with all of that

Girl let me love you
And I will love you
Until you learn to love yourself
Girl let me love you
And all your trouble
Don't be afraid, girl let me help
Girl let me love you
And I will love you
Remove the pain and start again
Girl let me love you
And I will love you
With all my heart just let me in

His voice was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard in my entire life. I noticed he changed some lyrics for me and started to cry again, this time of happiness. I ran straight into his arms, it felt so warm and safe there.
“I love you, Ashlynn.” I heard him whisper.
He lifted my face and used his thumbs to wipe away some of my tears. “I love you, I have for a while now and I finally got the courage to tell you. I also saw the posts on Facebook today, and I knew you would be feeling down. You are absolutely and completely perfect; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” He released me from his embrace and took hold of my wrists, smiling softly upon seeing there were no fresh cuts and kissing the old scars.

I couldn’t believe it. It felt like a dream.
“I love you too, so much. There’s no one else I’d rather have here with me right now, I need you to help me through this.” I breathed in his scent, it smelled like heaven and home.
“I’ll always be here right by your side, don’t you ever forget that. So, will you?” He gestured towards the giant banner.
“Yes, yes of course I’ll go homecoming with you!” I said, laughing. His arms found my waist as he pulled me close and slowly leaned his head down, the smile never leaving my face as his soft lips gently landed on my own. My arms were covered in goose bumps, and I discovered that all of the clichés were true: I felt the sparks and fireworks going off around us as we just stood there kissing in our own little world. I cupped his face as he pressed against my lower back, sending chills down my spine. Right then, I forgot what people on Facebook were saying about me, or what was wrong with my life. I had Niall and everything was perfect.

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