My Imagines Go In One Direction

Hey guys I'm going to start doing some one shots so could you please leave your name, the 1d boy you would like, hair colour, eye colour and age thanks Taylor and if you could please favourite and like!


2. Niall for Abygail

Abygail's Pov

You opened her eyes to find Niall Horan laying beside you in bed. Youre a huge directioner so you start to fangirl quiet not to wake him up. You touch his cheek to make sure that it’s really him. His soft skin is so perfect and he smiles in his sleep. Oh my god how can someone be so beautiful? You sigh and sits up on the bed.

”NO!” Niall yells and jumps on you and holds you tight agains his body.

”My nando princess.” Niall’s mumbling and smiles still sleeping. You laugh and thought if It is a dream you can at least enjoy the dream. So you wrap your arms around his torso.

You did’t notice the room untill now. It’s a hospital room. You look down on your body and youre wearing white hospital clothes. You shake his body and he opens his eyes and stares at you.

”Oh my god Abygail!" Niall whispears and crushing his lips against your. Tears are falling from his eyes.

”Nurse.” Niall scream and after a couple of secound three nurses running in to the room to see why Niall yelled.

They stop and stares at you for a secound before one of the nurses calls after a doctor still in chock. Niall is still holding you tight agains his body. The doctor and the nurses take some tests and seems pretty happy about everything but you don’t understand anything. Niall is holding your hand the hole time. Harry runs into the room with Louis, Liam and Zayn behind him.

”Abygail your alive! thank god!” Louis says and hugs you.

”Why are you guys here?” You asks and don’t understand how could One freaking Direction know who you are?

”Do you want us to go?” Liam says and seems to be pretty hurt by my words.

”I don’t mean it like that I just... How could you know who I am?” You ask them.

”You don’t know who we are?” Louis asks confused.

”Your One Direction.” You replies more confused than Louis.

”Don’t you remember anything?” Nialls whispears behind you.

”What should I remember?” You ask. You turn around to look at Niall and a tear runs down his cheek and his eyes looks so hurt.

”That im your husband.” He says stares into my eyes.

The doctor walks into the room and the boys starts to tell him what just happened. But I can take my eyes away from Niall’s. Am I his wife? HIS wife? Niall Horan’s wife?

”What’s my name?” You ask him and ignoring everything but Niall.

”Abygail Horan” Niall whispears back. What have happened to me that maked me forget this? Someone snapped there fingers infront of my eyes and I got out of my trans.

”Love what was the last thing you remember?” The doctor ask.

”That I had unpacked all my things in my new apartment.” I replies and looks confused at the doctor.

”That was two and a half year ago.” Niall says to the doctor and looks worried.

”Um... You have lost your memory my dear.” The doctor says looking at you..

”How?” You ask the doctor concerned.

”You fainted when you where home alone and Niall didn’t find you untill two hours later and when you came here you where in coma. And none of us knew anything and didn’t understand why you where in coma either. So we ran some tests but none of them where positive . And you have been dead for half an hour tonight but we got you back to life.” He paused and continued.

”And we had nearly given up but it was then Niall called after us and now you’re awake with nothing but a memory loss."He said and smiled.

”You girl are pretty lucky.” He blink and look at Niall who had taken my hand again when the doctor had spoken.

”What can I do to get her memory back?” Niall asks the doctor worried.

”Everything you can do is to take her home and try to figure out those little things that can make her remember. But take it easy so it not get to much. Try to make her remember as much as she can by herself and just help her on the way back.”

After an hour you could go home. Our home mine and NIALL's. Our home that you don’t remember. You sigh.

Niall held you the whole way home and you feel so safe in his arms. The boys dropped you off ouside a beautiful white house. Niall led you in and you both ended up in the bedroom watching a movie. Niall held you tight burrying his face in your hair the whole time.

”I thought I'd lost you.” Niall whispers in your ear and kisses your neck soft. You both lay down and cuddling up to each otcher. He takes your hand and hold the other around you waist.

”I promise you that I’m gonna make you remember everything. Our wedding, our dates, our kisses, everything.” Niall says and kisses you passionately.

”I know that you don’t love me right now but I’m gonna make you love me again.” He lookes at you and smiles sadly.

”I know deep down inside of me that I love you Niall and I always will.” You say and kiss him softly.

”I love you so much Abygail.” He says with a smile and with that his strokes your brown/black hair while looking in your eyes and kisses you passionately.

I hope you liked it Abygail
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