My Imagines Go In One Direction

Hey guys I'm going to start doing some one shots so could you please leave your name, the 1d boy you would like, hair colour, eye colour and age thanks Taylor and if you could please favourite and like!


20. Louis for Kenzie

Kenzies P.O.V

"Niall!Give me back my phone!!Or else I will eat your pizza!!'I said trying to convince Niall to give me back my phone.

"Go ahead.I already ate like 2 boxes of 'em"

ugh.Curse myself for leaving my phone on the couch.

"Niall gimme bac-"I was going to complete that sentence but I felt a pair of buff,muscular arms wrap around my waist with kisses on my neck repeatedly.I immediately knew it was Louis.

"Miss me?"he asked in-between kisses on my neck.

"Very much."I said whilst turning around just to meet with his gorgeous blue eyes.

Wow.I never really remembered how pretty his eyes are.He must have really been gone for too long on tour.Niall and Zayn arrived earlier than Liam,Harry and Louis.

He gave me a 2-minute passionate kiss while he was carrying my right foot for a the-perfect-kiss effect.

"Kenzie!"I heard someone shout.I knew that voice perfectly.The first name that popped into my head was him.

"Liaaaaaaaaaaam!"I yelled.He swept me off my feet with a hug and squeezed me.

"I missed you so much."he whispered.

"Ehem.Aren't you forgetting someone?"Harry cooed.

Of course I wouldn't forget him.He was the one who set me and Louis up.We were from the same hometown ans have been bestfriends ever since.

"You silly,silly boy!Of course I wouldn't forget you!"I replied with arms wide open signalling him for a hug.He let go of his luggage and ran to my way.But instead of hugging me,he did it with Louis.

Stupid Larry Stylinson.Lol.I'm kidding.Larry is like my whole life.Gay people are so cute.

"I missed you man!"Louis said hugging Harry.

"Seriously?Him over me?"I said with my right hand on my waist for emphasis.

"Haha.I'm only kidding babes.Come 'ere!"Harold said stretching his arm out and I made a run for it.I missed his warm embrace.

"I missed you kiddo!"I teased while messing his chocolate-brown curls up.

"Me too.But eh eh.No one messes with my hair."he said sarcastically whilst sweeping his hair to the side.I will never understand how his hair works.

"As much as I hate for your hugging and shit like that to stop,we have to go clubbing at 11:30 and its already 10.I know how long girls take to dress up and do their hairs etc.

"Perrie!"he added then a blonde,maybe about 5'4 girl stepped in our flat and then he pecked her on the cheek.

"Hi.You must be Perrie. I'm Mackenzie or Kenzie for short and I am Louis' girlfriend."I said reaching for my so called boyfriend's hand.

"You're even prettier in person.Nice to meet you.Louis have been talking about you nonstop."she smiled.

Louis couldn't help but blush and so did I.

"You're so cute when you blush."I said kissing him on the nose.

"Come on Perrie.Let's go get ready.I assume that you're coming to go clubbing later ey?"I asked while grabbing her hand lightly as I was pulling her into my room.

"Soo.What do 'ya wanna wear tonight?"she asked.There was something about this girl that tells me that we will get along very well.

"Oooh! I know I bought something in France last week!"she added rushing
to her bag and pulling out a skin tight dress,and very,very revealing.

"Wow I like that! It's very sexy!"I thanked politely.

"Aww.Thanks hun.Got anything for m-"she tried to say but I cut her off.

"I know!"I said also rushing to my closet and getting an also skin tight and revealing dress and some heels to match with it.

"Ahh!That's so pretty!C'mon now.Let's go take a shower."she said grabbing her blue towel as I grabbed my peach one.

Good thing I have 2 shower rooms in my bedroom.I don't really know why but.idk.It comes really handy.

After an hour and a half long preparation,we were finally ready to go out.

"Its about time! Woa-"Louis said almost drooling.I hate to brag but we did look H-O-T hot.

"Save your 'woahs' later.Right now we gotta go."I said grabbing my gold clutch and heading out to the black SUV parked outside.Louis and the boys followed but I rushed them because I am a party animal.

After a 5 minute long drive,we finally arrived at the club.Paul made sure that everybody got there safe and sound.We all thanked him and I was the first to go out of the van.

I could smell the scent of alcohol and puke all over the place and absolutely hated it.Although I am a party freak.

I had like 30 shots of alcohol and felt dizzy but that didn't stop me from going to the dance floor.

I walked to the dance floor light headed and all dizzy and Louis followed.Or at least I think it was him.

I danced the night away while Louis was grinding my lower back on the dance floor and he pulled me into a closet but we found Harry making out with a chick in it.

"Oops.Sorry mate!"Louis apologized and he transfered me to another one.

"I love you Kenzie.Very much"he said in between our passionate make out session.

He once again grabbed my right leg and continued kissing me.

"I love you too Tomlinson.Very much."

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