My Imagines Go In One Direction

Hey guys I'm going to start doing some one shots so could you please leave your name, the 1d boy you would like, hair colour, eye colour and age thanks Taylor and if you could please favourite and like!


5. Louis for Dani

How come I'm the one who always gets lost? I asked myself while roaming around London. I was just walking around sight-seeing with one of my friends, and suddenly I'm all alone walking up and down the streets, not knowing where I'm going. I tried calling Jackie, my friend, on her phone, but it didn't go through. Crap!

I began getting worried, so I started running through the streets. I was looking all over the place, except in front of me. I ran right into someone, and fell back on my bum. "Ow. That hurt." I moaned as I stood up.

"I'm sorry. I didn't see you there." I heard a male voice call out. I've heard that voice before, but where. "Um..Are you okay?" The voice asked.

I shook my head, and looked at the stranger. I almost fainted because of who it was. Louis frickin Tomlinson.

I shook my head again, "No, it was my fault. I was looking for my friend because we got seperated and I was running and looking all around so I didn't see you there, and I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to, and oh my, I'm babbling again." I blushed in embarassment.

Louis just laughed, "You're funny. I like you." He continued to laugh, while I just hid my face with my sunkist harir. Once he calmed down, he extended a hand towards me, "Louis Tomlinson. What's your name beautiful?"

I blushed again, while grabbing his hand, "Dani. Nice to meet you Louis. I'm a huge fan." I widened my eyes when I said this. Great, now he's going to think I'm a crazy weirdo.

He surprised me by saying, "That's great!" He then turned serious, "Do you want to catch a film or something?"

Wait, what? Louis Tomlinson is asking a random girl, who he just happened to run into, was he asking me out? Sounds like a very Harry thing to do.

I shrugged, "That's fine. But why so fast?" I asked, smirking. He just sent a heart melting smile at me, "Because I want to."

I gave in, and we walked together, thoughts of Jackie completely forgotten. Me and Louis talked about a bunch of things. He told me about his little sisters and how he was living his dream being in One Direction. I told him about how I'm an only child and how I've always wanted to be a singer, but was never given the opritunity. We reached the theatre, and he bought tickets to some comedy movie. Good thing he didn't choose a scary movie. I can't stand those.

I insisted that I buy the popcorn but he wouldn't let me. So we ended up sharing a huge bucket of it. We went up to the top row, and just sat, waiting for the movie to start. I looked over to Louis and he was bustling with excitement. Yeesh, you'd think he's never seen a movie before.

I took this time to take in his appearance. His blue eyes were gleaming with excitement and anxiety. I also saw a little bit of nervousness, and confusion. His gorgeous brown hair was swept to the side like usual, and he was always smiling.

When the lights dimmed, Louis turned to me, "Shh! The movie's starting." I raised an eyebrow, "I wasn't talking." I said flatly.

He just threw a piece of popcorn at me. "Shut up." This made me laugh, as I tossed a piece back. He chuckled, before turning to the screen.

The movie was pretty funny, and I loved how Louis kept making weird commentary during the whole film. When we left the cinema, there was paparazzi waiting.

"Louis! Who's the girl?"

"Louis! Are you two together?"

I wasn't used to this, so I hid in the closest thing. Louis' chest. He wrapped his arms around me protectively. "Don't worry love. I won't let anything happen to you."

I smiled up at him. "Thanks Lou."

He pushed his way throught the sea of reporters and tabloids, and finally, we were alone. "Where are you staying?" He asked me.

I faced him, "I actually don't know the name of the hotel, but I know it was in downtown London." Louis just sighed, "Then we'll have to bring you back."

I nodded, sad. I didn't want to leave Louis yet. I was having too much fun. I tried calling Jackie again, and she answered this time. I told her where I was, and where the hotel would be. She gave me the directions, and Louis offered to walk me. I, of course accepted, and we were off.

-Twenty Minutes Later-

We both reached the hotel, and suddenly the feeling of sadness flooded around us. I looked at Louis, "I had a really fun time with you today Louis."

He nodded, "I had fun too Dani. I hope we can see each other again." He said hopefully. i shrugged, "We'll see."

I turned to walk away, not saying good bye because I couldn't do it. I hate emotional things like this. "Wait!" Louis called. I turned around, only to be crushed in between Louis and the concrete wall behind me. His lips were pressed to mine, and I was shocked.

After about ten more seconds, I started to respond. I couldn't help but feel how perfect his lips felt against mine. When we pulled away, he was smiling. "I really want to see you again. You're a great girl Dani."

I smiled at him, "Well, then, it's a good thing I left my number on your arms when you weren't looking. He looked at his arm quickly, and during that time, I walked away. "Text me." Was all I said.

I walked into the hotel, and into my room, where I was tackled in a hug from Jackie. "Where were you? I've been worried sick."

I just laughed, "I've just been out with a friend, Louis Tomlinson!, no biggie"

That was all I said as I walked into where my bed was. I pulled Twitter up on my phone and saw Louis' tweet.

I had the most awesome day. Can't wait for tomorrow.

I then felt my phone vibrate, signalling a text.

Wanna do the same thing tomorrow? xX
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