My Imagines Go In One Direction

Hey guys I'm going to start doing some one shots so could you please leave your name, the 1d boy you would like, hair colour, eye colour and age thanks Taylor and if you could please favourite and like!


10. Liam for Julia

I looked over at my phone my alarm for 7 o’clock had gone off early again before I hadn’t minded because then I had more chance to make myself look nice for Adam but we broke up because I caught him having sex with my cousin Georgia. To be honest I thought I was fine once we broke up that ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ would have been a perfect way to describe myself but I’m not I fine miss having someone to cuddle up to at night and go for walks with but I’m never letting a boy hurt me ever again I’m totally done with them. I’m just gunna leave it as ‘me myself and I’ now I don’t need anyone else to be happy.

Well I thought it would be like this until I saw my old best friend Liam again the sweet and innocent Liam Payne from school…….

I’d gone out to walk Rosie my sooty black Yorkshire terrier as usual thinking about maybe texting Adam saying you ‘think you left me broken down’ but you haven’t when I saw Liam walking towards me. When we reached Liam he bent down to stroke Rosie and asked ‘What’s its name’ her name ‘Rosie’ I replied ‘Omg, Julia I haven’t seen you in ages we so need to catch up’ he announced sounding astonished ‘yeah we do you can come round for a bit if you’re not busy’ I replied ‘Alright I’ve nothing planned’

We walked back to my apartment talking the whole time, then when we reached mine we went and sat down in the living room he asked me if I had a boyfriend that’s when I decided to tell him about Adam ‘No I did but well he cheated on me by having sex with my cousin’ ‘Oh’ Liam replied sounding rather shocked ‘how you coping’ he continued ‘Alright I suppose I kinda miss him sometimes but not very often any more’ I replied chocking on my words.

After that Liam quickly changed the subject obviously seeing that it hurt me to talk about Adam he asked me after a while ’have you considered going out with someone else to try to take my mind of Adam’ ‘No I don’t think I want to date another boy ever again’ I answered shortly after this Liam went home leaving to my own thoughts once again.

Over the next few days Liam and I met every day in the park each day. I was starting to feel more comfortable around Liam as the days wore on telling him more about me and finding out quite a lot about him in return.

It was Thursday and Liam was walking me home after a trip to the cinema and took me on a detour of the park the whole walk there he was saying things like ‘You shouldn’t give up on boys there not all like Adam’ and ‘You’ll find the one for you one day’ when we reached the fountain in the middle of the park Liam turned to me and said ‘I know for a fact there not all like Adam and should give someone a chance’ ‘I know that I’m just scared Liam I don’t want to get hurt again’ I replied feeling my heart flip over.

‘Don’t be scared you’ll be fine’ Liam said while taking my hand he looked into my eyes for a few moments before leaning in and kissing me. Our lips parted after a few seconds had parted followed quickly by ‘See you don’t seem scared now’ from Liam. We started walking back to mine after that in silence just holding hands. When we reached the door to my flat Liam hugged me and left with a swift ‘See you tomorrow’.

I went inside and got changed straight away and took myself straight off to bed. I lay in bed thinking about everything and thought I’m always ‘sleeping here alone’ Liam was right I shouldn’t be scared. I thought about our kiss and tried to work out what it could mean but I wasn’t sure if it even meant anything at all I’d have to wait to tomorrow to find out anything.

Next morning

I saw Liam walking towards me through the park smiling holding something in a small bag. When I reached him I straight away asked ‘What was in the bag’ and he just replied ‘You’ll find out’ and ushered me to follow him. After a few minutes of walking we reached the beach and sat down on a more empty part of the beach.

‘You thought about what I said’ Liam asked me smiling ‘yeah I have and I think I’m ok now’ I replied looking towards the ground ‘Good thing you said you said that’ Liam said pulling out something from his bag. ‘Liam’ I asked nervously. "Julia will you go out with me’ he said holding my head in his hands ‘Of course I will Liam’ I replied kissing him. ‘Good thing you said that and handing me two plane tickets to America ‘You remembered’ I said flabbergasted ‘How could I forget’ Liam replied before helping me up.

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