My Imagines Go In One Direction

Hey guys I'm going to start doing some one shots so could you please leave your name, the 1d boy you would like, hair colour, eye colour and age thanks Taylor and if you could please favourite and like!


13. Harry for Gaby

Harry made his way towards his favourite cafe after a long day of recording. He was tired and just wanted a coffee and something to eat before he headed home.

He would've gone straight home had it not have been for his favourite waitress at the cafe that he met when recording Take Me Home.


Harry was glad when he finally gotten a break from recording for the day. The other boys had decided to go to small Italian restaurant a few blocks away but Harry wasn't that hungry and he saw a cafe around the corner that looked alright.

When Harry had passed the cafe before it was packed with people so he was worried that there would still be plenty of people in the cafe.

He stepped into the small cafe with a small ding from the bell above the door. There weren't very many people in the cafe, which Harry was grateful for. Just an old couple at one table and a man in a business suit with his suitcase sitting on the table.

There was only one worker in the cafe who had her back to Harry, making a coffee. Her curly brown hair was tied up in a ponytail.

Harry waited patiently for the girl to finish making the coffee and to take over to the man in a suit. The man graciously took the coffee from the girl who then looked up and saw Harry.

She looked away quickly while a small blush crept onto her cheeks. Her gaze dropped to the floor before she made her way to the counter.

Harry couldn't help but notice how shy the girl was when she took his order. To Harry, she looked about 15. Whilst she was making Harry's coffee, he made light conversation so the girl wasn't so shy and he didn't feel as awkward.

"So, my name's Harry. What's yours?" Harry decided that was a good enough way to start off the conversation.
"It's Gaby." The girl replied with her back still to Harry. Harry smiled to himself, he liked that name.
"That's a nice name. So Gaby, how old are you?"
"I'm 15." She replied, still not turning towards Harry. "Did you want the coffee to go or..." Harry thought about his answer for moment. He didn't have to get back to the studio for a while and he was intrigued by the girl.
"No, I'll have it here thanks. I'll also have one of those chocolate muffins."

The girl nodded and finally turned towards Harry once more. Harry smiled at the girl. She opened one of the glass doors that held all the pastries and things alike.
"You know, you can sit down. I'll bring your coffee and muffin to you."

Harry sat down at the table closest to the counter whilst the girl collected his coffee and muffin and walked out from behind the counter. She gave him a small smile before placing the coffee and muffin down on the table.
"If you dot like the coffee I can make you another one." With that Gaby went to walk away from Harry's table.

Harry reached out and grabbed her hand before she could walk off. Gaby looked down at her wrist to where Harry was holding it an blushed. Harry quickly let go. Gaby tilted her head to the side in a silent question.

Harry chucked before answering. "There's no-one else in the cafe who needs help. Why don't you sit down with me? You deserve a break. I saw how busy it was a few hours ago. I bet it only just slowed down recently." The girl gave Harry a thankful smile but declined his offer.

"I'm not supposed mingle with customers. Even if I have been working by myself all day and there's no-one who needs anything." Harry frowned. Did someone just turn him down?
"It's alright, surely. For a few minutes?" Gaby thought for a moment before she sat down with a reluctant smile.

Harry beamed. This girl seemed interesting. "How long have you been working here Gaby?" Harry took a sip of his coffee.
"A few months. I got the job a few months after my birthday. You know, a way to make money." Harry nodded.
"I see. Do you like it here?" Harry put down the coffee and started to eat his muffin.
"It's nice. Most of the time it's pretty quiet. We get the odd rushes, like this morning. My boss is pretty good."
"That's nice." Harry smiled and offered some of his muffin to Roxanna, which she declined with a shake of her head.

"So, how do you like your job, Harry Styles?" Harry's eyes widened.
"So, you know who I am then." Roxanna just nodded. "You a fan?" Gaby shrugged her her shoulders and replied with,
"You could say that. But, don't worry, I won't freak out." Harry visibly relaxed.
"Awesome. Tell me more about yourself."

The conversation between the two went on for a while longer. As the pair talked more Gaby grew more and more comfortable with Harry and began to show more of her true self. She crept out of her shy shell and became more of the loud, funny person she is.

Eventually Harry and Gaby were the only two in the store. Then, Harry realised he had to get back to the studio as his break was over. He sighed deeply and stood up. Gaby stood too.
"It was nice meeting and talking to you, Gaby."
"Likewise, Harry." Gaby collected the empty coffee mug and plate from the table. Just before Harry walked out the cafe he turned back towards Roxanna.
"I hope we can talk again like this again Roxanna." With that, Harry walked out of the cafe with a smile.


Gaby and Harry became quick friends. For the rest of the summer that Harry had been recording Take Me Home he went and visited Gaby at her little cafe every lunch break. Sometimes he bought the other boys.

After the summer Gaby's shift changed so she was working after school. Harry then visited the cafe after his recording sessions were done for the day.

Harry had missed Gaby when he went on tour. He was glad when they started recording again after a long break following the tour. It meant he could visit Gaby at her cafe again.

When Gaby saw Harry step into the cafe she instantly smiled. It was another slow day, she had, had barely any customers the whole time she was working. The cafe was empty until Harry walked in. Harry beamed at Gaby and they greeted each other. Gaby got up from where se was sitting and immediately started making Harry's coffee.

The pair stayed in silence until Gaby set Harry's coffee and a slice of cake down on the table in front of him and pulled out the chair opposite from him.

"So, a little birdie told me it's your birthday in a few days," Gaby just rolled her eyes at Harry and nodded her head, motioning for Harry to continue talking, "And I have to admit, I haven't got you anything. I feel horrible for it but-"
"I said I didn't want anything." Harry gave Gaby a mock glare.
"Which is why I haven't got you anything! Just tell me what you want! You don't turn 17 everyday!" Harry said exasperatedly.

The truth was, what Gaby wanted wasn't something Harry could wrap up and give to her. Although she valued he friendship with Harry, she wanted more from him.

Harry studies Gaby's face before abruptly standing up from the table, making the chair scrape on the ground as it moved backwards. Gaby looked at Harry perplexed.

"Harry, what are you doing?" Gaby was confused by Harry's sudden outburst. He walked around to Gaby's side of the table and knelt before her so they were eye-to-eye.
"I'm doing something I should've done a while ago." With that, Harry passionately kissed Gaby.

At first Gaby was shocked but then she relaxed and she started kissing back. They broke apart after quite some time, both breathless and panting but smiling.

Harry leant his forehead against Gaby's and stared into her eyes. Gaby lifted a hand up to rest on Harry's cheek and whispered to him, "That was the best early birthday present ever."
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