My Imagines Go In One Direction

Hey guys I'm going to start doing some one shots so could you please leave your name, the 1d boy you would like, hair colour, eye colour and age thanks Taylor and if you could please favourite and like!


6. Harry for Emily


Sitting at my computer, I flipped through the endless pages of my chemistry textbook, wondering how the hell am I going to remember this. The rain began pouring against the roof just as the weather forecast predicted. I jumped up and ran to shut my window to stop the rain pouring in. My brown hair falling out of the low ponytail I created not that long ago, framing my face.

With my little mission of shutting the window done, I walked back over to my desk, not liking the task ahead of me. I needed to do well in this up coming chemistry exam. It wasn't exactly a choice. At least all this studying distracted me from my broken heart. It was only yesterday, I last talked to him although it had been months since I had seen him in the flesh.

I miss his smile, his laugh, his hair, his kindness, the way he looked at me. I just miss him. It is weird to not see him everyday anymore. My friends and their boyfriends get to go to the movies and the carnival, long walks on the beach. But not us, since he became who is. I am not trying to hold him back, trust me. I love that he is doing something that he is loves and is so passionate about. It is just I miss having him here to hold, to cuddle.

I try not to think about it but it is hard. Being known 'Emily Harry Styles Girlfriend', the girl who millions hate and despised but at the same time love and respected. And with those haters, I most certainly got hate. Sometimes the majority of it take over the compliments and nice questions. They said all kinds of things ranging from "Go die" or "He doesn't deserve you". I try to block it out, but it is hard. Constantly being hated for what they think I am and not for who I am.

You see I have known him my whole life, I have seen him grow up, go through relationships, fail classes and become the man he has become today. There is honestly nothing I would change about him. I take his imperfections with his perfections like everybody should instead of photoshopping or putting make up on his face. But they don't listen, they never do. They think of the money and think that the idea of perfection is being absolutely perfect with no pimple in sight, hair perfectly straight with no frizz, the perfect clothes, with the perfect height. They want everyone to achieve to look the same. But we are all unique and perfect just the way we are.

I have to stop thinking about him and concentrate on my studying. I run my hands through my hair in frustration.

Ding, Ding, Ding.

My phone went off and as I looked at the caller ID, I just knew that I couldn't take all that just yet. He will just have to wait.

I went back to my chemistry textbook and sighed. This was going to take a while. I started the various of questions for my revisions when suddenly...


What in the world was that? The sound sounded as though it came from my window. I looked out into the darkness with the window still closed. I brushed off the sound and started to walk back to my desk when yet again...


Okay, so it wasn't a coincidence. Good to know. I looked out again, seeing no real point to this. When all of a sudden a flash of light came from the ground to my window, and I quickly duck down. I slowly opened up the window and looked out.

"Hello, anyone there?" I yelled. This was starting to sound like one of those horror movies when a guy jumps out from the cupboard and kills me.

I was about to get my head out of the rain when I heard the voice.

"Can we please just talk, Emily?" He said.

"I… I, I don't know."

"Please, just hear me out?"

"I don't know what there is to talk about." I shouted down to him.

"Just come down."

I put my head back inside and closed my window and debated whether or not to go down and talk to him. I gave in. I always do. I tiptoed down the stairs and opened the front door and shut it quietly. When the breeze from outside hit me, I shivered as I was only in my pyjamas. I walked out from under the shelter of the house to find that he has moved from under my window to out in the middle of the street. I walked out to him slowly, as he was staring me in the eye.

"What are you doing here? I have a test to study for." I said bluntly to him.

"I knew you wouldn't answer my call, so I came here," he replied looking down at me.

"I have nothing to say to you."

"But I have stuff to say to you, so listen."

I nodded hesitantly. My clothes already drenched and my hair clung to my face.

"Emily, we have been best friends since as long as I can remember. You have been here the whole time. For my first match, first love and break up, for my failing classes, for me being where I am today. Not many people have stayed in my life since I have become apart of One Direction. It happened so fast and I am away all the time and when I am finally home, I am tired and not here for long and I apologise. I am not 'with' that girl that was in the picture with me. She is a close friend of one of the lads and wanted my advice on asking one of them out because she knows how hard the whole relationship is. I don't love her. I never have and never will." He had stood even closer.

"I would always be there for you, always." I stated softly. My heart pounding.

"I love you, my best friend, my girlfriend, my everything, Emily. You." Staring at me with so much intensity.

"I miss you so much, I really do. And I will always be here for you, as your best friend and girl friend. I love you, I love you so much!" I finally broke into a smile and so did him.

And that is when Harry Styles took my face in his hands and kissed me in the rain.

"I love you" we both say in unison.

Hope you like it Emily!
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