My Imagines Go In One Direction

Hey guys I'm going to start doing some one shots so could you please leave your name, the 1d boy you would like, hair colour, eye colour and age thanks Taylor and if you could please favourite and like!


9. Harry For Claire

"Why are you so stupid huh?" he shouted at me while giving me a hard slap on the face.

"When are you gonna stop being stupid?" he says while pushing me to the floor and kicking me in the stomach.

I fall onto the grass and scream in pain while trying to block the kicks and punches from my boyfriend. Yes, my boyfriend. My abusive, easily jealous, clingy, drunkard and harmful boyfriend.

"Why were you talking to him? Do you like him?!" he says, as he pulls my hair up to face him.

"God damn it, I cannot stand you. You're fucking dumb!" he shouts as he slams one last slap in my cheek and drives off.

I carefully get up and start walking to my house. I felt my phone in my back pocket vibrate and slowly grab it. I pressed the home button and slighty flinch from the light that appeared on the screen. 2:34AM. Crap. I start walking faster as I remember my mum gets home by 3AM.

From: Taylor

"Claire, where are you? Mum's gonna be home soon."

To: Taylor

"I know. I'm on the way home don't worry."

After 5 minutes, I arrive at our house. I took a deep breath before entering. Here's to a 30 minute make up session to cover everything up. I quiety open the door and find Taylor sitting on the couch.

"Thanks for covering up for me to dad. Is he asleep?" I said, from the door.

"Yeah he's asleep." Taylor whispered and jumps off the couch and approaches me.

"Oh my god, Claire. W-what happened?! You're bleeding!" Taylor says in shock.

"Shhh! I'll tell you upstairs. But help me get up." I whispered.

It took us about 3 minutes to get to the second floor. Taylor was guiding me go up while holding my back and my hand. I could feel her hands shaking. She was more terrified than I was.

We finally reached our bedroom and she helps me wash off the blood in the bathroom.

"What happened to you? Your cheek is all red and your forehead has a cut! Did that bastard Mikey do this to you?" Taylor shouts but in a whispering way while wiping off the blood from my forehead."

"Thank god for bangs, I can cover this cut. Well, yeah. We were at a friend's party but then Mikey went to his jerk friends then left me alone and this guy from my class started talking to me. All we were talking about was college then Mikey suddenly interrupted and grabs me then pushes me in his car. He drove to the park nearby and started punching, kicking and slapping me." I explained and started crying.

"Shhh, that bastard's going to get his karma soon, don't worry." She said. "Go change your clothes now and take a rest."

I exited the bathroom and wore my pajamas and went to bed.

- Next morning -

I woke up with a headache and body pain. I look over the clock that was laying ontop of the end table. 1:46PM. Wow. I saw a glass of water, medicines and a note beside the clock.

"Here are medicines for your aches. I made food, come downstairs when you wake up. You must be feeling crappy. Mum and Dad are out so you don't need to cover it up. xoxo, Taylor."

It was like Taylor just read my mind. I slowly sat up and drank the medicine. I got out of the bed then opened the door then headed downstairs. The smell of Carbonara was around the house. Taylor's specialty, I must say.

"Good afternoon. How are you?" Taylor asked while grabbing a plate and a fork.

"My body's aching so bad. Thanks for the medicine." I said then took a seat at the table.

"Eat up!" she announced as she served the carbonara.

It was shocking how I finished the food in a fast way despite the pain I have all over my body. I hope this goes away in 2 days. First day of Senior year is approaching and I am so not ready.

----- First Day of Senior Year -----

*beep beep beep beep beep*

Ugh, the sound of an alarm clock is at it again and it is definitely back to the routine. I don't want to get up but it's the first day of the last year of high school. Should I be sad or excited? The body pains are a bit fading but I can manage. Although, the cut on my forehead, above my right temple, is still somewhat fresh. And again, thank god for bangs.

I took a shower, got dressed, covered the slightly visible bruise on my cheek, ate breakfast then got in the car. All I wanted was not to see Mikey's face anymore. I don't want to hear from him nor speak to him again. But I can't break up with him. He just won't allow that.

*ding ding ding*

Shit, I spoke too soon.

From: Mikey

"Claire Im waiting by the parking lot. Get here faster."

To: Mikey

"Ok. 3 minutes."

I started staring blankly into space thinking of how boring today is going to be.

"Have fun on your first day, honey!" Dad said, snapping me back to reality.

I smiled and got out of the car.

I walked over to Mikey and he gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Aah.." I winced.

Mikey rolled his eyes and we went in the campus, said our goodbyes then went to our classrooms.

I took a seat at the back row and brought out my notebook then started doodling. Students came in and filled up the room.

"Good morning, everyone. This is your first day of Senior year and this is ALSO your last year in high school so make the most out of it." The teacher said.

"Where is the new student?" He says.

From my peripheral view, the guy on my left raised his hand and stood up.

You could actually hear girls talking about him but meh, I continued doodling.

"Your name is?" The teacher asks.

"Harry Styles." he answered.

"Welcome to Northville High." The teacher said.

He took his seat and I looked at him. Hmm, curly hair and green eyes. Well, he was attractive. But he looks like a jerk, like one of Mikey's friends. I hope I'm not mistaken.

I hadn't realized I was staring at him. He looked at me and smiled.

"Hi, I'm Harry." he had a cheeky smile on and offered his hand.

"I'm Claire. Welcome to our school." I said while shaking his hand.

"Uhm, do you mind showing me around?" He asks.

"Sure thing!" I agreed and continued doodling.


"I will see you all tomorrow." The teacher said.

"You ready?" I looked at Harry and he nodded.

I toured Harry in the campus and noting him a few reminders and drew him a map.

Our last stop was the field and it was windy. We sat by the bleachers and ate our snacks.

A strong gush of wind blew in our direction making my bangs go up.

"Hey, what happened to your forehead?" Harry asks.

Shit. He saw it.

"Err, w-well.." I stuttered.

"You can tell me Claire" he whispered.

I took a deep breath.

"Well, let's just say I have an abusive boyfriend. A couple of days before school started, he beat me up in the park and there. You probably won't see the bruise I have on my cheek. The power of make up." I said.


I turned around and saw my mad, red-as-a-tomato, closed-fist boyfriend approach us.

"Shit." I whispered.

"Hey, what the fuck man? Are you trying to hit on my girl?" Mikey spat.

Harry got up from the bleachers and stood in front of him.

In a split second, Mikey's fist slammed into Harry's face causing him to back up a bit.

"Mikey! Stop it! I was just showing him around! What the hell is your problem?!" I screamed.

"Showing him around? Whatever, you slut. I bet you we're flirting with him!" Mikey answered.

"What's your problem huh? Are you fucked up? That's it. We're done!" I shot back.

Just before Mikey's hand was in position to slap me in the face, Harry's fist slammed into his face making him fall on the bleachers. I pushed Harry back and we watched Mikey get up.

"YOU..." while pointing at me, "...are not breaking up with me."

"And YOU..." while poiting at Harry, "...are gonna regret that." and started walking away.

"I'm so sorry Harry, your first day and you got into a fight. This is all my fault." I explained while crying.

"No..." Harry whispered, pulling me to a hug, "'re my first friend here. And I'm going to protect you."


"Ugh, break's done. Let's head to class." We went in the campus and went to class.

I couldn't stop thinking about what happened awhile ago. I just needed to get out of Mikey's cage. I'm not a pet. Well, he got his first karma. Thanks to Harry. Turns out he isn't like Mikey's jerk friends. He was genuine and I know I only met him today but I felt safe around him.


Finally, classes are done! Time to go home and finally do fun stuff!

"Is it alright if I walk you home?" Harry asked.

"Are you sure? I might be out of the way..." I worried.

"Where do you live?" he asked.

"1217 Featherstone Street. It's a 10 minute walk from here." I informed him.

"Are you serious?" I live in 1221 Featherstone Street!"

"OHHH!!! I met your parents like 3 days ago. They were at our house to welcome us. Your mum even said, "Oh! If only I knew your son was attractive, I could have brought my daughter along."" He said, trying to mock my mum.

"For real? She actually said that? Oh my gosh. Anyways, let's go!" I said, with a bit of embarrassment.

We started to walk in the hallway.


I turned back and see Becca, my bestfriend, running towards me.

"Guuuurl, have you heard?!" she said happily

"I haven't. What's up?" I asked, a bit confused.

"Mikey got kicked out!" she announced.

"What?! Why?! How?!" I exclaimed.

"Apparently, your boyfriend is a drug addict and gets baked in school grounds. Plus, they found some in his bag." she said.

"Oh, that. Hahaha. Karma's finally getting into him." I said.

Becca knew about all the abusive things he has done to me.

"And the best part is, he gets into rehab. You're free!" She screams.

Becca pulls me into a hug.

Harry pulls the fake cough and I looked at him.

"OH, Becca, this is Harry. He's new here."


"OHHH, so you're the guy who threw a fist at Mikey." Becca announced.

"How'd you know?" I asked.

"Security cameras." Becca answered.

All of us laughed then me and Harry said goodbye to Becca.

- After a few weeks -

From: Harry

"Hey Claire, are you free today?"

To: Harry

"Yup! Why?"

From: Harry

"Meet me at the park in 10 minutes?"

To: Harry

"Sure. What's up?"

From: Harry

"It's a surprise!"

I placed my phone down and got dressed. I headed down to the park and sat on the bench then waited.

A hand suddenly covered my brown eyes.


"No, don't look. I told you it's a surprise!"

"Where are you taking me?" I said as I was waving my arms in front of me just incase something was in the way.

"1...2...3..." Harry said, letting go of his hand from my face.

"Oh my gosh!" I was shocked with what I saw. A cloth laid ontop of the grass and there were plates and a basket and a guitar.

"What is this for?" I asked.

"Sit down." Harry said.

We sat down and I looked at everything that was set. I heard Harry taking deep breaths and I looked at him and smiled.

"Claire... you are my first friend in high school and I thank you for that. Thank you for trusting me and thank you for always being by my side. When I told you that I was gonna protect you, I meant it. With all my heart. You are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Your eyes, your smile, your lips, everything is perfect. I hope you give me a chance to make your heartaches go away. These past few weeks were amazing since I got to spend it with you. I'll always be here and I am not going to let you down... I am truly, madly, deeply in love with you."

I stared at him and started crying.

"...Claire, will you be my girlfriend?"

I stared at his shining green eyes and slammed by lips into his.

I pulled away and said, "Yes."

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