The life After Fame

25 year old Ashlee Horan and her husband Niall and lovely 8 year old daughter Bethany, are living the best family life EVER! Until something happens to Bethany that nobody will ever forget.


3. Meet the Malik's

Zayns POV:

*3 weeks before*

"Hey babe I'm home!" I yelled into me and Perries flat. We just got back from our honeymoon about a week ago, and Perrie said she wasn't feeling good, so I brought home some medicine and food, knowing she devours anything and everything when she's sick. "Babe?" I asked. "In here Zayn." She said from the bathroom. "Oh hey babe!" I said going up to her kissing her on the nose. She was sitting on the counter with something in her hand, she was staring at what whatever was in her hand. I look down and take the thing from her hand. It was a pregnancy test. It was positive. I looked up at her in shocked. She looked like she was going to be afraid of my reaction, until I picked her up off the counter spun her around and gave her a huge kiss! "Your not mad?" She asked. "Why on earth would I be mad? We made the newest addition to our family! This is so exciting!!" I screamed. She had the biggest smile on her face. This was it, I was going to be a father!
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