The life After Fame

25 year old Ashlee Horan and her husband Niall and lovely 8 year old daughter Bethany, are living the best family life EVER! Until something happens to Bethany that nobody will ever forget.


1. Meet the Horans

Bethany's POV:

Today daddy told me that some big, important people are coming over today! I hope Uncle Harry, Louis, zayn, and Liam come over too! "Bethany! Come down and say Hi!" Daddy said. If you didn't know my daddy used to be part of a big boy band! And my mommy is a professional writer! I've been told by my singing teacher that I'm very good! I must've gotten my daddy's talent. "Coming Daddy!!" I yelled running down the stairs to see all my Uncles and Aunts standing there. "Uncle Harry, Uncle Louis, Uncle Zayn, Uncle Liam!!" I screamed excited to see them. "Aunt Dani, Aunt El, Aunt Perrie, Aunt Taylor! (Not Taylor swift)" I said with happiness because I don't see them as much as I see my uncles. "Are you guys ready to eat?" Mummy asked. "I'm always ready to eat babe." Daddy said, leaning over and giving mummy a kiss. "EW!! Mummy! Cooties!!" I said. "Oh come here Princess!" Daddy said coming over to me giving me a giant kiss on the cheek. "DADDY!!" I screamed. Everybody laughed and sat down to eat. Chicken! My favorite!! Daddy stood up like he was about to say something important. "Everybody, I would like to announce something very big, Ashlee and I are having another child!!" Daddy said really excited. But what does that mean? "Daddy?, what does that mean?" I asked. "Well princess, mummy is going to have a baby," he said "your going to have a little brother." Daddy said
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