The life After Fame

25 year old Ashlee Horan and her husband Niall and lovely 8 year old daughter Bethany, are living the best family life EVER! Until something happens to Bethany that nobody will ever forget.


2. Baby Brother

Nialls POV:

"Everybody, me and Ashlee have some exciting news," I said with a huge smile plastered on my face, "Ashlee is going to have another baby!" I said. Bethany had a confused look on her face. "What does that mean daddy?" Bethany asked. "Well princess, your going to have a little brother." I said explaining the best I could. Her little face lit up with joy! Her blonde curls bouncing every where and her bright green eyes sparkled. I was glad she could understand. "Yes, we're very excited!" Ashlee said. While everyone else cheered and clinked glasses while congratulations were passed around. Zayn and Perrie also stood up, "Well we also have some exciting news," Perrie said, "we're also having a child! We don't know the sex yet but were very excited!" Perrie said. Everyone cheered! This was truly an amazing day!
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