The first time Ava met Harry Styles. He was naked. She was naked.
After a house swop, Ava is left with the arrogant, egotistical but ever charming Harry Styles. Ava try's to resist against Harry's charm because no way is she gonna let herself fall for a player.

'That's where your wrong, sweet cheeks.The house is mine for 6 months' he bragged,his face inches away from hers. 'Besides I quite like the view from here'

Ava looked out the window.

'When I said the view I didn't mean the one outside' he whispered, his lips so close to hers. He surveyed her body and licked his lips. She stepped back, laughing loudly.

'Nice try, player' Ava sneered.

'Give me more credit then that. I'm not just a player, I'm the captain of the team' Harry winked, stepping forward to close the space between them. Ava gave a small smile before leaning in close to his face. She drew her face next to his ear.

'Nice to meet you captain, I'm the coach' she whispered before pulling her head away and leaving.


7. The meeting

*Madison's P.O.V*

Madison awoke on the couch, her face lit up from the small, slither of light that escaped the curtains. She opened her eyes fully and surveyed her surroundings. Her mind processed her thoughts and realization set in. She was lying in the lap of a guy she only met yesterday, with his arm lightly draped across her body.

She gently peeled his arm from off her waist and crept up from the couch. She rubbed her pounding head soothingly and made her way to the bathroom. She snuck into the room and shut the door quietly. She turned to face the huge mirror which hung on the wall, over the sink. She tentatively peered at her reflection and was surprised by what she saw. She felt like she saw a different person.

It had been four days since she had her heart broken and she seemed to only realize it in that very moment. She had loved him with her whole being but here she was four days later cradled in the arms of another guy. She hadn't even dwelled on the thought of Josh. The guy who used to race through her mind all day, every day.

What did that say about her?

For once since the four days she had been broken up with Josh, she hadn't had to keep it together. In that moment; she didn't have to plaster a fake smile on her face, laugh politely at others jokes, engage civilly in conversation with a stranger. She could truly just let herself be. She let the tidal wave of emotions into her heart willingly but soon regretted it. She began to feel like she was drowning and had to let it out. One stray tear rolled down her cheek before she burst, and a river of tears ran fiercely out of her eyes.

She stared at her reflection in the mirror. A black trail was left on her cheek where her mascara had run. Her eyes were puffy and her face blotchy. Random blonde curls clung to her face, attached by the tears that had streaked her face. The only positive feature she could address at her current state, was the vibrancy her blue eyes took on when they were shiny from freshly shed tears. Her grip tightened on the bathroom bench and she sunk down to the floor feeling more tears stinging her eyes.

She heard noise from outside the bathroom and reality set in once more. She wiped her face and made herself presentable. Before leaving the room she stood and faced her reflection. She put a fake smile on her face and assessed it. It wasn't believable enough. She tried again and a smile lit up her face but didn't reach her eyes.

That would have to do!

She turned out of the bathroom and into the lounge. She scanned the room but Louis was nowhere to be found. A commotion sounded from the kitchen and she went to investigate. Louis was bent over a whole heap of orange, which was shielding her view of what was in the pantry. She leant against the door frame, looking amused at the sight. She cleared her throat.

'I can explain!' Louis rushed alarmed, as if he had just been caught doing something awful.

He turned his head to face Madison and Madison caught a view of what he had been picking up. A mound of bright orange carrots lay sprayed across the bottom of the pantry. The entire, large expanse of shelf above that, was also completely covered in carrots.
'Umm... Carrot maybe?' Louis smiled sheepishly and thrusted a carrot in front of her. She eyed it suspiciously before taking it from her grasp and taking a bite into it. Louis raised his eyebrows at her actions. 'You like carrots?'

'Yeah, looks like you won't miss this one' she nodded her head into the direction of the carrots. 'So what's up with that?'

She walked over to the counter top and perched her bum on the edge, swinging her legs back and forth, still nibbling on the carrot.

'Funny story actually...' Louis mumbled as he continued to shove armfuls of carrots into the pantry. 'Way better told over dinner'

He quickly darted the pantry door shut and lent on it for a few seconds, before gently peeling his body away, making sure it stayed closed.

'If you change it to breakfast, you have a deal' Madison smiled, excited and nervous to find out the story behind the carrots. He beamed back at her and her previous outbreak seemed forgotten, as his beautiful smile lit up his gorgeous face. His chiseled features stood out perfectly and his every blemish seemed to just add to his perfection. His lips moved but she seemed to miss what he had said.

'Is that okay?' Louis asked, his eyebrows raised, as he had repeated that sentence three times now.

'Sorry, what?' Madison said embarrassed, inwardly punishing herself for the previous thought.

Was there really harm in admiring someone's perfection?

'I said, would it be alright if we rescheduled for lunch because I have a meeting I can't miss it' Louis repeated. 'Are you okay?'

Louis registered her dazed expression and her spaced out vibes.

'No, that's fine' Madison rushed, jumping from the kitchen bench and awkwardly hovering in front of him. 'I have to go to my apartment anyway, so that will be fine'

'Great. See you there' Louis exclaimed, shoving his hands in his pockets. They both stood facing each other, both of them mulling over what was an appropriate goodbye.

As Louis ducked in to kiss her, she strategically but subtly moved her face and threw her body weight in the direction of a hug. She gave him a quick squeeze before practically running for the front door.

'Yeah, see you at lunch' madison grinned while she grabbed her suitcases and hand luggage and tugged them outside.

'It's a date' Louis said in a joking tone but Madison flinched at the use of the word 'date' before departing with a smile. As the door swung shut, she gently lay her head on the cool tiles of the wall.
She began aimlessly walking down the corridor checking off each door, before she came to realize she was going in the completely wrong direction. She had climbed the flight of stairs up to the top floor before again realizing that she had unnecessarily gone up a floor. She struggled with her suitcases until she just dropped them all exasperated. A blond guy was exiting his apartment door and turned to find Madison perched on the edge of her suitcase.

'Madison?' the blond guy asked, turning around to reveal his face.

'Yeah...Niall, right?' Madison responded, realizing the familiar face.

'The one you were going to get married to!' Niall laughed, grabbing two of her suitcases as he did so.

'Wow, I'm really never going to live that down, am I?' She giggled, her cheeks flushing pink.

'Don't worry! I get a lot of marriage proposals, must be my charm and exceedingly good looks' Niall smiled at her before gesturing down to her suitcase. 'What apartment?'

'I'm looking for apartment 24' Madison replied.

He nodded in acknowledgment and began to lead her back down the stairs.

'So, your the one who did the house swop thing with Harry? ' Niall asked, reaching the bottom of the case of stairs and leading her down the corridor.

'Wow, Harry must be popular! Louis knows him too' Madison stated.

'Yeah, Louis and Harry are like best friends' Niall replied. 'I love Harry like a brother. We were real close too'

He came to a halt at the next door and placed her suitcases on the door step. Madison looked around and recognized the place from 5 minutes ago. When she exited the door, 3 doors down from her own. So to get to her apartment all she had to do was take 3 steps and she would have been there.

Of course it was only here!

She dug her key out from the bottom of her huge black bag and inserted into the door. It clicked and the door swung open, much to Madison's excitement.

'This is your stop' Niall told her.

'Yeah, thanks for helping me find it' Madison smiled. 'Did you want to come in?'

'I would but...' Niall started before he was interrupted by Madison.

'Oh sorry. Yeah, I get it, I don't know what came over me. Of course you don't want to come in' Madison rambled, feeling her face grow red she rushed through the open door. Niall caught hold of her wrist and she turned to face him.

'No, really, I want to. But I have this meeting Can't miss it' Niall reassured her but instead her smile faded into a angry grimace.

'Oh really. A meeting for 'work'. If you didn't want to come in, you didn't have to lie. Louis conveniently had a meeting with 'work' aswell. Funny how you both said it the exact same way, in the exact same words, at the exact same day and time' Madison babbled on before breathing in deeply. 'You know what, just don't worry'

She grabbed her stuff and shut the door on a bewildered Niall.

Great, so they both used the 'work' excuse.

She had had enough of liars and cheaters. Her ex-boyfriend was enough of a liar and a cheater, maybe all guys were the same. Madison made her way over to the long, black leather sofa and threw her self in it. Her whole body sank into the cushioning leather and she felt her head fall on the incredibly soft pillow.

Maybe a small nap may work off the anger.

With that her eyes fluttered shut and she dug herself deeper into the sofa.


*louis's P.O.V*

Louis stepped out of his apartment, locking the door, replaying the scene that played out just before him. He felt like there was tension between him and Madison. Although I guess it would be weird to sleep on a strangers lap. Even though they weren't technically strangers, they also couldn't be classed as good friends yet, either. He started walking down the stairs, encased in his own thoughts, when Niall came barreling into him.

'Hey bro, can I grab a lift?' Niall asked, slapping him on the back in greeting.

'Yeah sure' Louis smiled, trudging down the corridor followed by Niall.

'So I saw that chick from yesterday. There's definitely something missing from up there' he said, swirling his finger beside his temple, gesturing that she was crazy.

'What do you mean? I like her!' Louis replied, coming off a little more defensive then he should have. Niall however missed it.

'Well, she asked me to come in and I said I had to go to this meeting and suddenly she turns into some crazy, psycho chick and is yelling at me for being a liar. She said you used the same excuse' Niall said calmly, weirded out by her sudden outburst. 'I mean, it's not so weird we are going to the same meeting, we are in the same band! Must be the PMS'

Niall gave a laugh but Louis just looked at his feet,as they walked across the parking lot to his car.

'She doesn't know we are in the same band' Louis replied. 'She just heard the same excuse used twice in a space of like 5 minutes, it's not hard to jump to the conclusion that we were lying.'

Niall climbed into the passenger seat, while Louis hopped into the drivers side. The building was only a couple of blocks away, so not very far.

'How does she not know we are in a band?' Niall asked incredulous. 'One direction are everywhere!'

Niall pointed out of the window, to a huge billboard promoting their first album. Louis looked over and rolled his eyes.

'Well, she hadn't had much time to sightsee, with a trip to the emergency room first thing' Louis once again defended her.

Why did he feel the need to protect her and defend her?

'I don't know, bro. She's hot but I don't know. Her craziness kinda outweighs her hotness' Niall mused, getting out of the parked car and making his way up the stairs to the building.

They strode over to the receptionist desk and the lady straightened up her clothes and quickly fixed up her hair. Her smile grew large, as she was in the presence of two of the band members of One Direction.

'We are here to see...' Louis started but the lady interrupted him.

'Simon Cowell. I know, the other guys just went in. I'm such a big, big fan' she sang, looking kind of delirious as she violently shook the boys hands. 'There just at the end of the hall. Door 12. Such a big, big fan'

'Thanks' Niall said, a little unsure of what else to say to her. He edged away from her before speeding quickly away. 'Now that's what I call crazy!'

Louis snickered before knocking on the door with the huge gold plaque on the front. A voice sounded from inside and he used that as his cue to come in. He tentatively opened the door to Liam and Zayn sitting awkwardly in front of a silent Simon. As he stepped into the room, he could feel the tension radiating off the group. Zayn and Liam turned around with relieved looks on their face, as they saw their band mates standing in the door frame.

'Come in' Simon said sternly, gesturing for them to sit in the empty seats in front of his desk.

He sunk back into his leather chair and fixed an angry scowl on his face. He clasped his hands together and placed them on the desk.

'How have you been, boys?' Simon asked calmly, but something told Louis, he wasn't here for a friendly catch up. The boys nodded and shrugged in reply. 'Thats good! How rude of you boys. You didn't ask how I was'

He stared each one in the eye but each boy kept their mouth firmly shut. Simon rolled his eyes.

'I wouldn't have asked if I had been you, either' Simon said dropping the nice guy act. 'I awoke this morning to be told a certain, vital band member, had suddenly dropped off the radar'

He stood up pushing his leather chair back into the wall, causing the boys to jump.

'Anyone care to explain?' Simon asked, throwing his palms onto his desk.

'With all that was happening in the media, Harry just felt he needed to take a break from it all. I mean-' Liam began, always taking the role of spokesperson.

'That is what this job is about. There is going to be good comments and their is going to be crap criticism. When you were signed to this label, you also signed up for the role of being a worldwide celebrity. People want to know your busy. They want to know what's happening with the hottest band in Europe. You might find it an inconvenience but it only helps build publicity for the band' Simon spat, facing off with all the boys, daring them to open there mouths. Zayn's mouth went to speak but Simon glared daggers at him.

'No! You don't even get to speak. I may be pissed at Harry for running off but you are no better either. WHO THE HELL SLEEPS WITH THEIR BEST FRIENDS GIRLFRIEND? Do you actually have no brain? Think a little!' He yelled at Zayn, which kept him quiet for the rest of the meeting.

'I can't have you guys up and leaving when ever you feel like it. You have a responsibility to your band members and yourself. I couldn't care less about your feelings at the moment. This band is crumbling and your were only just beginning to gain interest nation wide. The tour is coming up and you sure as hell can't pull this kinda crap on me' Simon screeched at them.

'So which one of you guys are going to tell me where he is?' He eyed the boys before his eyes landed on Louis.

'I don't know where he is' Louis lied, fiddling with his hands.

'Well, you have three weeks to find out because then you are going to promote your album at the awards in America' Simon raged. 'So in other words you have three weeks to drag Harry's ass back to England before I personally kick it back here'

He turned his back on them and stared out of the office window. The boys took that as a sign to leave and scraped their chairs back and exited the small enclosed office.

'Well, that worked me up an appetite' Niall announced, rubbing his rumbling stomach. 'Nando's anyone?'

'Is that all you think about? What are we going to do?' Liam asked, walking behind them all and out the building.

'Liam, it will be fine. I gotta go though, so count me out for Nando's ' Louis replied, jogging over to his car as he made his way back to the apartment.

'Open the door, Madison' Louis yelled standing in front of her apartment, knocking hard on the door.

'Tell me something. Was their really a meeting?' Madison asked as she opened the door a tiny bit. Louis went to push the door open but the chain on it refused the door to be opened.

'Madison, I didn't lie, there was a meeting. Can I explain inside?' Louis pleaded. After a moment of deliberation she slid off the chain and opened the door.
'Niall wasn't lying either. We... Work together' Louis began with, which was obviously wrong according to Madison.

'There you go again. How come every time you mention work you have to pause before it. You have to think up a lie about it' Madison drilled, sitting opposite him on the reclining chair.

'Because what we do isn't like work to us. It's our passion, more of a hobby' Louis explained and Madison laughed.

'A hobby? Let me guess you fly paper airplanes for a living?' Madison scoffed and rolled her eye at him.

'No, we are a very well known band called one direction and we are very famous throughout Europe and we are working on becoming worldwide' Louis said it straight up and Madison's face fell serious.

'There you go again. If your going to lie to me, at least make it a believable lie!' Madison yelled, getting up from her seat. 'Get out!'

'Wait, it's true' Louis pleaded, swiping through his phone, pulling up images. He thrusted the phone into her hand and she flipped through pages and pages of photos of one direction. She read a quick news article on their journey to fame and then she handed back the phone stunned.

'If you give me a chance to explain, I swear I will tell you everything there is to know' he begged, taking the phone. Madison only nodded her head in reply, grabbing her coat and leaving for the door.

'Make sure you tell me about those carrots too' Madison asked, her previous curiosity returning about the cupboard full of carrots.

'One certain video diary sums that up!' Louis laughed.

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