The first time Ava met Harry Styles. He was naked. She was naked.
After a house swop, Ava is left with the arrogant, egotistical but ever charming Harry Styles. Ava try's to resist against Harry's charm because no way is she gonna let herself fall for a player.

'That's where your wrong, sweet cheeks.The house is mine for 6 months' he bragged,his face inches away from hers. 'Besides I quite like the view from here'

Ava looked out the window.

'When I said the view I didn't mean the one outside' he whispered, his lips so close to hers. He surveyed her body and licked his lips. She stepped back, laughing loudly.

'Nice try, player' Ava sneered.

'Give me more credit then that. I'm not just a player, I'm the captain of the team' Harry winked, stepping forward to close the space between them. Ava gave a small smile before leaning in close to his face. She drew her face next to his ear.

'Nice to meet you captain, I'm the coach' she whispered before pulling her head away and leaving.


4. The first encounter

*Ava P.O.V*

'I'm Harry by the way' he grinned sticking his hand out for Ava to shake. 'I didn't know I was getting a roommate'

'GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE' Ava screamed, pointing to the door. He gave a small laugh before he turned on his heel and turned the door knob, leaving the bathroom.

What the hell just happened?

Ava pounced from the bath, onto the door and locked it. She started hyperventilating and her hands were shaking. When she had got more of a grip on her thoughts, she played over the scene that just played out, in her head. So there was a teenage boy; standing naked in her bathroom. She was pretty sure she locked the door, so that was a question for later. The question for the moment was; what was he doing in her house?

If he was a thief, why would he be naked in her bathroom? Also, he would have just headed straight for the most valuable items, not to the bath tub. He could be a rapist? Probably not though, seeing that he was quite willing to do as she asked when she told him to leave. What did he say before she kicked him out of the room? That she was his roommate? He sure had a lot of explaining to do....

She took deep, solid breaths before wrapping a big, fluffy white bath towel around her self. She wrung her hair out over the bath, smoothing out the bubbles that had stuck to her hair. Still not completely convinced he was harmlessly, she decided on taking a weapon. Her weapon of choice... her GHD straighteners. Admittedly, not the best weapon but it was either that or the yellow rubber duck.

She tentatively opened the door and hesitated in the door frame, before sticking her head around the corner looking for the intruder. He was no where to be seen in the back rooms. She walked through the short corridor until she found him. He was sitting on the couch, oblivious to his surrounding and apparently oblivious to the creation of clothes. He sat- still naked- with only a cushion to cover his manhood.

'NO! My not my pillows' she bellowed, racing forward awkwardly, trying not to slip on the very wet floor. She ripped the cushion from his possession but soon thought better of it, as it revealed everything. He didn't seem embarrassed by this intrusion of privacy, just very amused. He put his hands behind his head and stretched forward, exposing Ava to a view, she would rather not see. She threw the pillow back down into position and shuddered at the sight she just saw.

'If you wanted to see more, it would be my pleasure' he smirked, obviously enjoying her reluctance to look him in the eyes. Her cheeks heated up and she looked away shyly.

'NO! Make sure you burn the pillow before you leave' she announced.

'What kind of manners is that towards your guest?' He asked mockingly, faking hurt and throwing his hand to his heart. 'Im sincerely appalled, Miss Ava'

'How do you know my name?' She questioned, her voice becoming shaky as the prospect of him being a stalker crossed her mind. She raised her straighteners in front of her, pointing it at the naked boy on the couch.

'Straighteners? What are you going to do straighten my hair?' He laughed. She looked down at her weapon. Clearly not the best choice. She lowered it to her side and glowered at him. 'And I know your name because its on your luggage tag'

She looked at the small suitcase she had left in the middle of the room next to the couch. She felt her cheeks flush red, which only put a giant smirk on the guy's face. Although she relaxed immensely and sat down on the couch opposite him. She adjusted her towel at the top, making it more secure, self conscious of her self.

'The name Styles, Harry Styles' he added, imitating James Bond's accent, as he used the world famous line.

Ava laughed dryly at his comment, not impressed yet.

'That's nice, Styles but still not what I wanted to know' She answered.

'Am I forever going to be known as Styles now?' He asked, totally ignoring her previous statement.

'Don't get too ahead of yourself, Styles. I've known you for all of what? Ten minutes?' She replied, her previous train of thought derailed. If she had to be honest he was very handsome. He had chocolate brown curls, that she felt the need to run her hands through, obviously she resisted the temptation. His brilliant green eyes represented all that he was. Fun. Carefree. Wild. She found her eyes drawn to his toned stomach and his muscles.

'But those ten minutes were very eventful' he snickered, his English accent clearly present.

'I mean, we've already seen each other naked, that must mean something' he added flirtatiously, eyeing up the length of her body and subtly licking his lips. 'I liked what I saw, how 'bout you?'

She narrowed her eyes at him. She would not fall prey to his witty charm, striking good looks and flirtatious play. No matter how much she wanted to. She'd played the player scene and it only ends in heartbreak. She decided to change the topic.

'You will be known as Styles, for as long as I am forced to be in the same room as you!' She said, giving him a curt smile. 'Which hopefully isn't long'

He beamed his gorgeous smile her way and she felt her heart involuntarily flutter at the sight of it. His dimples seemed permanently indented into his face, which Ava thought was absolutely adorable but she would never tell him that. He had enough ego for half of America.

'First seeing you naked, and now you want to give me a cute nickname. You may want to slow down there, baby' he chortled, switching up his position to lie against the length of the sofa, thankfully bringing the pillow with him. 'You might give a guy the wrong impression'

'You want a cute nickname? How about being called idiot for the rest of your short lived stay?' She scoffed. Grabbing the top of her towel in place and jumping up off the couch.

Playtime is over.

'Styles is fine' he gave her a sheepish grin, that he hoped would settle her down.

'Thought so!' She retorted, finally finding her control in this situation, this was her house not his. 'Im not sorry to say this but, you have to leave. Right now.'

He made no effort to move off the couch, in fact he seemed to make himself more comfortable.

'Haven't we been through this?' He said rolling his eyes at her. 'That is no way to treat your guest'

'Guest? I don't even know who you are' she shrieked exasperated, throwing a hand to rub the side of her temple.

'Again! Haven't we been through this? I'm Harry and your...' He began, talking slow as if Ava was a little child who couldn't understand.

'I know who I am' she snapped, earning her another glimpse of Harry's charming smile. 'But what are you doing in my house?'

He stood up and shuffled his way past her, covering his front view, but exposing Ava to all of the back view. She shielded her eyes away until he sat back down in his original place. In his hand, he held a piece of paper. He held it in front of Ava but she didn't take it. His hand retreated and he cleared his throat. Ava rolled her eyes and listened to his speech.

'Dear Mr Styles, I know very formal, right' he winked at her.

'Please, I don't want the Styles commentary, I just want an explanation' she sighed, head in her hands.

'Alright, alright, keep your pants on' he laughed, as she was clearly wearing nothing but a towel. 'Dear Mr Styles, I'm pleased to inform you that I am willing to accept your offer.'

'What offer? What has this got to do with...' Ava began before she was interrupted by Harry.

'Please, no commentary' he tutted, his lips turned up in a grin, as he used her words against her. 'I just booked my flight for England and can leave in three days, so I will be out of here soon. I'm so very glad that you inquired about the house swop and I'm very excited to be living in England. Have an amazing time in America. Please find attached the final documents that you must sign and then the house is yours for 6 months. Yours sincerely, Madison Hawkins'

Harry looked up at Ava and she just stared at him, mouth agape.

'Gimme that' she said, ripping the piece of paper from his possession. She reread the letter and it was a recital of the speech she just heard from Harry.

Madison Hawkins.

As in her Madison Hawkins. Her best friend who she just talked to on the phone this morning. Her best friend who lied to her about being at the house. Who lied to her about being in the FRIKEN country. Her best friend who handed her house over to a complete stranger.

'Don't worry, darling. I'll let you stay' he chuckled at her face, which was frozen in shock.

'Let me stay? It's my house, your lucky if I let you stay' Ava yelled, frustrated from everything that was unfolding before her.

'That's where your wrong, sweet cheeks. We have a contract. The house is mine for 6 whole months' he bragged, standing up his face inches away from hers, a pillow between them covering his private parts. 'Besides I quite like the view from here'

Ava peered over his shoulder to look at the view outside the window. Still the same view she had seen before she had left and definitely not anything special. There was a run down fish and chip shop directly across the road, followed by gray and brown brick houses. Her eyes returned to Harry's face.

'When I said the view, I didn't mean the one out of the window' he whispered, bending his head down, his lips so close to hers. He surveyed her body and licked his lips. She stepped back intimidated but laughed loudly at his comment. For a second he was taken aback, no girl had ever laughed at his flirting.

'Nice try, player' Ava sneered, still laughing at his attempt of flattery.

'Give me more credit then that. I'm not just a player, I'm the captain of the team, baby' Harry winked, stepping forward to close the space between them. Ava gave a small smile before leaning in close to his face. She drew her face next to his ear.

Two can play at this game.

'Nice to meet you captain, I'm the coach' she whispered seductively, before pulling her head away and turning from him. She strode to her room, leaving Harry shocked in the middle of the room.

Madison had some explaining to do.

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