The first time Ava met Harry Styles. He was naked. She was naked.
After a house swop, Ava is left with the arrogant, egotistical but ever charming Harry Styles. Ava try's to resist against Harry's charm because no way is she gonna let herself fall for a player.

'That's where your wrong, sweet cheeks.The house is mine for 6 months' he bragged,his face inches away from hers. 'Besides I quite like the view from here'

Ava looked out the window.

'When I said the view I didn't mean the one outside' he whispered, his lips so close to hers. He surveyed her body and licked his lips. She stepped back, laughing loudly.

'Nice try, player' Ava sneered.

'Give me more credit then that. I'm not just a player, I'm the captain of the team' Harry winked, stepping forward to close the space between them. Ava gave a small smile before leaning in close to his face. She drew her face next to his ear.

'Nice to meet you captain, I'm the coach' she whispered before pulling her head away and leaving.


2. The coffee club complication

Madison's POV: 3 days earlier

"Was that all today?" the Starbucks waitress asked cheerfully, her bright beaming smile being infectious. Madison mirrored her smile and shook her head.

"Have a great day" the waitress beamed before walking swiftly away to put Madison's order through. Madison pulled back the sleeve of her black leather jacket to reveal her watch.

12:35. Where the hell is he?

Madison had sat in the Starbucks booth for over an hour waiting for her boyfriend to join her. She picked up her iPhone and the screen illuminated.

No texts.

No calls.

It's one thing to be late but it's another to not even pick up the phone.

She drummed her fingernails on the table, beginning to feel very impatient. The waitress returned placing her coffee in front of her. Madison mumbled her thanks, her mood dampening quickly. She took a deep swig of her coffee, feeling the warm liquid race down her throat, warming her insides. A small smile tugged at the edge of her lips. It soon vanished as her eyes met a stick thin, model tall, blonde girl. The girl looked like a real life sized Barbie. A Barbie she could really do without seeing.

Madison slid deeper down in her booth, trying to go undetected by the girl. The girl's eyes met Madison's.

Great! As if this day could get any worse.

The girls pursed lips grew into a mocking smile. She halted her conversation with the three surrounding girls and gracefully floated over to Madison's table.

"Madison, how have you been? I heard about you losing your job, just terrible" the girl mocked sympathy, just waiting for an opening to rub in how she doesn't have to work for money because her daddy buys her whatever she wants. Madison rolled her eyes and plastered her face in a fake smile.

"I'm great actually! I have a new job" Madison said, trying to sound superior but failing miserably. Truth be told, she will always fall just below Elizabeth George.
She had graduated high school four months ago. She had finally made it through and the best part being, she was free from the torment of the populars or more specifically, free of Elizabeth. How it is she still managed to find her in the real world?

"Good for you, always thinking positively. Least you got rid of that hideous uniform you used to have to wear. I see this is your new one" Elizabeth countered throwing her head in the direction of my clothes. Her perfectly shaped eyebrow arched up and a mocking smile flitted onto her face. Madison looked down at her tight fitting blue dress which ruffled out at the waist, which was paired with a black leather jacket, which gave her outfit more of an edge. Madison felt anger bubbling in the pit of her stomach but she ignored it. She would not let Elizabeth have the satisfaction of getting to her.

"Actually no, i'm just waiting for my boyfriend. I'm actually working at the pet shop down the road" Madison replied not letting her anger make an appearance. Elizabeth sneered at Madison's attire.

"Oh, well I guess someone has to do the lower class jobs. How's minimum wage?"
Elizabeth giggled batting her long eyelashes and flipping her blonde hair over her shoulders. Madison could feel the anger rising up and flushing her cheeks red, heating her face.

Don't give her the satisfaction!

Time to counter with the only advantage Madison had over Elizabeth. Her ex-boyfriend.

"Well, you know it's easy when you have such a good boyfriend by your side. You remember josh, don't you?" Madison asked being fake friendly and knowing full well she remembered Josh. Josh had publicly humiliated her. Breaking up with her at graduation, in front of half her senior class.

Pain flickered across Elizabeth's faced for a fraction of a second, before she reined it under control. A mocking smirk fell upon her face. Her manicured fingernails were placed on her hip and she bent over, as if she was telling a secret only for Maddison to hear.

"Oh, you have lowered your standards, haven't you little Maddy?" her smile grew, as Madison's smug expression faltered slightly.
"I'll let you in on a little secret"-she leaned her face closer and lowered her voice-"He's playing you."

"Your just jealous!" Madison bitterly responded, finding it hard to bury her anger. Elizabeth's smile grew wider at the response she was bringing out of Maddison.

"Am I?" Elizabeth's brow lifted questionably. "I don't think so. He cheats on all his girlfriends. That boy can't keep it in his pants. Shame really." Elizabeth's tone sounded nonchalant as if she didn't even realize that she was wrenching Madison's heart out right then, right there. Madison could feel her eyes begin to get teary and her vision blurred slightly. She tilted her head down to conceal her tears. Elizabeth pulled out the chair opposite Maddison and delicately sat down. Madison looked up and glared at Elizabeth.

"Why are you looking at me like I'm the bad guy?" Elizabeth asked, as if she really thought she was being a good friend to Madison. "I mean, come on Madison. Wake up! Did you not think for one second, how he could go from the hottest girl in the school, to second rate trash like you?" Elizabeth sneered and grasped Maddison's hand as if she was deeply concerned.

"Oh darling, you don't really think he loves you do you?" Elizabeth nasty tone contradicted her friendly grin. "Poor little Maddy! Thinking she was his one and only"

Maddison yanked her hand from Elizabeths tight grasp. Elizabeth threw her head back in an overpowering roar of laughter, throwing her bleach, blond, perfect hair over her shoulders and rose from her seat. She turned to walk away but quickly swerved on her heels.
"One last thing Madison because we are so close. He is playing you, I just know it" and with that parting comment Elizabeth strode off towards her group.

Madison threw herself to her feet and pushed roughly past the crowd. As she made her way to the bathroom, she could hear Elizabeth's piercing laugh ringing in her ears.

She heaved her bag onto the bathroom counter and pulled out her makeup pouch. She fiercely wiped the stray tear that had escaped from her eyes. She reapplied her black mascara to her lashes and coated her lips in her cherry red gloss. As she pulled her hand away she admired her silver bracelet that hung on her wrist loosely. Her eyes fell upon the dangling love heart that was engraved 'my one and only'.

Elizabeth had specifically used the words one and only.


She stared at her reflection in the mirror. She was skinny, with a tall and fragile frame. Her hair was blond and straight, her front fringe bobbing just above her eyebrows. Her vibrant blue eyes shone under her dark black lashes and her lips were stained a deep luscious red. She was pretty, yeah but she was no Elizabeth George. If he dumped her, then why the hell was he with Madison?

She tore her eyes away from the charm bracelet. Her bright blue eyes sparkled with the tears that threatened to fall from her eyes. She took a few yoga fired breathes.
Yes, she had known about his past. Yes she had fallen pray to his alluring charm but he had promised her that he had changed. A relationship is built on the solid ground of trust.

Of course she trusted him.

A brunette walked out of the stall behind her and stood beside her scrubbing her hands with soap. Her big voluminous curls, swishing across her back and flicking from side to side. The brunette spared a glance to her side and noticed Madison's glassy eyes.

"You alright, Darling?" she beamed, a strong southern American accent evident in her voice. Her face was grave and she seemed legitimately concerned. Madison couldn't help but smile at this small gesture of kindness.

"Yeah, I think I'm fine" Madison shrugged, only half sounding convincing.

"Well, you didn't seem too sure about that answer" the stranger replied shaking her hands dry over the sink.

"It's been a rough day. First my boyfriend is an hour late and then I bump into a blast from the past and now I left my coffee, so it's probably cold by now" Madison blurted, her bottom lip jutting out.

"Well how's about we get you a fresh one?" the girl asked with a warm smile. "I'm Lauren"

"Madison" her hand extending to meet Lauren's in a handshake. "And I might just take you up on that offer."

They slipped out of the bathroom and sat at a table set with two chairs. They sat opposite each other, a waitress soon glided over to take there order.

"You look so Familiar, have we met before?" Madison asked inquisitively, thinking of places where she might have met her.

She took in her huge,honey brown colored eyes and her sun kissed tan. Her hair that fell just above her belly button, in big bold curls. Such beauty as she had, was sure to not go forgotten.

"No don't think so, I haven't been here long, I moved from my hometown only a couple of months ago and still don't know many people" Lauren answered, fueling Madison's growing curiosity.

Well, an accent like that is SURE not going to be forgotten.

Putting her curiosity aside, she suddenly realized this as a great opportunity. Her flatmate and her best friend since year 2, had gone abroad to study in Canada. Madison was finding it very hard without her partner in crime. She was feeling like the world was leaving her behind. Everyone was moving on creating there new future and here, Madison was drinking the same coffee she had for how many years?
Maybe a new friend could help her along her roller coaster journey that is life. Lauren needed a friend and Madison knew just the person for the job.

"Well, anything you need don't hesitate to ask" Madison chimed, scrawling her number on a napkin and handed it to Lauren. Lauren took the napkin in her hands and took out her phone. She recited the number in to her contact list and smiled.

"That's so kind. We should definitely catch up again" Lauren answered. "You free this Friday?"

"Yeah I think so! If you text me your number, then I can text you if I'm free" Madison replied.

The waitress soon returned with piping hot coffees sat on the tray. Madison grabbed for her coffee enjoying the warmth radiating off the cup. Madison and Lauren talked for another hour and a half. Madison soon forgetting all about her encounter with Elizabeth.

Lauren's lips formed a gentle smile and suddenly they turned up in a full on, beaming Grin. It lit up her face and made her honey eyes sparkle. Madison turned around to see what made her smile like that and then she saw him. Josh. Her josh.

Madison saw his chiseled, flawless features and understood Lauren's awe over him. All of Madison's pent up anger, against him flooded away as she connected eyes with him. That wasn't all that flooded away, his charming grin instantly changed to a shocked grimace. He turned himself around and walked in the opposite direction in to the crowd.

What the hell just happened?

Madison scraped her chair back and lightly jogged after him. She caught his arm in the crowd and felt his muscles tense under her grip. He flipped his head in her direction and Madison followed his gaze, which met Lauren's confused stare.

Lauren snapped out of her bewildered trance and started to stride our way. Josh's arm pulled out of Madison's hand and he started to walk out again before Lauren's arm wrapped around his bicep, pulling him closer towards her body. Madison possessively clutched hold of his hand tightly and pulled him closer to her chest.

What the hell does she think she is doing?

"What are you doing" Lauren screeched, staring disapprovingly at our entwined hands.

"I could ask you the same thing" Madison's enraged glare locked onto Lauren's deep dark brown eyes. Neither girls showed signs of backing down.

"Wait, I know where I know you from. Your the girl in his wallet... The cousin" it finally dawned on Madison, on where she must have seen her from. Madison retreated her grasp on his hands and backed up a little. Lauren is one protective cousin but Madison knew not to stand in the way of family.

She saw Lauren release her grip but not in a backing down sort of way. She turned her face up in disgust, staring Josh down. Madison noticed his cheeks heating red and his vein was visible in his neck from how tense he had become.

"Cousin? What the hell, Josh" Lauren shouted, catching the attention of many people in the coffee shop. Many people's gaze flickered our way, even the staff couldn't help staring.

"Wait, so your not his cousin?" Madison questioned, confusion altering her facial features.

"No, I'm his girlfriend" Lauren exclaimed fixing her gaze back to Madison's. Madison's breath hitched in her throat and she couldn't breathe properly.

"wh-wh-what!" Madison managed to stammer out.

Josh flipped his position, facing her and he grabbed her hands. Madison let him; too shocked to do anything else. Her eyes trailed to the floor and he tilted her chin, so that she was looking at him.

"Baby, it's you and me always. You know that! I was going to call it off today with her because I realized your the one I want. Your the one I need" Josh pleaded, his eyes begging for her to understand. He seemed legitimately pained by the mistake he had committed.

Too little, too late buddy.

Madison furiously ripped her hands from his grip and clambered on top of the table, gaining curious looks from people passing by.

"Attention all! This jerk here, is a two timing player. He was dating me while he was dating her. Make sure you keep your daughters safe and away from him" Madison spat the words out with vehemence. This announcement had been received by everyone in the crowded coffee shop. To finish her tirade, she unpopped the plastic lid that was securely on her coffee and tipped it on his head. He turned his face to the floor in despair, now dripping with coffee. She bounced from the table, back safely to the ground.

Was hot coffee enough or should we turn it into a good old American movie?

She brought her lips up to his ears and sweetly caressed his hair.

"Go to hell" she dragged the words out whispering into his ear before she forcefully tugged his hair backwards, while at the same time thrusting her knee into his delicate region. He collapsed on the floor in a heap, his face screwed up in pain. Before she left she caught the horrified facial features of Lauren. Lauren flew to his aid even after everything she had just witnessed. He cheated on her too but she still didn't care. She pitied her for a second.

Shame! We really could have been good friends!

Madison strode out the shops and turned the corner from the coffee shop and came face to face with Elizabeth. Her face uplifted in a sneer and she stood there gently clapping.

"Brava, wasn't that a performance" Elizabeth cackled. Maddison shoved roughly past her and carried on walking. Elizabeth took long strides next to her.

"Didn't I tell you Maddy" Elizabeth teased. "I told you he would break your heart, I also told you I would get revenge but you didn't listen then either"

That statement stopped Madison dead in her tracks. She turned around to face Elizabeth.

"What do you mean?" Madison questioned her voice sounding small and weak.

"Well, you didn't believe this was all just coincidence did you. I set up this little meeting with the other girlfriend because if I can't have him no-body can" Elizabeth remarked, giving Maddison a tight grin.

"Wait, so are you saying, he didn't really cheat on me?" Madison asked, trying to keep the hope out of her voice.

"Of course he cheated on you. I just helped you realise it sooner because your too stupid to figure it out for yourself" Elizabeth screeched exasperated. "And because I haven't seen a good drama in awhile" and with that Elizabeth turned on her heels and walked away.

She ruined my relationship because she wanted.... Revenge.

Her heart lay shattered all because Elizabeth George had nothing better to do.

Maddison was furious but felt so ashamed and embarrassed at the same time. Elizabeth was right. She was too stupid to not even realize what was plainly going on right in front of her face.

Of course he cheated on me. I wasn't good enough anyway.

Madison felt hot tears run down her face and she made no effort to wipe them away. She picked up speed and ran in the opposite direction to Elizabeth.
She needed to get away and she needed to get away soon.

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