The first time Ava met Harry Styles. He was naked. She was naked.
After a house swop, Ava is left with the arrogant, egotistical but ever charming Harry Styles. Ava try's to resist against Harry's charm because no way is she gonna let herself fall for a player.

'That's where your wrong, sweet cheeks.The house is mine for 6 months' he bragged,his face inches away from hers. 'Besides I quite like the view from here'

Ava looked out the window.

'When I said the view I didn't mean the one outside' he whispered, his lips so close to hers. He surveyed her body and licked his lips. She stepped back, laughing loudly.

'Nice try, player' Ava sneered.

'Give me more credit then that. I'm not just a player, I'm the captain of the team' Harry winked, stepping forward to close the space between them. Ava gave a small smile before leaning in close to his face. She drew her face next to his ear.

'Nice to meet you captain, I'm the coach' she whispered before pulling her head away and leaving.


1. The airport!

*harry's POV*

'Good afternoon Mr Styles, how was the flight?'

Harry groggily pushed his passport under the glass separating him from the overly cheerful airport security. He pushed his aviators to the bridge of his nose and stared hard at the man behind the glass. The man had a small frame and was tall and lean, with a pointed, hooked nose and gave no sign of knowing who Harry was. He smirked at him and pushed his glasses back up.

'Bumpy' Harry answered which was an understatement. The flight had been caught in severe storm conditions and the turbulence when they landed was horrific.

'Oh, that's not good Sir' he feigned sympathy and stamped the passport. He shoved it under the glass, back into Harry's possession. 'Have a good day, Sir'

Harry nodded before walking to the back of the impossibly long queue. He waited in line for over two hours before he passed security. He wasn't used to waiting. He was used to his management snapping their fingers and people come running. He was used to being able to skip queues all because of his name. So Annoyingly his plan of staying unknown was working out for him.

He was finally let out of the heavy metal doors. That's when it hit him. As soon as those doors swung open and the cool air first hit his face. As soon as the large crowd of people surrounded him but soon pushed around him when they realized he wasn't who they were waiting for. Thats another thing he wasn't used too. He had crowds of people racing towards him all the time, but never push past him. Push past him as if they didn't know who he was. Push past him as if they didn't know he was in one direction.

Oh wait they didn't know...

As soon as he realized that he had no loved ones here, to push past people until they found him, he began to feel very sick. As soon as he realized he was alone. Alone but not even in the same country as his family. Not even the same continent. He was stuck and alone in America.

It all hit him so fast that he felt extremely light-headed and practically fell into a nearby chair.

I did not think this through.

He felt his heart race and pound through his thin brown t-shirt. Sweat beaded on his forehead and he hastily wiped it away with the back of his hand. His rubbed his hands on his jeans before walking over to a pay phone. He had two calls to make. Which one first?

'Hi mom' Harry stammered, after putting his change in the machine which brought it to life.

'Harry?' She questioned.

'Yeah mom, it's me' Harry assured her. 'I have to tell you something but you have to promise not to freak out'

'Of course I won't love' she said calmly, giving a light chuckle. That chuckle wouldn't be there for long.

'Im in America' Harry blurted out, finding it easier to say if he said it in one, big, blur. He leaned against the wall eyeing the people around him while he waited for her reply.

'America?' She asked, trying to hide her anger. Harry saw through her deceptive tone, from the tell tale signs of her lying. One her voice had raised an octave and two her breathing had quickened pace immensely.

'America' Harry confirmed, biting his lip at her response.

'What the hell are you doing in America' She all but shouted down the phone. Harry pulled the phone from his ear to save him from the shrill screams of his mother.

Well, her calm lasted for all but 3 seconds.

'Listen mom...' He started but was harshly interrupted by his mom's voice on the other end.

'Don't tell me to listen' she growled. 'You listen here, you are going to turn your butt right back around to England now, before I kick it back here."

'Mom, I need to do this' Harry groaned, he had wondered how long it would take for her to turn into vicious mamma bear. It was becoming very apparent that she can turn from loving to protective in a space of 3.45 seconds.

'You need to do this? You need to do this! Harry your eighteen years old. The only thing you need to do is get a plan ticket directing you back to England' she demanded hoping her voice sounded controlled and commanding not desperate.

'Well, I'm sorry but I can't do that' Harry began, attempting to say his side of the story but again his mom stopped him.

'Harry, if not for me. For your friends. They need you. Your a band, you need to stick together, not just drop out when you've had enough' she pleaded, tears already forming in her eyes.

'That is exactly why I'm in America!' His voice raising, earning him sideward glances from onlookers. He took a deep sigh and started again. 'You've read the papers. You don't know what it's like for everyone to know your personal life. For everyone to know how pathetic you are, especially because of what happened. You don't know what it's like to have to see his face everyday. The face that ruined my... everything'

He tugged off his beanie and religiously combed through his hair. This is not the way this conversation was meant to pan out. He roughly threw his beanie back on his head and continued the conversation.

'Your not pathetic, love' his mother's voice sounded from the phone. The angry tone changed to a light, soothing voice and he suddenly missed his mother. He had a sudden wave of home sickness. He had been in the country a total of 2 hours and 23 minutes and he was homesick.

He sighed and slumped back up against the wall.

'That's all you took from that speech?' He asked exasperated. Her light giggle ringed in his ear and he couldn't help but laugh too.

'Okay' was his mom's simple answer.

'Okay?' Harry cocked his head to the side perplexed.

'My baby's growing up and I'm going to let you. But you call me twice a week at least. Remember I'm but a phone call away and when ever you want to come home, I'm going to be here for you' she rushed all at once.

'Your alright with me staying?' His heart filled with hope and he anticipated her answer.

'Well, as much as I want to kill you for leaving without telling me, I unfortunately don't know any American assassins, so I'll have to do it myself when you come back home' she answered jokingly, although Harry could hear the faint sniffs from the other end.

'I love you, mom' Harry grinned.

'I love you more, baby' she replied before the line went dead.

A red note flashed up on the screen indicating that more change was needed to continue the call. He hung the phone back up and took it all in for a moment before he put his remaining money into the phone and punched in a number.

'Louis!' Harry exclaimed.

'Hey mate, you there yet?' Louis asked.

'Yeah, man, safe and sound. I have to go soon, people are getting impatient' Harry grumbled into the phone. Turning to see three people standing behind him waiting for the only nearby pay phone.

'Lou, I need a favor' Harry stated.

'Anything man' Louis replied.

'Can you tell the rest of the boys that I'm in America' Harry requested, cringing at the answer.

'I take my anything back! You didn't even tell them that you left?' Louis said sounding disapproving.

'It was a spur of the moment thing, I just had to get away from... everything' Harry replied pleading for him to understand.

'Yeah man, I get it. I'll tell them. They won't be happy about it though. What do I say to the press? I mean we can't just walk around with a mop pretending its you. Well, actually... I mean, it would look like your hair if we dyed it brown.'

'Heyyyy!' Harry laughed, pretending to be hurt by his comment and tugged at his brown curls. He heard a person loudly clear his throat behind him. He slowly turned to face an aggravated man staring impatiently at him.

'Your smart, make something up' Harry reassured him.

'Awh, sweet Harold, I'm going to miss your kiss ass comments! Please tell me you didn't leave management up to me as well?' Louis asked, worry thread through his words.

Harry's face screwed up in realization. He totally forgot management. The band was now a hit sensation all through Europe. They wanted to extend the fan base through to the whole world. As well as touring they were working on the whole album. This really was a terrible time to up and move.

'Well... Now that you mention it, it may have slipped my mind' Harry confessed.

'Wait what? HARRY YOUR DEAD!' Louis remarked.

'Yep love ya too brother, I gotta go, talk to you soon' Harry rambled before putting the phone down on Louis's harsh words, that had followed Harry's outburst. Harry did feel bad for leaving the band with the wrath of management. Well... He felt bad about leaving most of the band with the wrath of management.

He turned around and gave a sarcastic smirk to the man behind him, who pushed past him to get to the phone.


Harry rushed through the mounds of people, trying to find the luggage carousel. He spotted it in the distance. He also saw his large black suitcase with the fluorescent green baggage tag, slowly revolving round. He broke out into a run to catch it before it spiraled round again, before getting bowled over by someone.

'OMG, I'm so, so sorry' a girl said wrapping her hands around Harry's arms and pulling him up. Harry brushed his clothes down, his pride more hurt then his body.

'It's fine' he mumbled. She let go of his arm and continued to frantically search around the airport.

'Could you tell me if that's the way to the flight to England?' She rushed, her face lighting up with hope.

'I just came from that way, it's the terminal for flight's from England' he told her which obviously wasn't the response she wanted. She bobbed her blonde head and turned on her heal.

'Thanks and sorry about pushing you over' she said and she ran in the opposite direction.

*Madison's POV*

'I just came from that way, it's the terminal for flight's from England' the curly haired boy answered. She stared at him for a second convinced she had seen him before, but where had she seen him was the question.

'Thanks and sorry about pushing you over' Madison called over her shoulder. She tossed her blonde hair away from her face and continued racing along the airport floor. She was dragging her suitcase in one hand and waving her ticket to England in the other. She frantically ran in every direction pushing past people and surveying her surroundings.

She saw so many signs, flashing at her, but none seemed to help find her destination. She hastily checked her watch, only 15 minutes to boarding and she was completely lost.

He can help!

She pushed forward until she came face to face with airport security. He was dressed in a grey shirt and black pants with a gun visible in a holster around his belt. He was extremely tall and seemed to tower over Madison. He peered down at her face, waiting for her to talk.

'Oh, umm... excuse me, but could you point me in the direction of flight 5206?' Madison puffed, out of breathe from all the running. She waved her ticket in front of his face until he grabbed it from her in order to keep it still. 'I'm flying to England'

'It's right behind you, miss' he pointed to a waiting room filled with people filing out to board the plane.

'Your a lifesaver, thanks so much' she shrieked, as she threw her luggage behind her and raced for the door. She threw her suitcase on the luggage carousel and proceeded forward with the rest of the passengers. She presented her ticket to the security and got admission into the next room. She was the last person to enter through the doors and only about twenty people were left to board. Overhead she heard a call over the loudspeaker: flight 5206 doors close in approximately fifteen minutes.

I made it.

She was greeted with more airport security, who made her surrender her hand luggage to put through the x-ray machine.

'Be careful with that, it's Gucci' Madison protested, as her large heavy bag was roughly thrown onto the x-ray machine.

Madison was instructed to walk through the large metal detecter machine. She stepped through and just her luck it went off. A large man came to pat her down, a little to thoroughly for her liking. He finally let her go when it was found that it was her belt, phone and ear piercings. She cradled her Gucci bag in her arms and walked through to board her plane.

Her pocket started vibrating and she took her phone out. She looked down at the caller ID and realized it was her best friend Ava. She grew tentative before burying away her nerves and answering the call.

'Ava! Girl, how are you?' She answered, trying to cover her nerves with over happiness.

Tone it down a little!

'Yeah, I'm good and you?' Ava replied.

'Yeah good' Madison said cooly. She walked forward attempting to pass through the plane doors and she was stopped by the air hostess. Madison covered the ear piece of the phone.

'I'm sorry, mam, but you have to turn off all phones and electrical equipment' the air hostess asked her, pointing to the phone in her hand. 'It interferes with the aircraft receiving signals.'

Another call sounded out above her: flight 5206 doors close in approximately ten minutes.

She spun around turning her back on the lady.

'Hows Canada? school? Life in general?' Madison babbled, her hand shaking trying to play it cool. Madison was trying her best to hurry the conversation along but she knew her best friend liked to talk.

'Umm.. Good I guess. That's really what I wanted to talk about!' Ava replied, wondering about the abruptness of Madison's reply. 'I have a surprise for you'

'A surprise? What sort of surprise?' Madison asked, her curiosity getting the better of her and she just couldn't help herself jumping at the question.

'Well... First I just wanted to make sure your at home. So are you?' Ava asked.

Madison started to stress over the question she was just asked. Madison soon came to the conclusion that Ava's big surprise was that she had caught Madison in the act and that she knew all about Maddy's scheme.

Just play it cool. Pretend that you don't know that she knows.

'Of course I'm at home, just watching reruns of friends on television. Loving America, good old America, never leave the place' she stuttered. 'Why...why would you ask that?'

Why do I blurt when I'm nervous.

'Well...okay. I only ask because I thought you might go visit your family soon, because I remember you said you wanted to go see them and if you were gone then it would ruin my surprise' Ava explained.

'Are you sure your alright? You seem weird. I mean weirder than normal' Ava responded, clearly catching on that something was happening.

'Excuse me miss, but we really need to board. Are you getting on the plane or not?' The air hostess pushed, tapping her foot impatiently on the ground.

'Just give me one second' Madison smiled apologetically, holding up one finger.

Another call sounded out above her: flight 5206 doors close in approximately five minutes.

'Did someone just say something about boarding a plane?' Ava asked questioningly.

'Ummm...yeah. It's the episode where chandler and Ross fly to Vegas together and Joey crashes the party. Good old Joey. Your keeping me from valuable tv time, talk soon, love you girl' Madison sputtered, hanging up the call.

She turned her phone off and threw it into the bottom of her bag. She had never really kept a secret from her best friend. This secret was better for her if she didn't find out though. She once again showed the attendant her boarding pass and was admitted on the plane. She searched the plane for her seat and she soon found it. She was seated in the chair next to a skinny boy who looked around 18, so her age. He just looked out the window sulkily, not looking up once as she had squeezed her self next to him. The other side was occupied by a fat man who was quivering and had a sick bag strategically placed in his hands. He was breathing heavily and had a hand to his heart.

'Im terrible with flying. Planes scare the hell out of me' the man mumbled.

'I get really, really sick and sorry for any you know... unwanted gas' he added, waving his hand, indicating to his bottom.

Great, i'm sitting next to a depressed boy and an extremely sick man, who is afraid of planes and has a tendency to let off gas.

The tanks sounded through the plane: we are now ready for lift off, the attendants will go round and check you seated correctly, I hope you have a nice flight and we thank you for flying Air Asics.

A flight attendant swiftly maneuvered around the passengers tugging on their seat belts to make sure they were tight enough. Once they sat down the plane started to gain speed and was hurling itself down the runway. The man started to shake harder and Madison tried to comfort him. She patted his hand while subtly trying to move closer to the other side and away from the fat, sick man. He smiled back in gratitude, before his face went as white as a sheet and his head was plunged into the bag. He gagged a couple of times before he slowly came back up smirking immensely.

'Whoops! Other end!' He chuckled, before he began laughing like a little kid. Madison looked at him confused for a second before realization struck her. More like the terrifying smell hit her nose. She held her breathe at the foul smell, again trying as hard as she could to move away. Some of the surrounding passenger noticed the stink to and glanced sidewards to my row. Everyone seemed to noticed the lingering smell except for loner boy next to me who seemed oblivious to the surrounding commotion.

Five minutes down. Only another ten hours and fifty five minutes of this torture to go.

*Ava's POV*

'Ummm...yeah. It's the episode where chandler and Ross fly to Vegas together and Joey crashes the party. Good old Joey. Your keeping me from valuable tv time, talk soon, love you girl' Madison bursted from the other end of the phone before the tone dial hit and the line was dead.

She hung up on me!

'Theres something seriously wrong with that girl' she mumbled to herself as she placed her phone in her back pocket, as she continued to pull her suitcase along behind her. Back in good old American air. The sweet smell of sweaty obese people, up tight business men and crack addicts.

Never been more happy to see America!

Ava walked outside and was met by the hot summer heat. A brief wave of reminiscence of when she was here last. To Ava it had felt like forever ago, but in reality it was less then two months ago. She whistled for a cab and a cab pulled up beside her and she hopped in. That is one of the many big differences from New York and Canada. Canada you get dirty looks if you try and holler for a cab and the taxis purposely drive past you as if you did something atrocious.

'Where you heading, darling?' The taxi driver asked, his southern accent clearly present.

She gave the cab driver the address of her shared apartment and they were off. She was ecstatic over the fact that she was going to be rejoined with her best friend after two months of being alone. Ava thought back to the lonely times where she was forced to share Chinese food with herself because there was no-one else to share it with.

She did have a room mate at the Canadian university she was studying at but they didn't She did try, but her roommate had grown a strong resentment for her after all the late night Skype calls she used to do to Madison. The loud, thundering laughter that echoed around the room at 1 in the morning. As well as keeping her up half the night she would turn her hair dryer on at 6 in the morning to start her hair routine. It might have also been because Ava liked to have 10 minute showers which took all the hot water and allowed her room mate to be late for her lectures.

She had really tried with university but after two months she realized law just wasn't her calling and university life just wouldn't suit her. It only cost her a plane ticket, a whole life transfer and ALOT of money to realize that. Well, she had that much money after what happened....

She sat in the cab for the next hour, just thinking about how much she couldn't wait to see her best friend. The only person who wouldn't judge her on dropping out of university and coming back to America. The only person to share Chinese food and make pancakes with. The only one who would stay up and have those late night conversations with her. Her best friend!

She arrived almost an hour later and emerged through the elevator opposite her apartment door. She fished for the spare key under the plant pot and stuck the key in the lock.

'I know, I know, I'm here and you...' Ava began but then realized there was no screams of excitement from inside the apartment. Actually there was no sign of any activity in the house. She searched the whole apartment to no sign of Madison. She probably just went out. Ava dialed her number but got her answering machine.

Great welcome home this is!

Ava searched deeper in the house to no avail. It actually looked a lot tidier to be honest, maybe she was expecting her home. Ava dropped her bags in her room. Her room looked exactly how she left it though, right down to the dirty pile of clothes in the corner that she couldn't be bothered to wash.

Home sweet home...

She went into the bathroom and turned the taps over the bath on. She poured nearly the entire contents of the bubble bath and let it run. She rifled through her suitcase and found her iPod and headphones and set up in the bathroom. She stripped down her clothes and slid into the bath letting the warm water encase her body. She felt her muscles loosen and it felt like pure bliss. She pulled the shower curtain across to shield her face from the bright light coming from the window.

She put her music on shuffle and the tunes started playing and she sunk deeper into the bath tub, if that was even possible. In the small and cramped space she felt relaxed and safe. She stayed that way for a while until her current favorite tune came sounding out of her iPod.

She grabbed the hair brush from on the top of the counter and started belting out the lyrics. She shut her eyes and shut down into punk rocker mode.

'It started with a whisper, And that was when I kissed her, And then she made my lips hurt and I could hear the chitchat. Take me to your love SHAAAAAAAAA' she started singing until her melody turned into an almighty scream, as a guy was standing naked before her. Naked. In her bathroom. While she was naked. She tried desperately to cover her self and the guy at first was taken aback by there being someone in the bath but he didn't seem to care about the fact that he was totally indecent. In fact he looked quite comfortable being naked. She fished the bubbles and pushed them around her body but it really wasn't helping.

'I'm Harry by the way' he grinned sticking his hand out for Ava to shake. 'I didn't know I was getting a roommate'

'GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE' Ava screamed, pointing to the door. He gave a small laugh before he turned on his heel and turned the door knob out of the bathroom.

What the hell just happened?

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