The first time Ava met Harry Styles. He was naked. She was naked.
After a house swop, Ava is left with the arrogant, egotistical but ever charming Harry Styles. Ava try's to resist against Harry's charm because no way is she gonna let herself fall for a player.

'That's where your wrong, sweet cheeks.The house is mine for 6 months' he bragged,his face inches away from hers. 'Besides I quite like the view from here'

Ava looked out the window.

'When I said the view I didn't mean the one outside' he whispered, his lips so close to hers. He surveyed her body and licked his lips. She stepped back, laughing loudly.

'Nice try, player' Ava sneered.

'Give me more credit then that. I'm not just a player, I'm the captain of the team' Harry winked, stepping forward to close the space between them. Ava gave a small smile before leaning in close to his face. She drew her face next to his ear.

'Nice to meet you captain, I'm the coach' she whispered before pulling her head away and leaving.


3. Over in Holmes chapel

Harry's POV: 3 days earlier

Betrayal, scandal, broken friendship, fighting band members. The words in the magazine kept jumping out and attacking him, leaving a constant reminder that his issues were publicized. He threw the magazine out of frustration and hastily ran his hand through his dark thick brown curls. He tugged it out realizing how hard it was to brush through the usual soft curls. He could feel the thick film of grease growing within his curls.

Shower would be a good idea!

He hadn't moved from his bed for nearly four days now. He had been cooped up in his room, avoiding human contact as much as possible. The only person he had seen had been his mum, and even then she only stroked his face in comfort and delivered him food. He had found a bubble of security and he buried his head deeper into his pillow.

How had this happened?

He was known as the player.

Bring. Bring. Bring.

Harry rolled onto his back, taking the phone in his hands. He eyed the caller ID and debated whether to answer. He had been ignoring calls for the past two weeks and refusing company, people may start worrying.

"Hello" Harry said croakily and hesitantly.

"Harry? Is that you mate?" Louis' obvious accent present and his voice threaded with worry. Harry sighed, he hadn't meant for anyone to worry.

"Yeah Lou! It's me" Harry answered half-heartedly.

"HARRY! We have been so worried. I was going to stop by but I wanted to give you space but man we miss you and the band needs you. We need you. I need you" Louis gushed, nearly whispering the last words.

"What do you mean stop by?" Harry asked, seeing as he was in Holmes chapel and Louis and the boys were meant to be back in London.

"Well, I assumed you would be back up and running soon and I thought you might need your partner in crime" Louis answered, a joking tone in his voice.

"Man, I can't just build a bridge and get over it. I can't just forget it ever happened. You know why? Cause it's in every Damn magazine and newspaper" Harry retorted, reigning in his anger. His anger wasn't directed towards Louis but he needed to let it loose on someone.

"I know, Harry. Exactly why I flew to Holmes chapel" Louis said firmly, his voice taking on authority. "I'm coming over. So stop moping around, feeling sorry for your self"

"But I like feeling sorry for myself" Harry groaned, digging deeper under the covers.

"Well, I like you when your showered" Louis answered, disregarding Harry's comment. "Be there in ten"

The line went dead and Harry let his iPhone slip from his hand and onto the floor. Louis was right. Moping wasn't going to fix the situation and as much as harry wanted it to, it wasn't making him feel any better.

He kicked the blanket off and swung his feet over the side of the bed. He trudged to his en suite and turned the shower tap on. He was met with hot water gushing from the shower head. The heat encased his body, clinging onto his skin. Steam swirled around him, forcing him to inhale it. He took deep breathes and to his surprise.... It actually helped.

He scrubbed at his body and rubbed shampoo through his hair. He stood in the shower letting the water run off his body for what felt like a lifetime. The shower had been so hot it had left his skin visibly red.

When he had finally had enough, he stepped out and slung his towel on, hanging loosely on his hips. He cleaned his teeth and then walked into his bedroom. He quickly changed into a pair of jeans and a tight fitting black ramones shirt. He threw open his curtains to welcome the sunlight but instead was intruded by camera flashes. Thankfully they weren't aimed up at the window but instead were taking pictures of his band mate. Tape recorders were waved at his face, obviously trying to record his version of the story. Louis' lips stayed tightly shut, pushing past the wave of people to reach Harry's house.

Harry sat waiting on his bed for Louis to come up. He heard his heavy foot steps jogging up the stairs and a tentative knock on the door. Louis' face was peering round the door and shut tight.

"You decent?" Louis shouted dramatically.

"Nothing you ain't seen before" Harry answered teasingly and stood to face Louis.

"That is true but I have to at least pretend, for Eleanor's sake" Louis shrugged, his face dropping as he realized what he had said. "Hey, sorry man, I shouldn't have..."

"You shouldn't have what? Brought up that you have a girlfriend? We don't have to ignore the subject of girlfriends. I'm not going to fall apart every time someone mentions a girl. It's not your fault Zayn can't keep it in his pants, when it comes to my girlfriend" Harry rambled, all his cooped up feelings, rushing to the surface threatening to over flow. Louis lay a hand tightly on Harry's shoulder in support.

"What happened mate?" Louis asked, genuinely looking for answers to heal his best friends pain.

"Don't give me that Bull. Of course you know what happened. The whole of FRIKEN England knows what happened" Harry spat. He strode over to the other side of his room and picked up a magazine. There on the front cover was a photo of zayn kissing a tall blonde figure. Accompanying the photo was the headline 'Zayn does the dirty with Harry's girlfriend!'. Harry launched the magazine onto his bed and flung him self down after. His anger dissipating quickly, self pity taking its place.

"I just don't understand why he would do it to me. He ruined our friendship, maybe even the band" Harry said solemnly, head bowed to the floor. Louis clamped his hand firmly down on Harry's shoulder as reassurance.

"Hazza, don't say such a thing. All this needs is a little time and things will work itself out, I promise mate" Louis spoke the words with such force, that it nearly made Harry believe him.


"I want to believe you, mate but its really hard to see it happening any time soon. I think I just need time away from zayn and the band and the paparazzi and really just everyone" Harry confessed, sincerely believing in his idea to get away.

"Why don't we talk about it over lunch? My shout?" Louis coaxed, knowing that Harry couldn't turn down free food. As if on cue Harry's stomach rumbled loudly, which sent the boys in a fit of laughter. The first real sign of Harry being happy since all this started.

"Alright" Harry shrugged, tugging a grey beanie over his brown tousled curls and shading his eyes with bronze aviators. He grabbed his keys off his desk and tossed them into his pocket.

"Let's take my car out the back, so we don't get mowed down by them" Harry informed Louis, indicating the mass of people waiting outside his window. They trudged down the stairs and were met with Harry's mum's bright grin. She pulled her son into a tight bear hug, in which he automatically reciprocated.

"I'm sorry this happened, love. I wish I could make it all better" she said honestly, her facial features etched in pain for what her son was going through. She stood back and stared into his eyes, while trying to push his curls to the side.

"Don't worry mom, it's just the storm before the calm. It will get better" Harry reassured her, hoping his voice stayed strong and didn't let on to the unshed tears brimming in his eyes. Harry tossed Louis the keys in a subtle sign that says it was time to leave. Harry's mom nodded in agreement and escorted the boys out the back and waved, as they drove out of the garage and out onto the back alley. They drove in comfortable silence until they reached a dimly lit restaurant which appeared empty.

Perfect for hiding from the world.

They got out of the car and started walking towards the door.

"So, you thinking about coming back to live in our apartment any time soon? It's lonely without you and Holmes chapel isn't that exciting is it?" Louis questioned casually, trying to keep the desperation from tainting his voice.

"I don't know, Lou. If I came back to live there, then I would constantly have to see Zayn. It's hard to avoid him when he lives in the apartment below" Harry informed Louis. "If your lonely go stay with one of the boys or Eleanor"

"Yeah, I just miss seeing that face of yours" Louis said, squishing Harry cheeks with the palm of his hands. They walked into the restaurant and a distinct Irish accent radiated towards them. Suddenly Harry was encompassed in a big hug, blond hair tickling his face.

"Niall, man, What you doing here?" Harry asked. He was glad to feel the familiarity that came with seeing Niall. If Harry was honest, he had missed the guys a lot.

"Obviously I came for the Holmes Chapel food" Niall teased, his thick Irish accent hung off every word. "Of course, I came to see you. How you been, buddy?"

"Better now I got to see you" Harry said nudging Niall in the side and catching sight of a figure standing behind them. Harry squinted his eyes to reveal Liam standing, arms outstretched waiting for his turn to hug Harry. Harry stepped into his arms and they slapped each other on the back, as guys do.

"Liam, man, good to see ya" Harry mumbled as he pulled back, happier then he had felt in weeks. Liam ruffled Harry's damp curls and fixed a smile on his face.

"Good to see you too mate, how you been...with you know...everything" Liam stuttered awkwardly, shoving his hands in his pockets. Louis intervened the moment by pushing them towards a table and throwing menus in their faces. The waitress kept peering over at the table and sending not so subtle winks and smiles.

She obviously knew who we were.

Harry surveyed the nearly empty restaurant, the only customers an old couple who was not likely to be rocking out to one direction.

I hope the lack of customers doesn't reflect the food.

Liam's voice broke in to Harry's thoughts.

" we were all so worried and thought it would be best to fix it sooner rather than later" Liam rambled on, slurring his words with which the rapid speed he was hurling them out at.

Fix it?

"What do you mean, fix it" Harry questioned. " Because if you mean my broken heart, it's not something that you can just fix like that Liam. It has to heal."

"We understand that mate, and we thought it would heal quicker if you and Zayn..." Niall was cut off abruptly when Harry flung himself to his feet.

"No. Don't even think about pulling that on me. Don't turn this around to make it seem like I'm the bad guy and that poor, old Zayn can't help himself. He knew what he was doing, so there is no way your making me feel bad and make me fix this" Harry exploded. The waitress hesitantly placed our order on the table and scurried off while Harry was still standing. Louis tugged on the sleeve of his jumper and pulled him down back in his seat.

"That's not what we are saying mate" Louis consoled him, patting him on the back.

"It better not be, because for a while I'm fine with just hating him and avoiding him at all costs" Harry said defensively, shuffling down into his seat.

"Thats gonna be kinda hard don't you think. Seeing as we are in the same band and everything"

Harry turned around to see Zayn standing behind them, a sheepish smile on his face. Harry's face went hard and he rose to his feet again.

"I'm out of here" Harry said, pushing past Zayn, making it his mission to roughly shove Zayn in the shoulder as he walked past.

No way am I listening to his bull excuse.

Harry stalked outside and strode over to his parked car. He felt for the keys in his pocket and realized; they weren't there.

Damn it. Louis drove.

Harry mulled over the options he was given here. Option one, he could attempt to walk back to his house, which was a good hours walk back. Option two he could call his mum to pick him up, but that would mean exposing her to the feral reporters out the front, where her car was parked. Option three, he could go back into the restaurant and talk like a civilized adult that he was soon becoming. He considered each option and gave each good thought. He obviously wasn't going to drag his mom into this. So Option two was out. Option one was out. Like Harry styles walked anywhere. That left only option three.


There was always option four. Run into the restaurant, demand that Louis give him the keys and as he will probably say no, he puts plan four into place.

Yeah... Option four is the best.

Harry took a large gulp of breathe and stormed over to the restaurant door. The windows were tinted black, so the outside world couldn't see in. Harry threw the door open and could hear the hushed voices from the back of the room. They were hushed but you could tell they were arguing. Harry walked over to the table taking large strides. He stopped at the edge, all previous arguing died out and all eyes were on Harry.

"I want my keys, Lou" Harry demanded, palm outstretched waiting for his keys.

"Harry, just sit down..." Louis started but yet again was interrupted by Harry.

"NOW Lou!" Harry said, his voice rising in volume. Louis shook his head and patted his pocket where the keys safely lay. Harry eyes followed the trail and decided it was time to put plan four into action. He launched his whole body onto Louis and pulled him to the ground. Taking Louis off guard, he managed to dig his hands into his pockets and retrieve his keys.


Although Harry hadn't thought of the fact that he was now surrounded by 3 other people. He tried to scramble to his feet but felt a body launch at him, throwing their body weight on top of him, restraining him to the floor. In the scuffle, Harry caught sight of jet black hair.


Harry's anger coursed through his veins and the tension built up further. He had to unleash his anger and who better to unleash it on then Zayn?
Zayn had pinned his body to the ground but Harry could still move his legs. He kneed him in the groin and Zayn doubled over in pain, rolling off of Harry and onto the floor. Voices echoed around him and he felt someone grab him arm.

That felt good.

Adrenaline took over and he roughly tugged his arm out of the restraining hand. He swung it behind him and before anyone could take action, he hurled his fist towards Zayn. He hit him right in the eye and Zayn yelped in pain. Harry pulled his arm back for another round before Liam grabbed his arm and wedged his body between him and Niall on the bench side of the table.

"What the hell, Harry. Violence isn't going to solve anything" Liam reprimanded.

Liam. Always the voice of reason.

"It sure as hell made me feel better though" Harry answered, shining a subtle smirk.

The waitresses had witnessed the whole thing but made no effort to stop the fight or even kick them out of the restaurant. Instead they just watched amused, this probably being the most entertainment they have had in a while. Harry was sure he saw one waitress taking pictures of the fight. So the fight will soon be in the magazines of every store.

Better then the picture of zayn making out with my girlfriend

Liam beckoned for the waitress and she hurried over, a smile etched on her face.

"Can we have some ice, please?" Liam asked as polite as possible.

She nodded profusely, hurrying back in the kitchen and soon returning with a frozen bag of peas. She handed it to Zayn, before scurrying back to the kitchen. Zayn lay the bag over his eye and visibly sagged down in relief. Zayn pulled up the chair across from them and Louis sat into a chair next to Zayn fixing his now scruffy hair.

"Look, Harry I know I probably deserved that, and I know what I did was wrong..." Zayn started, Harry's muscles tensing. "If I could take it back I would. Of course I would. I didn't think...." Harry threw his hand out to halt Zayn in his little speech.

"Your right Zayn you didn't think. Do you ever think?" Harry asked, Zayn's eyes falling to the floor. "What I don't get though, is how my best friend goes and sleeps around with my girlfriend, apparently knowing that it was wrong, but didn't stop to think. If you had have stopped and thought for five second this maybe wouldn't be a public disaster."

Zayn opened his mouth to speak again but clamped it shut as Harry beat him to it.

"And another thing. I didn't even hear it from my best friend. My best friend waited until he was caught and I had to wait to read about it in a magazine" Harry said his voice rising and he could feel his face heating up. Although his anger was quickly dissipating and genuine sorrow took its place. The other boys just watched Harry outburst, not knowing what to do or say.

"You know what the worst part about all this. It's that I have lost one of my best friends" Harry said defeatedly, his voice calming down and he let his guard down.

"It doesn't have to be like that though. I'm truly sorry and I want to fix this" Zayn pleaded, his dark brown eyes connecting with Harry's.

"Zayn, sorry wont fix this. We might be able to be friends again someday, but not for a very long time. I need to get away from all the publicity and I need to mostly get away from you" Harry said resolvedly.

"How about I move out of the apartment for a few weeks?" Zayn offered.

"A few weeks, this is going to take longer than a few weeks" Harry laughed at Zayn's obscene proposal. "Especially with the constant reminder everywhere I go"

"So what's going to happen then?" Zayn squeaked scared of the answer.

"I'm going to go.... live in America" Harry announced. Harry had mulled over the thought before but hadn't made a concrete decision until now. Suddenly all the boys found their voice. Harry was unleashed to protests from the boys, which caused the waitress to look over again. "It's perfect. We are only well known in Europe, no-one will know about this whole thing, and I can start fresh until I'm ready to come home"

Harry had found the answer to his problems.


Although, the others boys didn't take to the idea too kindly. They unleashed there protests furiously again. Harry looked from all their faces until his eyes landed on Louis. Harry and Louis had a unspoken bond which Harry begged would work now. Harry's face pleaded for Louis to understand and Louis nodded.

"Everyone shut up" Louis shouted, smiling his apology at the waitress. The old couple was flustered by all the noise and action and had already started hobbling to the door. "I think Harry's right, this is what he needs"

"How can you say that's what he needs, he doesn't know what he needs at the moment. He's in a fragile place" Zayn argued.

"How can you even start to question what Harry does. Your right he is in a fragile state but guess who put him there" Louis snapped, causing Zayn to flush red and duck out of the conversation. "That's what I thought, anybody else have any more objections?"

"What's going to happen to the band? What's going to happen to us?" Niall murmured.

Naive little Niall. I will miss him when I'm gone.

"Well, the band will be put on a little break. This will be a good thing. It will make us stronger and more united when we come back" Louis announced.

"You guys will still be my best friends" Harry assured them, catching everyone in his gaze except Zayn.

"I guess, I'll take you home then" Louis claimed, scraping his chair back as he did so. Harry sent a small smile in his direction as a thanks for understanding. Harry also got up and Liam moved out of his spot to let Harry past. Harry and Louis bro hugged all the guys excluding Zayn before motioning to leave.

"How long til you leave?" Liam asked sheepishly, eyes turned to the ground, bracing himself for the answer.

"As soon as possible" Harry answered without hesitation.

"Just don't leave without saying goodbye" Liam called.

"And buy a house big enough for me to visit" Niall cried. "That is, if I'm allowed to visit"

"Of course mate. Anytime you want, We will hunt down a Nandos" Harry chuckled and Niall threw his arms around Harry's neck again.

"I'll miss ya buddy" Niall exclaimed.

I'll miss you to, mate.
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