The first time Ava met Harry Styles. He was naked. She was naked.
After a house swop, Ava is left with the arrogant, egotistical but ever charming Harry Styles. Ava try's to resist against Harry's charm because no way is she gonna let herself fall for a player.

'That's where your wrong, sweet cheeks.The house is mine for 6 months' he bragged,his face inches away from hers. 'Besides I quite like the view from here'

Ava looked out the window.

'When I said the view I didn't mean the one outside' he whispered, his lips so close to hers. He surveyed her body and licked his lips. She stepped back, laughing loudly.

'Nice try, player' Ava sneered.

'Give me more credit then that. I'm not just a player, I'm the captain of the team' Harry winked, stepping forward to close the space between them. Ava gave a small smile before leaning in close to his face. She drew her face next to his ear.

'Nice to meet you captain, I'm the coach' she whispered before pulling her head away and leaving.


9. Limits

*Madison's P.O.V*

Three weeks later

'Guess what!' Madison let out an excited squeal, as she lent over the table to swirl her chip in Louis's chocolate frappe.

She smiled in sheer delight as the strange mixture both warmed and cooled her insides. Louis looked at her in disgust and laughed at her disgusting habit. Her arm was poised to strike again but he shielded his frappe from her reach. She folded her arms over her chest in defiance and started to swirl a chip into her ketchup instead. A much more likely mix.

'What?' Louis laughed as Madison pulled a sorrowful face, she zoned into the soggy chip that hovered over the ketchup. She dipped it in and out of the ketchup, her face pinched in disgust. As if normal food was a disgrace to the human kind. Louis knew she would continue to ignore him until he finally gave in, so he unwound his arm from around the frappe and pushed it towards her.

Her eyes lit up and a smile fixed itself to her face. She munched on a frappe covered chip and continued on with her speech.

'Great guessing Louis! Inspirational!' Madison clapped, her tone dripping with sarcasm. He rolled her eyes and pretended to mull over the question.

'You won the lottery and can now pay for your own food!' He smiled cheekily at her. Giving her a wink as he chewed one of Madison's chips. Madison's bright smile dimmed and a guilty expression dawned across her features.

Madison looked up at him, to see his joking expression and light, playful tone. Even though it was evident he was joking, she still felt a tugging guilt inside of her. The past three weeks that she had known Louis, they had developed a strong friendship. In only three weeks, they had turned from awkward strangers to practically best friends. They shared small rituals as if they had been friends for years. Aside from the One Direction boys and Ava, Louis and Madison were best friends.

She had seemingly become very dependent on Louis though. As her move from America had been a quick and rash decision, it had left her pretty much broke. She was fine in the way of accommodation because she was rent free, but luxuries like eating out, Madison couldn't really muster any money for. Louis would often offer to pay and as much as Madison would love to refuse, she didn't really have an option in the matter. London was a huge city, with so much opportunity. But until opportunity came knocking upon Madison's door, she was broke.

'You know I'm trying my hardest to get a job. As soon as I do I will pay all of this stuff back. I just...' Madison started, steering the conversation into a more serious direction.

Her head was turned to the floor and she fiercely became interested in her shoes. Louis encased her hands in his warm grasp. Her eyes crept up from the floor to look at his hand wrapped around hers.

'I was joking! It's really fine!' Louis said, stroking her hand with the side of his thumb.

She gave him a small tentative smile and gently tugged her hands free of his clutch and swiped her hair from her face.

'I just don't wont you or anyone else to think that I'm using you for money. I mean... I'm not, I love being with you and I just don't want it to seem like...' Madison mumbled before Louis but his finger on her mouth to shut her up.

'I'm happy to help and I don't care what it looks like to anyone else and you shouldn't either' he smiled, removing his hands and slyly sneaking a chip from her plate. She gasped in horror at the stealthy act. 'So what was your big news?'

Madison cheered up immensely at the change of subject. She squeezed herself into a more comfortable position, sitting cross legged on the leather booth, smiling across from Louis. She dipped another chip into the frappe, which earned there table a not so subtle stare, from the waitress serving the opposite table.

'Well, I made my first British friend!' She burst, beaming her bright, shining smile. She was bubbling over this exciting news, as if she had just found money on the ground.

Louis's smile dropped and he faked hurt.

'What am I to you? A piece of gum on your shoe?' Louis exclaimed indignantly. 'Thanks Maddy! Appreciate it!'

Maddison giggled at his over, dramatic charade.

'Has anyone ever told you that you could have a career in acting!' Maddison played along with his act. 'If the singing thing doesn't work out then you know your true calling!'

'I'll have you know I'm a top actor. I was an extra in Waterloo road. Oscar winning performance if I do say so myself!' Louis bragged.

'I'll take your word for it' she snorted and continued in on her lunch. 'Anyways back to my story!'

'Yes, since we have now established I'm nothing but gum on your shoe!' Louis retorted, but smiled sweetly as a sign to continue on the story.

'Her name is Eleanor Calder' Madison started. 'It was a magical encounter, we were both in line at Starbucks and...'

'Of course you were. You and your coffee' Louis sniggered, interrupting her. She gave him an evil stare and he backed down in apology.

'For your information it was a caramel macchiato!' Maddison corrected him and he rolled his eyes at her. 'Anyways... We got talking because the line was taking forever. I mean seriously coffee machines take like 20 seconds to make some coffee! So why was I waiting half an hour? But anyway we totally clicked and we are meeting this Friday!'

Louis fiddled with the green beanie on top of his head and adjusted his shades. It was more of a cover then a fashion statement, seeming as the green beanie perched on his head was ugly and old.
'Is she hot?' Louis asked, suddenly becoming extremely interested in her next words.

'Louis Tomlinson! Are you at all capable of getting your mind from out of the gutters long enough to appreciate the sheer fact of me making a friend?' Madison chastised him, as a mother would her son. His glazed over look confirmed her suspicions and she rolled her eyes. 'If you must know, she is probably what you would consider 'hot'! You guys so judgmental'

Her hair kept blowing in her eyes and she had to keep spitting it out of her mouth. She tossed her blonde hair over her shoulders in annoyance and looked up at his sexy smirk. He yanked his beanie off his head, scooted his bum up next to her and tugged his beanie over her hair, pulling the sides back. He perfected the styles pulling the front of her hair forward and smiling at his creation. Her eyebrows raised as he worked on her hair.

'You sure your not gay?' She laughed, as he scowled at her but continued to sit up close to her. 'I know what your doing it won't work!'

'What?' He asked innocently, fluttering his eyelashes at her. She laughed at his continuing act of gayness.

'Your being nice to me, so you can get in with Eleanor! Well, guess what buddy, get your own friend!' Madison declared, his mouth was wide with incredulous.

'Maddy, even the thought of you believing that I would objectify a women like that, is possibly atrocious!' Louis claimed, being the poster boy for sweet and innocent.

'Yeah whatever Tomlinson! Save it for the people who will actually believe you!' Madison scoffed, laughing at his stunned face. 'Since we are on the topic of friends... You spoke to Harry recently?'

'Yeah, it's been three weeks and he's got nothing from her! I mean he bought the girl a car, she could at least let up a little!' Louis told Maddy which was obviously the completely wrong thing to say about the situation.

'Excuse me? You rich people think nothing of money. Throwing around money, splashing out on a car won't help this' Madison raged turning to face him. He was taken aback by her outburst. He outstretched his arm to reach for another chip off her plate and she smacked it away. 'No! None for you and your insensitivity'

'Come on! How am I being insensitive? He crashed her beat up, old, crappy car. Yes, but he apologized and he bought her a car that starts with out coughing up smoke. She should give him a little leeway!' Louis defended Harry not seeing how she could be so stubborn.

'She can be stubborn and persistent but she has a right to be. Look at it from her point of view. That car had memories, it meant something. Something more then you can understand' Madison retorted, bringing about her passionate and argumentative side.

'Please! I'm a guy, so I understand the love for cars crap but come on. It's getting to the stage when it's becoming a bit pathetic' Louis rolled her eyes, being one who had always liked debates and confrontation.

'Pathetic? Did you just call her pathetic? You don't have a clue what she's been through. That car... That whole messed up situation... Harry crashing... She just' Madison grunted in exasperation because she couldn't express what had really happened.

Her face was heated and red with anger. She took a deep sigh is defeat and slumped back into her chair.

'Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you mad. Your right I don't know anything about her or that car and I'm sorry' Louis apologized, tipping her head up to look into his eyes. She was fighting back angry tears. Not necessarily at the fight that just unwound between them but for her best friend. For all the hardships she had had to endure the past six months.

'Don't do that!' She whimpered. She looked into his beautiful, soulful brown eyes. Deep and honest. They coaxed her to believe that he could make it all better with just one touch. As he lay his warm hand on her arm, she almost believed it.

'Don't do what?' Louis asked, generally confused.

'Look like that! It makes me want to just trust you. To tell you everything that I'm not supposed to tell you. You make it seem safe and gentle and like I belong. It makes me stop being angry at you. I want to be angry at you... but I can't' Madison confessed, her voice dimming down to a tiny whisper.

Madison had always been one to wear her heart on her sleeve. Her petite and fragile frame was mirrored in her actions, as she was shy and often vulnerable. She also felt strongly abut taking care of people that are close to her. That was why Maddy and Ava were such good friends.

They were complete opposites.

Ava was brash and abrasive but it was a cover. A cover only Madison could see through. It sheltered her from her vulnerable side and kept her from letting anyone in when she is hurting. That's where Maddy is her perfect other half. She can tell when she is hurting and she is there. She is there where Ava needs her but as a silent partner. In return, Ava always regarded Madison as her little sister even though they are of the same age. She felt protective over her and felt somewhat responsible for her. They balanced each other out and they just worked.

He smiled at her. He was finding that he loved her vulnerable side, as much as her feisty fighter side. He grabbed her hand in his and squeezed it tight. He was about to assure her when he was interrupted. A balding man shoved a camera in their direction and his accomplice thrusted a microphone into Louis's face.

Madison jumped in shock, releasing his hand quickly.

'Is this your new girlfriend, Louis?'

'What's her name?'

'Can you give us a statement on how Harry is coping with Zayn's big betrayal'

'Is one direction falling apart?'

The paparazzi darted around throwing questions at them. Louis grabbed Maddison's hand possessively and pulled her close to him. They pushed their way past through the group gathered around them. The group was only going to get bigger, when the fans realized who he was. He threw cash at the lady on the bar, who pocketed the more then generous tip in her bra. They stalked outside and were met by high pitched screeches.

And the fans had noticed.

They pushed past the group, Louis keeping Madison's hand in an iron grip. She ducked her head down trying to keep away from being the focus of their attention. Fans were thrusting cameras in their faces and media was doing the same. Screaming absurd allegations which could be ignored until they took it to far.

Constant badgering about one direction's failed future was killing Louis, until he exploded. He turned around to meet the faces of the paparazzi.

'One direction is strong and we are like brothers. Brothers stick together throughout everything. We need some time and it would be much appreciated if you assholes would stay out of it' Louis demanded. He grabbed hold of Madison more tightly and practically dragged her along the sidewalk, walking at a brisk pace.

Their apartment was only about 4 more minutes down the road.

Louis's outburst had been exactly the reaction they had been meaning to evoke. They endured more taunting from the paparazzi as they headed back to the apartment.

2 more minutes down the road.

'Louis, it's good of you to try and defend your band! Would have been much easier if your band mate wasn't such a man whore' One reporter jeered, as he positioned his camera to get the perfect shot.

As expected Louis reacted. He swung around his face heating up from anger. His hand never left Madison's but he pulled her with him towards the small, dumpy guy. Madison gave small protests to Louis and just told him to leave it. Louis dropped her hand and got ready to draw his arm back, ready to take a swing. Madison realized what was happening immediately and jumped in front of Louis. She lay her hands on his chest which made him look down into her eyes. Her eyes begged for him to back down and she had him convinced. They continued on, many of the fans had drifted away and some of the paparazzi had backed down. There was only 3 reporters left tailing behind.

1 more minute down the road.

They had finally reached their destination and as Madison pulled Louis up the winding path to the apartment, they heard a voice.

'Running away from reality, just like Harry did!' The reported scoffed, turning back around.

As his back had been turned, Louis flew round in a circle and launched his closed fist into the reporters face. It knocked him to the ground and blood poured from his nose. Louis shook his hand as the pain radiated through his cut up knuckles. Madison grabbed him from behind his waist and hauled him in the direction of the building. He shrugged her off and walked off down the road. She ran up behind him, leaving the reporter in the hands of the other two paparazzi, who both had had their cameras ready, poised to shoot.

Louis would be on the front cover of a couple of magazines tomorrow.

They reached Louis's apartment and he flung the door open. Madison was surprised by the force of which he was using. She went to walk in but thought better of it. She hovered in the door frame, just watching him pace for a while.

'Im sorry you had to see that' Louis apologized, his voice returning to normal, replacing the horrible growling sound he released just a couple of minutes ago. He cradled his hand in his lap and looked over at Madison who he noticed hadn't come in but opted to stay by the door. 'I don't want you to be scared of me!'

'Im not scared of you' Madison insisted, but a small part of her was scared. She hadn't ever seen Louis lash out yet before and it sure took her by surprise. He was so forceful and angry and it had stunned her. Even though she didn't believe he would harm her, there was still a reason as to why she was in the door way and not inside.

To prove to him she had no fear of him, she walked over to him, closing the door behind her.

'Its going to be okay' Madison recited, as she took he place next to him, stroking his hand.

Over the past six months she had used those 5 words too many times. To comfort someone in their time of need. To help them through a rough situation. Which now meant that Madison had no belief in those 5 little words. Though 5 little words mean nothing. They are merely an empty promise.

She sat beside him rubbing his back and leaning her head on his shoulder. Not knowing whether she was comforting him or the other way around.

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