I Thought I Knew You

Niall Horan is a very attractive young lad who finds him self alone and sad because he is the only one right now in the band one direction who is single.. When Niall decides he wants to sing for a college that he wanted to go to he meets a girl, and really falls for her, but there's one problem, she wants to be an artist and he's an important member of one direction.. so will they just not be able to be together? Find out...


2. "Your Really Like This Girl"

Niall POV

"Hey Harry did you see the girl i bumped into yesterday?" "No why?" "she was gorgeous man i cant stop thinking about her its crazy" i said looking at him with serious eyes and he knew right away i was serious "Well did you get her number?" "Yeah i did actually i just didn't get her name" "you got her number but not her name" he said laughing "yeah she said it was a mystery" "that means she wants you to find it out bro text her!" "okay okay" i said walking away and going into the kitchen and sitting at the table in Harry's house.

'Hey Mystery girl its that pop star you bumped into yesterday ;)'
'Lol hello Niall Horan :)' 
'Why are you allowed to know my name but im not allowed to know urs? ;)'
'Because the whole world knows your name ;)'
'Well, yeah, i guess that's true any ways wanna go for something to eat today? i could pick you up at 6:00? college campus right ;)'
'Lol sure! see you than :)'
'okay see you than :) :) :)'

Was that girly..yeah i think those three smiley faces made me seem gay..

"Hey Harry does this look good on me?" i asked him wearing his clothes "yes but why are you wearing my clothes?" "because i have nothing.." "wow you really like this girl!" "yeah kind of i guess.." "well than yeah it looks great man!" "thanks ill see you after im going to pick her up right now!" "alright see ya" 

I drove up to the front doors and she came walking out in a beautiful shirt and beautiful leggings and high heels and she got into the vehicle and smiled at me "Hey" she said right away "hey, wow you look beautiful" "no i dont" she said laughing "yes yes you do" i said smiling at her as we drove off

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