I Thought I Knew You

Niall Horan is a very attractive young lad who finds him self alone and sad because he is the only one right now in the band one direction who is single.. When Niall decides he wants to sing for a college that he wanted to go to he meets a girl, and really falls for her, but there's one problem, she wants to be an artist and he's an important member of one direction.. so will they just not be able to be together? Find out...


3. Pinky Promise

Niall POV

When we got to the restaurant they knew exactly who i was and they showed us to are table and we took a seat than i looked at her "So.... what do you usually do on weekends?" i asked her smiling at her "umm" she said looking down "you can tell me" i said laughing "your gonna think im a loser" she said laughing "i promise i wont" i said holding out my pinky and she smiled that shook her pinky with mine... "I paint pictures.." she said blushing and looking down than back at me and i smiled at her "that's really cool" i said smiling and she laughed "oh yeah" she said smiling than taking a sip of her water "your gonna paint me one of these days" i said winking at her and she laughed "sure" she said smiling than the waiter came to the table and took are orders..

at the end of the day i paid for the check and we walked out to the vehicle and than started driving she looked over to me "What's your favourite thing to do that no body knows?" she said smiling and i smiled back "promise you wont tell" i said smiling and she giggled and held out her pinky and i shook "i promise" she said smiling.. "I like to..well.." "just tell me silly" she said smiling.. "okay okay, i like to knit" "really?" "yeah why?" "nothing just that, that's really cool" she said smiling and i smiled back.

When we got to the college I stopped at the front door and she turned and smiled at me "Today was a lot of fun" she said smiling "I agree" i said smiling and she smiled back and i leaned in and grabbed her face and moved it down and kissed her cheek and whispered in your ear "whats your name?" 

she backed away and smiled "i guess you'll have to go out with me again to find that out huh?" she said laughing and i frowned "but i wanna know" and she leaned in and kissed my cheek than whispered into my ear "you'll have to earn it" than she backed up and smiled at me and than got out and than ran into the doors of the college. 




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