I Thought I Knew You

Niall Horan is a very attractive young lad who finds him self alone and sad because he is the only one right now in the band one direction who is single.. When Niall decides he wants to sing for a college that he wanted to go to he meets a girl, and really falls for her, but there's one problem, she wants to be an artist and he's an important member of one direction.. so will they just not be able to be together? Find out...


1. Mystery Girl

Niall POV.

"Hey Liam" I said running over into the recording room. "yeah?" he asked me back "we should go to me college!" "you never went to college mate?" he said back to me "i know i know but i mean the college i wanted to go to!" "why would we go there?" "because they just called me and asked me if i could sing there at the big show there to start and end them!" i said smiling at him and than Simon walked into the room "hey boys what's going on!" "Simon could we sing at a college! this Saturday ?" "What?" "PLEASE" i asked him giving him puppy dog eyes and lip "umm if its okay with all the boys go right a head" he said back to me "yes!" i said running away to go ask the other boys.

After i asked all the boys and they said yes i called the head person back and told them yes, i really wanted to experience the college stuff not that im complaining i love One Direction and i have an amazing life with people i love and all that but it sure would be cool to try it.

Tomorrow is Saturday and i still don't know what to songs i wanna sing at the college i was thinking Rock me and Heart attack because those songs really get the crowd going or maybe i should do Rock me and over again i don't know we will see..

 ~~~~~~~Next Day!~~~~~~

So today im preforming at the college with all the lads and of coarse there all bringing a date, I dont wanna be rude but i seriously don't think you need a date to a college well me and Harry are going dateless at least so i have someone not snogging the whole day! 

When we walked on stage the crowd went crazy, screaming every where and im pretty sure Harry got flashed like three times.. aha any ways..

'I want you to Rock me. rock me, rock me. yeaaahh' when we finished singing we took a bow and than walked off the stage and than we went over to a table out in the main lobby for signing..

*Alright everyone its passed 12 so please head to dorms, we are having security walk around if you have permission to be out of your dorm than have your passes with you thank you and see you all first thing in the morning* 

"hey Niall we have everything well meet you in the van alright?" Liam yelled at me as they walked out of the door as i was heading to the bathroom..

I walked out of the bathroom and *wack*

"IM so sorry" she said picking up her paints and boards "Oh my god i got paint on you im sorry ill pay you back!" she said reaching into her over the shoulder bag "No dont worry about it i have plenty more at home" i said smiling at her "are you sure?" she asked "im positive" i said laughing and she laughed with me.. "so do you go here?" i asked her "yeah" she said smiling at me "what about you?" she asked me "umm no actually i wanted to apply here but yeah" "well what happened, you went on X factor and became a huge pop star" she said laughing and i laughed with her "yeah sounds about right" i said smiling at her "well i actually have to get to my dorms i don't have a permission slip sadly though i was hoping to stay longer in the painting room but yeah" she said smiling  "well bye it was so nice meeting you and i love your singing your great" she said smiling than turning around to walk away "WAIT" i screamed out to her and she turned around and looked at me "oh yeah?" she said looking at me raising her eye brows "you know i really loved this shirt" i said smiling at her "making me feel bad" she said frowning "so you have to make it up to me " i said smiling at her "oh do i now?" she said laughing "yes you do!" "okay what do i have to do" she said laughing "first give me your name and you number and ill be out of your hair" she giggled than took my arm and wrote her number on my arm "what about your name" "its a mystery  she said smiling than walking away.


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