Read the story and you'll find out! Thankssss!


1. Ready to Go

Finally! No more bus tutoring. I feel like I'm on summer break at home. Ugh. Sadly we still have our 2 Year tour around the World. The Angels. Me (Abby) and my two best friends! (Caitlin and Anna) Of corse, there's our other best friend, Eric, who has his own bus with our introducers to the shows.

• Chapter 1• {Abby POV}
:And we still love you:
The last sentence to our last song. Finally. 2 week vacation. AND we're in London! So many fun things! Eric and John are determined to be in a mystery like Sherlock Holmes. Us girls just wanna have fun. Plus One Directions in town! We can hang out with our old buds.
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