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3. Tara and Louis- I Will Heal You

Tara's P.O.V

"Tara point your toe!" Ms. Heilly insructed. I did as instructed and heard snickers from across the room. I ignored, as I do everyday. I was wearing leg warmers on my legs and arms. I only put them on my arms to cover my scars and scabs. I was wearing a black leotard and a thin pink sheer skirt. I spun and twirled and executed my dance perfectly. I walked over to the bench ignoring my water bottle. "Oh c'mon Tara, drink your water." Darcy said shoving my water toward me. "I'm fine." I stated not looking at her. "Fine!" said Quinn dumping it on my strawberry blonde hair. I simply stood and walked out of the room to my dorm, which I shared with me, myself, and I. I went to an all girls dance academy in London. I opened my door and smiled looking at all my posters. I walked closed the door and went over to my Louis poster kissing it as I walked past it. I washed the green water off my head and changed my leotard. I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror. My blue eyes looking back and gawking at me. I picked up my razor and made three deep cuts on each wrist. I grabbed a few bandaids and stuck them on slipping my leg warmers back on. I looked at myself. I had a few tears rolling down my cheeks from the pain but wiped them away. I cleared my throat and walked back to my classroom. "May I please be excused for the rest of the day Ms.Heilly? My cousin is coming from Ireland to see me." I asked telling the truth. "Just this once." she replied not glancing away from the dancers. I quickly garbbed my things, which I had hide, and walked out. I changed into a light blue denim shirt and dark blue skinny jeans. I wrapped a beige scarf around my neck and slipped on my boots. (for pic go to I checked myself and put on beige gloves, covering my wrists. I looked at myself and pulled my strawberry blonde hair into a loose side braid and walked out. I drove to the airport and waited. I hadn't seen Niall (my cousin) since he auditioned for X-Factor and he made it a point to come see me. I sat in a chair and scrolled through my newsfeed. Nothing but hate, of course. No one knew I was related to Niall, but that wasn't such I bad thing. I was okay with it and so was he. I saw him come out into the area I was in, and I jumped up and hugged him. "It's so good to see you again!" I shrieked and he twirled me around saying, "I've missed you so much!" He let go of me and set me down, and I noticed four brunette heads behind him. I fangirled in my head thinking 'Omigod it's them! It's really them!'. I kept quiet while Niall introduced me. "Tara this is Harry," and Harry winked at me. I blushed. "This is Zayn," Zayn smiled at me and Niall continued, "This is Liam,"  Liam smiled at me and nodded once in my direction. "And lastly this is Lou!" Niall finished and I stared at Louis. He stared back looking deep in my eyes. He smiled and winked and I blushed a deep red.


Niall's P.O.V

I saw him wink at her. He thought I didn't see it but I did. How could me move on so fast? I mean he just recently broke up with Eleanor (no hate I love her to pieces! :)) and now he's flirting with my cousin. I gawked at the sight. I grabbed my bags and cleared my throat looking over at Tara who was a deep red. We loaded the car and she got in the driver side. "Do you have a hotel your staying at?" she asked looking over at me. "Yea sure," I pulled out directions for he and she followed them carefully. We arrived at the hotel and we all went to our rooms to unpack. It was Lou and Hazza together, and then Zayn, Liam and I in the other. I unpacked and Tara helped me. When  I was done she went to check on Lou. I stared in disbelief as she left the room.


Loui's P.O.V

She walked into our hotel room and asked if she could help. "Sure!" I said calling her over and she smiled. She was so beautiful with her blonde hair carelessly braided and her blue eyes gleaming in the dim light. I noticed she still had her gloves on. "Oh c'mon love stay a while!" I said grabbing her wrists and she winced in pain. I pealled the gloves off her hands to reveal several bandages. I stared at them and she yanked them away ripping her gloves out of my hands. She put them back on and turned to leave. I grabbed her shoulder and she turned in shock. I took one second to look in her eyes, and then smashed my lips up against hers. She stood there frozen but then kissed back. I snaked my hands to her back and she placed her hands on my shoulders. We kissed for what seemed forever. We made our way to the couch when Niall walked in. We didn't even notice until he started tapping his foot. We broke off and Tara looked up ashamed. I looked at him as if it were the most normal thing to do and he glared at me.


Tara's P.O.V

Louis saw my bandages. We ended up on the couch kissing and Niall walked in. He was red faced and looked like he was about to punch Louis's beautiful face in. I looked ashamed and apologized. He didn't take his face off Louis who was playing with my hair twirling it around his finger. I smacked his hand away and he slumped and looked at me with puppy dog eyes. It was like a triangle. I was looking at Niall, Niall was looking at Louis, and Louis was looking at me. Niall turned and barged out dragging me with him in the process. "Is it what you want?" Niall asked furious. "What...?" I asked confused. "Louis, do you like him? Do you want to be with him?" he asked getting faster with his words. "Yes." I said blushing. "Fine. He's yours." Niall said walking off to his hotel room. I stared blankly where Niall once stood and I walked back to Lou's room. I walked in and saw no one. I only heard Harry humming in the background. I looked around and I couldn't find Louis. I suddenly felt his arms around me holding me and swaying back and forth. I swayed with him, turning to face him. He smiled at me and I smiled back gently placing my lips on his. He kissed pasionately and I kissed back. He was perfect.


Louis's P.O.V

I broke off saying, "Tara, there's one thing I want, and it's you." She blushed, "I want you too." She said back smiling from ear to ear. "But..." I let my voice trail off. "What?" she asked suddenly concerned. "None of this anymore." I said looking at her wrists. "I won't as long as I have you." she said. She was lying. I could see it in her eyes. "I'm serious Tara! No more. I won't ever leave you alone if that's what it takes!" I said staring into her eyes. She started to cry and I let her put my head in my shoulder and I hugged her while she cried. I whispered four words into her ear that I kno I would commit too,

"I will heal you."

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