One Direction Imagines

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4. Janet and Niall- I Love You

Janet's P.O.V

"One mocha please. Extra foam." I said to the cashier at Starbucks. It had been a long day and I deserved a treat. The lady handed me my coffee and I turned around and walked right into a tall blonde boy. "Omigod! I'm so sorry!" I said. My coffee was all over me and it was burning my skin. I looked down at it and bit my lip trying not to whine in pain. "Here let me help you with that." I heard an Irish accent in his tone. I looked up with water stining my eyes and noticed who it was. It was the Niall Horan. He grabbed a few napkins from a nearby table and started to wipe off my thin stomach. He brushed a few long brown strands of hair out of my face and looked at me. His blue eyes gazing into my brown ones. I had straightened my hair this morning so it was even longer than usual. He took my hand in his and lead me out the door. He opened the passenger door and helped me in. He climbed in the driver side and drove off. He didn't even say where we were going. "I'm taking you to my flat so you can wash off and get clean clothes on." he said as if reading my mind. He was being very quiet and looked... Flushed? Confused? I tried to shake it off. I decided to break the ice. "Hi," I said. "Hey," he replied. "Are you alright?" I asked studying his face. He looked over at me confused and quickly smiled. "I'm great, you?" he finally said. I smiled. "I'm good too." I stated. He looked back at the road and continued smiling.


Niall's P.O.V

From the moment our eyes met, there was something about her. I don't know what but there was something. I looked over at her. She looked so perfect, minus the coffee. We pulled up to my house. "Hey, um..." I didn't even know her name. "Janet." she said. "Janet, the bathrooms that way. I said gesturing toward it. I'll leave some clothes for you outside the door," I said and quickly kissed her on the cheek and walked off to my room. I grabbed a pair of grey sweats and a white t-shirt. They'd be big on her, but it's something. I walked over to the bathroom and the door was cracked open and the water was on. I looked through the crack and could see her clothes strewn about the floor. "Janet?" I said keeping my eyes on the floor. "Yes?" she asked. "The clothes are outside the door when you need 'em" I said looking slightly up. She was covering herself with a towel as she turned the water off. I quickly dropped the clothes and walked away before she could see me. I felt her eyes on me as she reached out to get the clothes. I turned back and smiled at her, and she blushed in response, smiling a mile wide. She was so beautiful. I walked over and made myself a sandwich. I wonder if she would stay if I asked... I started making her one when she walked out. She covered my eyes, saying, "Guess who?" It didn't sound like her... It sounded like, Louis? "Um..." I said and the hands released me.


Louis's  P.O.V

I let go of Niall. How come he didn't know it was me? He turned around and looked... Shocked? Startled? I laughed and he glanced behind me and wuickly back and forth from me and who ever was behing me. I turned and saw her. She was perfect, for Niall anyway. She was the perfect hug height and she was one of those people that just look good with Niall. "Hi!" she exclaimed and I hugged her, ignoring the hand she stuck out for me. As I did this I whispered in her ear, "He likes you, you know." She backed away from me and smiled around me looking at Niall. I giggled, "Well you two have fun, but not too much fun." I winked at Niall who blushed a deep red. I laughed and walked out. I'd just hang out with El with today.


Janet's P.O.V

"Is it true?" I asked as soon as I heard Louis drive away. "What?" he asked looking embarassed. "Do you like me?"I asked slowly walking toward him. He looked down. "Yes... But more than that..." he said trailing off. I was ver close to him now and he looked up smashing his lips against mine. I kissed him back and he broke off. I smiled up at him. He said those three magic words that made me melt in his arms. He said, "I love you."

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