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5. Hannah and Niall- I Will Keep You Safe

Hannah's P.O.V

"Hannah! Hurrrrrrrry!" Darcy exclaimed. Darcy was my best friend. She was shorter and bleach blonde with grey eyes. She was cute, but she was jealous of me. Not to be conceited but, I was pretty gorgeous. I skipped to catch up with her as she speed-walked down the hallway. "Slow down!" I exclaimed once I caught up with her. "Oh c'mon I want to be Liam's princess as much as you want to be Niall's!" It was true. I did want to be Niall's princess, and winning backstage passes was like a dream. "I don't have to take you." I said sarcastically. She rolled her eyes and drug me off. We reached the lobby, and she squeeled and ran up to a tall boy. She squeezed him tightly. I needed to save the poor boy before he stopped breathing. I skipped over quickly and pealed her off him. "Sorry she just gets re..." I looked up and my voice trailed off. It was Niall. I mentally smacked Darcy for hugging him. "Hey!" he said smiling. "Hi!" I said before Darcy could mutter a single word. "Sorry about her." I said gesturing toward her kicking her so Niall wouldn't see it. She tensed taking the pain, and not showing a single ounce of being hurt. "It's okay, your just lucky Paul didn't see it" he said while rolling his eyes back in Paul's direction. "So, what are you doing here?" Darcy asked. Gosh she could be so rude sometimes. Niall was looking right into my blue eyes when he responded. "Going to find a..." he looked down at his iPod. "Hannah." he stated after he found who he was looking for. It took me a minute but I finally said, "That's my name!" He looked at me puzzled. "Your the one who won concert tickets?" "Yes" I replied blushing. He smiled from ear to ear. "Good." he slipped his hand in mine and lead me over to Paul. "Found her." He stated letting go of my hand before Paul could see. "Are you sure?" Paul said questioningly. "95% sure." he said. "Okay," he turned to me. "Name?" "Hannah" "Age?" "17" "Date of backstage pass winning?" "Two months ago" He narrowed his eyes. "Hotel room number?" I was staying in a hotel due to the fact the concert was today. "539" I replied confidently. He stopped squinting. "Okay now you can be 100% sure." He said turning to Niall. Darcy was behind me and she let a soft sigh. Niall picked me up bridal style and carried me to the van. He placed me in a seat and helped Darcy up into it. He crawled in and sat in the back. I could feel his eyes on me and turned to look at him he blushed and looked away.


Niall's P.O.V

When she looked back at me I just felt... Butterflies. No more like fireworks exploding in my stomach. She was so beautiful. Her thick curly brown hair framed her blue eyes so perfectly. She didn't wear much makeup, and I loved that. She was wearing a loose fitting t-shirt with a bright teal tanktop underneath. She also wore dark blue denim jeans and teal toms. Her hair was carlessly brushed and her eyes accented with black mascara. She was so... Perfect? Yes, perfect. I was determined to make her my princess. Her friend was nexto me and Hannah by Paul in the front. "If you like her, make a move." her friend whispered in my ear. I turned to look at her and she smiled. "Knew it." she stated and sat up straight. I pulled out my iPod and opened notes. 'How do you know?'  I typed. She pulled out her phone and opened up her messages. 'its obvi' she typed. I blinked once at her and typed, 'How do I ask her?'. Her friend smiled. typing away.

'Okay heres the deal. My name's Darcy, her's is Hannah. She REALLY likes you and your not going to get her easy. Make cute gestures and do sweet things, and then when it feels right, ask her out.'

I looked at it and typed it all on my iPod and then copy and pasted it sending it to my email and cell phone. Okay, I'm good.


Hannah's P.O.V

It was sudddenly very quiet in the back, I turned and they were both looking at their phones intensely. "Whatcha doin?" I asked with that little kid tone. Both their heads shot up at the same time and then Darcy said, "Temple Run. You made me die! I was SO close!!" "Fruit Ninja." Niall stated winking at me. I blushed and turned back to the road. "Now Niall, what did I say about Fruit Ninja?" Paul said. "Fine... I'll delete it." He sounded releived/sad. We arrived at a big building and I could feel heart beat a million times faster. "Get your things. Time to meet the rest of the boys." I was about to open my door but Niall was already there, opening it for me, grabbing my hand and assisting my out of the car. "Thankyou." I said and smiled at him.


Louis's P.O.V

He found his princess. It was written all over his face. They walked in with his arm around her. They were absolutly perfect together.


Narrator's P.O.V

Niall did cute things for Hannah all day, like get her drinks, help her find things, and even give her a tour of the tour bus. But there was one moment when they were absolutly alone and Niall made his move...


Niall's P.O.V

We were in the park nearby, very private, and the best part: No papparazzi. I was doing as Darcy instructed and I could tell Hannah had fallen for me almost as hard as I fell for her.


Hannah's P.O.V

I was in love. He was so cute and funny and helpful and smart and handsome and sweet and caring and so on... I couldn't name enough things to say! He grabbed me by the waist and positioned me toward him. He got down on one knee, holy cow, was he proposing?!


Niall's P.O.V

I could see the shock on her face and I wasn't proposing. When she was in the bathroom I asked Liam to go and by me a promise ring. He picked the one he knew I'd pick. It was an infinity symbol made up of two hearts. It was white gold and it was perfect. (for pic go to,180,180&obj=engr/base&decal&show&anchor=0,0&pos=-1.2,0.4&res=40&src=is(Jewlr/txt_w?$tt=&$align=c&$fs=100&$font=Mizo%20Arial) I looked up at her and started talking;

"Hannah, I know that we have only known eachother for a day, but I feel like I've waited eternity for you, and I can't wait to ask you this any longer. With this promise ring, will you be mine? I love you Hannah." I looked up at her and she had a few tears on her cheeks. She nodded vigurously and I continued with my last few words I had prepared,

"I will keep you safe."

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