Elizabeth Lauren LOVES Justin Bieber and has been dying to go see him in concert, but she comes from a middle class family with little money. Little did she know that Her mother knows Scooter Braun from highschool, and told Scooter all about her love torwards Justin. Scooter gets free tickets for Eli to go see Justin, but when Justin meets Eli, will it be love at first sight???


23. what a long day


I slept really bad last night. I kept throwing up, but I don't think Justin noticed. I still feel really sick, but I don't want Justin to worry so i have to act like I'm fine.

I turned on the tv and watched Grown Ups untill Justin woke up.

"Haha, I love this show." Justin said waking up and kissing my cheek.

"Me too, but I love you more." I said turning to him

"That's impossible."

"You always say that, but we both know that I love you more than any human has ever loved another!"

"What if I'm not human and secretly I am a robot?"

"Robots don't have emotions, as I learned from Spongebob. If you were a robot than you wouldn't be able to love."

"Fine, you win, but I will get you." he said giving me a kiss. "Are you hungry?"


"Cool, get dressed. I am taking you to breakfast."

I got dressed, even though I wasn't in the mood to go anywhere. http://www.polyvore.com/breakfast/set?id=70414248 I tried to dress comfortable, but it was cold outside so I wore my "Mrs Justin Bieber" sweater. Justin laughed when he saw me wearing all my old JB gear. I had a lot of it, considering I had  $200 allowance every month. Things have changed a lot, until I met Justin.

Justin told Fred to stop at Mimi's Cafe. We got out and I was really thankful I was wearing a sweater, but Justin wasn't. He got cold so i hugged him until we got inside. A nice woman sat us in a booth in the back.

"Have you decided what ya'll would like?" the southern woman asked.

"Um, I will have the pancakes with bacon, eggs, and hash browns."

"Okay, and how about you little miss?"

"I will take the belgian waffles with bacon, a bowl of fruit, hash browns, eggs, and a side of biscuts."

"Dang babe, that's a lot of food!"

"I'm hungry." I replied. The lady left to get our food, and I fealt like i could eat a whale. Justin took my hand and looked me in the eye.

"Are you okay?" This is what I didn't want to happen; Justin gets concerned and I have to tell him what happened last night.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"Is there something you want to tell me?"  he questioned.

"Um, I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want you to worry, but I got really sick last night. I still feel sick but I didn't want to ruin your plans."

"Babe, you can tell me anything."

"I'm sorry, I..I just think it was a big deal."

"I will always be here, for everything you need. I will take care of you." he said kissing my cheek

"Thanks Juju, I should have told you. I am a bad girlfriend."

"You are not!!! You are the best thing that has walked this planet. I love you more than anything in this world, I would give my life up for you."

"I love you too, and I really am sorry."

"It's okay, I just want the best for you." he said grabbing my hand

We finsished breakfast and got back on the bus. I can't believe i actually finished all that food.  I don't know what is going on, but it is really weird.

"Oh hey babe, I have an interview on Ellen in two hours. I want you to lay down, so our moms will get on the bus with you so you aren't alone."

"I can go with you."

"I want you to rest, you had a long night and you deserve some sleep." I hate it when he cares too much. It's sweet, but I am fine.

*2 hours later*

Justin just left the bus to go to his interview, and let me just say...he looked SEXY!!!! He was in a black shirt with red pants and his gold supras. mmmmm, he was hot.

Pattie and mom just walked on the bus to come take care of me.  I just sat on the couch and watched tv.

"Hi baby, how are you feeling?" my mom asked giving me a hug

"I feel a lot better, still not 100% but definitly a lot better."

"Well that's good."

"I wonder if it was carsickness. Justin used to get it a lot" Pattie explained

"Really? I didn't know that."

"It's because he is used to it now. For years he has riden this bus, it just takes some getting used to."

"So how are things going with you and Justin?" my mom asked

"Really good. He is really sweet and just...everything that a girl wants. I really don't deserve him."

"I heard he got you an audition for Broadway."

"Yes, yes he did. We went shopping to find a costume for me to wear."

"Let me see it. Go put it on." my mom said

Pattie POV

Justin told me and Marie about the secrete prom that he is planning for Eli. She has no clue what she is in for when she goes to New York.

Eli walked out in her Purple dress and she looked BEAUTIFUL!

"Oh my goodness, Eli, that is GORGEOUS!!!!"

"I know. Justin helped me pick it out." she twirled around on her tiptoes. I could tell she was really excited

"Justin has always been a fashion kinda guy."

"I know. he really knows what looks good, and not just on himself, which he does a REALLY good job at. He knows what looks good on me, and he know the colors that he likes, and the jewelry. He really is amazing."

"I'm really happy fpr you too, you are meant to be. You are so much better than Selena. She just used Justin to become more famous."

"Like I told Justin, I am NOTHING like Selena. I love Justin because he knows how to be himself around me, he knows i won't judge him. I love him, and I would never take advantage of him or his family, and that is a promise!" I gave her a hug. She is by far the closest to family out of all of Justin's girlfriends. She is really special, and I'm glad Justin met her. I've never seen him so happy.

"You are like family to me, and I wish the best for you and Justin. I know that there is a big future for you too."

"Thanks Pattie."

Justin got back shortly after, and I sat talking to Eli and Marie.

"How are you baby girl?" Justin asked giving her a kiss.

"I feel better. A lot better."

"Good. What did you do while I was gone."

"Just showed our moms the outfit you bought me for my audition."

"Oh yeah?! Did you guys like it?"

"We loved it! She looked so beautiful."

"She always looks beautiful." He said giving Eli another kiss.

"Well it is late. We are going to get out of your hair."

"Love you mom!" Justin and Eli said at the same time.

"Love you too!"

"Feel better!" Marie said closing the door.

Justin POV

"What a long day." Eli said giving me a hug.

"I know. Wunna take a bath?"

"Yes i do."

Eli and I spent almost an hour in the bath, just talking. I'm really happy with her. She is just so beautiful and amazing. We got out and dried up. Eli put on Friends and soon we were out like a light

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