Elizabeth Lauren LOVES Justin Bieber and has been dying to go see him in concert, but she comes from a middle class family with little money. Little did she know that Her mother knows Scooter Braun from highschool, and told Scooter all about her love torwards Justin. Scooter gets free tickets for Eli to go see Justin, but when Justin meets Eli, will it be love at first sight???


2. The concert

Elizabeth's POV

"Mom! The limo is here, I will call you when the concert is over!" I yelled through the front door.

"Okay sweets, see you soon." she yelled back.

I couldn't believe that i was sitting in a limo that Justin Bieber has sat in. AHH! I can't wait. The drive is about half an hour so i made myself comfortable. I put my ear buds in and listened to Justin's old songs. I realized how much he has grown up. He cut his hair (which was a huge dicision), he got taller, he is older, he has gone through puberty. I hope this doens't change his performance or his tradition...OLLG. It would be absolutely amazing if i were picked to be Justin's OLLG! The thought of sitting there on stage, Justin handing me flowers, sitting next to me, him being so close i could touch him, brought tears to my eyes.

"We are here." the limo driver said.

"Ok thanks so much for doing this for me! I hope to see you soon!" I replied as i opened the car door and pulled out my tickets. Section BBB row 1...Literally right in the front. I"m still in shock that i am actually going to see my future husband in concert!!! EEEK!

I went and stood in line, but to my suprise, there really wasnt a line, only 3 girls waiting for the ticket booth to open. I must be really lucky! The next minute i was inside. The stage was HUGE, and my seat was exactly where i wanted it to be. I was so close i could probably smell his sweat. I peered at my Justin Bieber watch-6:00, still an hour to kill. I pulled out my ipod and flipped to OLLG> Tears started rolling down my cheek. I love him through the milkyway, to the sun, to the moon, through the galaxy, and back. The chances of me being OLLG were one in a million, but its still nice to dream.

Before i knew it the room was packed with millions of girls. The girls who sat next to me were drama queens, talking about how ugly this chick Lilly was. I didnt pay attention to most of it, i was lost in my music...well Justin's music.

"What's up everybody, I'm Justin Bieber!"

OH MY GOD!! JUSTIN IS STANDING DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME ON THE STAGE. i hope i dont pass out. Tons of girls were screaming, and i was one of them. He looks HOT tonight, but he always does.

"Now who wants to be my Baby?!" Justin said into the microphone.

When Justin was done performing his first three songs (Baby, Take you, and Believe) it was time for OLLG.  Someone tapped me on the shoulder, and i turned to my side thinking it was the annoying Drama queens, but it was a woman.

"Do you want to be the One less lonely girl?"

"YES!!!!!! AHHHH" i screamed. She lead me to backstage, and the spot where i was supposed to walk on stage.

"Take his breath away" the woman said.

I quickly fixed my hair and walked on stage, and there he was. Perfection. He was singing and dancing, and he was coming my way. He grabed my hand from my mouth and held it. He walked me over to the bench where he gave me my flowers. I was crying my eyes out, but i didnt care. Justin scootched exremely close to me, but i didnt care at all. Not missing a single note Justin kissed my cheek. I flipped out and cried even more. Who would have thought that i would be on stage being sung to by Justin Bieber?  NOT ME.

The song ended, and Justin walked me off the stage.

"Oh my bieber, you were amazing. I love you so much, if you jumped off a bridge i would follow you!" i said.

Justin giggled, "it was a pleasure. You look breath taking! Will you meet me backstage?" he said grabbing me by the hands.

"I dont have a pass." I frowned.

"I will be your pass." he said in a flirty way.

"OK!!!!" i said with a huge smile on my face. Justin kissed me on the cheek, "See you backsage."

Hey guys, this is my first story so comment and give me feedback. Hope you liked it. I will try to update every day. BieberKisses <3


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