Elizabeth Lauren LOVES Justin Bieber and has been dying to go see him in concert, but she comes from a middle class family with little money. Little did she know that Her mother knows Scooter Braun from highschool, and told Scooter all about her love torwards Justin. Scooter gets free tickets for Eli to go see Justin, but when Justin meets Eli, will it be love at first sight???


5. Movie time

Elizabeth POV

I walked into the livingroom where my mom sat on the couch.

"Honey, I have to leave for work in half an hour and won't be back until 10:00" mom said

"that's okay, Justin and I are going to go see a movie. He should be here any minute"

"Okay,  have fun, and don't do anything that will get you on the news."

I went to get dressed. I put on a knee high poofy leopard dress with fish nets and black flats.

*Ding Dong* That's Justin now! EEKKK!!!!

My mom opened the door as i was walking through the living room so i could have a "big entrance".

"Wow! You look beautiful!" Justin said with his jaw almost dropping to the floor. He took his arm and rapped it around mine.

"We are taking your motorcycle?" i asked

"yeah, i thought it would be fun. Here, put this on." he said tossing me a purple helmet.

And we were off into the sunset, sorta. We got to the movie theatre and Justin bought snacks and drinks.

"By the way, i never figured out your name." Justin said

"Oh, sorry. My name's Elizabeth, but you can call me Eli."

"Cool,and you already know my name."

"So what movie are we going to see?" I asked

"Les Miserebles"

"Fun. I wanted to see that movie forever."

Justin POV

Gosh she looked so beautiful, I could hardly contain my eyes. She probably thinks I'm a freak for staring but she is so damn gorgeous. We got tot the theatre and walked to the very top for a good veiw and privacy.

*Buzz Buzz* It was Scooter texting me.

"Where are you? Make sure you stay hidden and don't attract attention to yourself."

"Justin, Thank you so much for doing this." Eli whispered to me

"Anything for my princess." I said

Elizabeth's POV

The movie started. It was really good so far but i was just thinking about the fact that the love of my life  is sitting right next to me. I don't know if Justin realized, but his arm was around me. Not that i was complaining. I actually enjoyed it. Not just because he is Justin Bieber, but because it makes me feel special and closer to him.

Justin POV

I wonder if Elizabeth knows that my arm is around her. She seems so focused on the movie, and for some odd reason i wanted to get her attention so i grabbed her hand. She looked at me with those beautiful grey/blue eyes and smiled the cutest smile. I could tell  her cheeks were getting red, but i thought it was attractive. Gosh, am i falling for Eli?

I stroked her cheek with my fingers and she looked over at me. I decided to kiss her on the cheek. After i kissed her cheek we stared into eachother's eyes. I leaned in and put my hands on her cheeks, and then i kissed her, and she kissed back.

Eli's POV

Justin kissed me. I wasn't gunna sit there like a bump on a log, so i kissed back. Then I realized, we were alone, at the top of the theatre, where no one could see us. Justin backed away, but i could tell he was trying to resist another kiss, so I kissed him first. It got really heated, and we kissed for several minutes. But sadly the movie came to an end, and the lights came on. Darn!

"Great movie huh?" Justin asked trying to break the awkwardness

"The best"

"So do you wunna go to dinner? I have the perfect place?"


Justin grabbed my hand and we walked torwards his motorcycle. I am starving!!


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