Elizabeth Lauren LOVES Justin Bieber and has been dying to go see him in concert, but she comes from a middle class family with little money. Little did she know that Her mother knows Scooter Braun from highschool, and told Scooter all about her love torwards Justin. Scooter gets free tickets for Eli to go see Justin, but when Justin meets Eli, will it be love at first sight???


7. Home

Justin POV

We drove home on my bike, Eli had her arms wrapped around my chest again. I am so glad i met her. I mean, without her, my life would be empty. She is so beautiful, smart, funny, kind hearted. She's everything i look for i a girl.

"Ok, this is my house, 7356 Loman dr." Eli said.

I rode up into her driveway. I didn't want to go home and face Scooter. I knew i was in for a world of trouble. I helped her off the bike and walked her to the front door. She gave me a hug. I never wanted to let go.

"Justin, I had an amazing night. I learned a lot about you, and i want to thank you for being such a gentleman."

"Anything for my beautiful girl." I leaned in and kissed her, and she kissed back.

"Well, my mom doesn't get home from work until 10, do you want to stay and hang out?

That's like asking me if i wanted to do another concert for the Believe tour!



I pulled out my key from my purse and unlocked the door. Justin had his hands around my waist. He makes me feel like a princess, like i'm the only girl in the world. He is so great. Who would have thought that Justin would date a girl like me?

I opened the door and walked in. I guess mom knew we were gunna hang here until she got back so she cleaned up. I have never seen the house so clean. I lead Justin around the house.

"Okay, so here is the livingroom, and my couch that no one really uses, and...where's Beaty?

"Who is Beaty?" Justin asked.

"Beaty!!!! Beaty!!!! Come here girl!!! Oh Look, there she is!"

I walked over into the kitchen where Beaty sat by the back door. I picked her up and brought her over to Justin.

"This is Beaty, she is a 3 month old  Golden Retriever. We adopted her when she was a month and a half, after my parents divorced my mom and i got lonely so we went to the shelter and rescued her."

"She's so sweet! Look at her, she's so big for only 3 months."

I put her down and opened the back door so she could go to the bathroom.

"Next is the Kitchen. It's really small but it is used a lot. Sometimes when I'm cooking it feels crowded, even if i'm the only one in here."


"And here is the bathroom. Again, it's small but we don't really need a lot. Just a toilet, sink, and shower."

"How do you live in this tiny house?"

"It's hard sometimes, but i would rather live here than under a bridge."

I could tell he was starting to feel bad for me. His face looked so shocked. I didn't want him to feel bad for me. I have a great life.

"There is my mom's room, we aren't going to go in there cuz it's probably a mess. And finally, here's my room."

Justin went into complete shock.

"Babe, is this wallpaper?" he asked refering to my posters of him all over my walls. Yeah, I'm a little insane!

"No, those are posters. We may not have a lot of money but I save up for posters" There is literally not one white spot on my wall. My entire wall is covered with posters of him.

"Dang!" I couldn't help but blush. I never thought that Justin Bieber would be in my room anyways, let alone that he would ever ask me out.

I grabbed his hand and pulled him onto my bed. We sat there for a while, just looking into eachother's eyes. Then Justin kissed me. It was unlike any other kiss i have had before. He was so good at kissing, and he was so passionate. I think I'm actually falling in love with him.


Thanks you guys for reading my story, it means so much to me. I hope you guys liked it. Comment, Like, fave, anything!!! Thanks again. BieberKisses <3

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