Elizabeth Lauren LOVES Justin Bieber and has been dying to go see him in concert, but she comes from a middle class family with little money. Little did she know that Her mother knows Scooter Braun from highschool, and told Scooter all about her love torwards Justin. Scooter gets free tickets for Eli to go see Justin, but when Justin meets Eli, will it be love at first sight???


25. Almost Ready

 Eli POV

It never gets old listening to all the screaming fans from my dressing room as I prepare for another amazing show with Justin. I tied my dress,  put on my shoes and jewelry, and took a look at myself in the mirror. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=70768124

"I look good." I said turning in a circle, letting my dress fly.

"Yes you do!!!" a voice said behind me. It was Justin. "You ready to go babe?"

"Yeah, just let  me get my microphone and we can go." I graed my golden bejeweled microphone off the table and took a deep breath. it has been a week since i performed with Justin, i hope all goes well.

I walked out on stage and the croud screamed. "Hey Beliebers, it's been a while since I've been on stage. How you guys doing?!"

"Waaaa!!!!!!" the audience went crazy.

"haha, good to hear. Alright, well we are gunna sing you a few songs! You ready?!?!?!"

"WAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" they screamed

20 minutes later

Justin and I just finished singing ALAYLM and Eternity (the song we wrote together) and we were meeting fans backstage.

"Eli, you look beautiful!"' one little girl said running up to me and hugging my legs

"Aww, thank you sweet heart. What's your name?"

"Lilly." she said in her sweet, innocent voice.

"And how old are you Lilly?

Lilly held up 4 fingers, "I'm 4"

"Wow! 4 is a big number!"

"I'm a big girl like you!" she pointed at me

"Yes you are!" i picked her up and carried her. "So you like Justin Bieber huh?"

"I love him! And mommy and daddy like him too! I think he's hot!"

"He is, isn't he!?"

"Very, but he would never date me!"

"Why not?"

"Because I am not as pretty as you, and he only dates pretty girls."

"Oh honey! you are BEAUTIFUL!!! Look at your blue eyes and long brown hair. He would date you! In fact, we will go and ask him. JUSTIN!"

"Yes by beauty!" Justin said walking torwards me. "who is this gorgeous little girl?" he asked refering to Lilly

"This is Lilly, and we have something important to ask you."

"What is it?" he asked with a smile

"Would you date Lilly?"

"Of course I would! You are so beautiful!!!" he ran his hands through her hair. Lilly got sy and burried her head into my shoulder. "Here, let me take her."

"Are you and Eli dating?" Lilly whispered into Justin's ear


"She is so pretty."

"I know!"

"Are you going to marry her?"

"Maybe one day."

"Can I be your flower girl?"

"Haha, yes." Just then Lilly's came for her.

"Thank you for meeting her, she never stops talking about you!"

"No problem, she was a Joy! Here is an autograph." he said handing her a picture of Lilly and him with his autograph on it.

"Thanks again."

Justin and I finished meet and greet and went to relax on the bus. Tomorow we will be in New York, and the day after I will have my audition. I have been practicing excersizes and reading lines all day, so hopefully my hard work pays off. I looked over to Justin who was looking at me.

"You were amazing with Lilly." Justin said

"I love little girls, I love all kids. They are so cute!"

"You would make a really good mom someday"

"I only hope I would be a good mom. If I have a daughter I would spoil her to death. She would be allowed to have sleepovers any day of the week, stay after school, do choir, cheerleading, softball, anything she wants. I want to name her Brooklyn Lenae."

"That is really pretty name! What if you had a boy?"

"He would be really atheletic. He will play football, baseball, and hockey. He would also be spoiled, and I want to name him after you...Jason Drew Bieber."

"So he is our child?"

"They have always been our children. I don't see my future ending up with anyone else but you. I would never let you slip away from me. What we have is too special to be ruined. My future is with you and I refuse to believe any different." Justin's soft lips met mine. I guess this is his way of saying that he feels the same way. We kissed, and Kissed, and kissed for like an entire hour, and there was no one here to stop us. Finally we came up for breath and I was getting tired so I started the shower. I was washing my hair when Justin jumped in with me. We made out some more, and it was almost like kissing in the rain, only the water was warm. It took us 45 minutes to get out and get dried off.

I crawled under the blanket, layed my head on Justin's muscular chest, and turned on the TV. We layed there watching courage the cowardly dog, and i dozed off.

Justin POV

Eli fell asleep, and I saw this as a perfect opprotunity to finsish planning the prom. I pulled my phone off the charger and texted Danny

J-Eli is asleep, perfect time to finish planning.

D- Cool, so I already ordered the flowers, lights, and backdrop for the prom.

J-Nice. So who will DJ?

D- I have a friend Patric who will DJ, he has his own table so we don't have to rent one

J- Awesome! What about the tables, tablecloths, and chairs?

D- My Auntie just got married and said we could use her equipment (Chairs, tables, etc) the tablecloths are purple

J- Sounds like we have everything. I will get the crowns for prom king and queen tomorow. I already have my tux.

D-I have my dress too.

J- Alright. See you in two days!

D- I guess so


D- Bye

Everything is all planned out. Eli is going to be so suprised. I hope she loves it! Guess I will go to sleep now.

I kissed Eli's forehead and whispered "Goodnight Kisses. I love you."


Hola fellow Beliebers!!! Hope you like this!!! Its getting exciting! 2 days left!!! Go read my friends story!!! It's called His eyes  by Diva7813! It's really good! (She kinda took some of my ideas, but it's still really good!). it's a JB fanfic! READ IT.

Bye Beliebers!!! BieberKisses<3

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