Elizabeth Lauren LOVES Justin Bieber and has been dying to go see him in concert, but she comes from a middle class family with little money. Little did she know that Her mother knows Scooter Braun from highschool, and told Scooter all about her love torwards Justin. Scooter gets free tickets for Eli to go see Justin, but when Justin meets Eli, will it be love at first sight???


21. A Love like this


"What do you think about this dress?" I asked walking out of the dressing room

Justin stood up, "To be honest, it looks good on you, but it's just not your color.

"Oh, well what is my color?"

"I think you would look sexy in purple, although you look sexy in everything." He said with a big smile.

"You have such an amazing smile, Juju." I kissed him.

"I can't compete with you!"

"Aww. Thanks babe."

We walked through the store trying to find a purple dress. I couldn't find any, but there was this really pretty bably blue one with leopard spots. I knew Justin wouldn't like it, so i pretended to not see it.

"Do you have any suggestions?" I asked Justin

"I think you should wear a strapless dress that is poofy at the bottom, like a princess dress."

"Why would it have to be really fancy?"

"I got you an audition for the part of the princess. The play is princess and the pauper, you are the rich one."

"This all makes sense now, but I still can't believe you did this for me. I don't even deserve this, I don't even deserve you!"

"Yes you do! You deserve everything, you deserve a loving boyfriend who would give up his life for you."

"Guess i got lucky then, huh?" I said hugging him

From the corner of my eye I could see a purple dress. It was long, but i wasn't sure if it was strapless.

"Hey Justin, what about that dress over there?" I asked pointing torwards the dress.

"Wow. That's excactly what I had in mind. Go try it on." he said pulling it off the rack.

I went into the dressing room and tried it on. It fit really well. It was tight around the waist (i could still breathe), it gave me good figure, it was poofy, really comfortable, and it had a really cute belt around the waist. The top half had silver lines on it, and gave it color. I looked in the mirror and took a good look at myself. "Justin is going to go nuts!" i thought. I walked out of the dressing room and Justin's jaw immediately dropped.

"Better wipe up that drool babe, don't want anybody to slip and hurt themselves." I joked

"Damn girl! You look FINE!!!" Justin said kissing me. "Better hide you before someone takes my girlfriend." he joked kissing my neck.

"Justin stop, there are fans everywhere. What if they take pictures and post them, you could get into trouble."

"For what? PDA!? I should be able to kiss my girlfriend whenever i want, wherever i want."

"I agree, but i'm just looking out for you. I don't want you to be on headlines."

"I don't care if the world knows I love you. Heck, I don't even care if the aleins on Mars know! I just want to be with you." he said taking my hands

"I love you too Juju. And there is no way that I deserve what you give me. A great experience, you made me famous. You taught me what true love is, and in 50 years you are the one I will be with."

"I'm so glad you feel the same way."

"I have always, even when you didn't even know I existed."

"I always knew you existed, I just let you come to me."

"Lazy much?" I joked

"Haha, no. Have you seen this body? I work out you know?!"

"Oh trust me, I know!"

"Let's go pay, then we can go to the Shoe department and get you some shoes to match."

I got out of the dress and brought it to the register. Justin carried it around for me, what a gentleman. we found the shoe department and went it to find some shoes. I tried on probably 34 pairs of shoes before I found the perfect ones. They were a pearly white high heel, 5 inches, open toed with straps. Justin loved them and agreed to buy them.

"Ok, now we have to get you accessories."

"Like what?"

"Jewelry, hair peices, anthing."

"I don't know, it seems like a lot of money."

"Babe, don't worry about the money. I want you to get the part."

"I hope you realize that if i get the part you will have to go on tour without me."

"I'm not worred about that."

"Why, you don't think I will get the part?"

"I know you will get the part, but New York is the last place i tour in. But 6 months later i have to go on tour across the world."

I immediately fealt really depressed. I don't want to be apart from Justin, especially for a year. I'm not so sure about this audition anymore. Should I go? It would break Justin's heart if I didn't go. I dont think i really have a choice. Plus the play would only last a few days. It's not that big of a deal.

"Justin, I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me. I love you so much!"

"I love you too Kisses." Justin said giving me a big kiss. "Oh crap,we have an hour left till we have to be back on the bus. Let's get going."


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