The True Emotion Games

(Just so you know, this has nothing, I repeat nothing to do with the Hunger Games. It just happens to have a similar name) When Tess's boyfriend Sam dies, she is broken. And when her ex goes on a killing spree of all of her family, aiming for her next, she feels she has nothing else to live for. But right before she decides to end it all, she joins the True Emotion Games, a competition set up by Love/Hate (after all, they really are the same thing). She now has a purpose, a meaning. Find out what the True Emotion Games are (it's in the prologue, you don't even have to read more, I swear) and how Tess copes with them in the True Emotion Games.

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9. Chapter 8: Trey?

Chapter 8

Realization crossed over Jason's face while Rachel's did the opposite.
"Who is Trey?" Rachel asked. Jason glanced at her and shook his head. Then his eyes were back on Tess.
"Are you positive that it is him?" he questioned. She hesitated. And looked at Trey. He wasn't completely facing their direction, so she could only see his silhouette. Suddenly, he turned in their direction and Tess relaxed.
"It's not him," she said with a sigh of relief. This guy had a nose ring, the right side of his hair shaved while the other side wasn't, he had a giant mole on his chin on the right side and his right eye was green while his left eye was blue. This guy was very different from Trey. Jason looked at the guy who she thought had been Trey and laughed.
"That's what he looks like?"
"His left side looks like him, not his right side. Trust me," she explained wearily, but she was laughing with him. They both looked at Rachel, their laughter breaking off unsteadily. Her arms were crossed and her face was puzzled. Tess glanced back at Jason, who was looking at her. She sighed.
"I'll tell you after we get the food," she told Rachel. Rachel eyed both of them.
"Ok." So Jason released Tess's arms and she righted herself, slightly shakily. Then, the trio started walking into the food court where there had to be twenty different food places spread out in front of them. They stopped again.
"Um, do you guys just want to go to the place you want and get your food, and then we meet at a table or something to eat?" Tess suggested.
"Sounds good," said Jason.
"Okey dokey," chirped Rachel. So the three of them split up. Tess found herself going for a Chinese place that she recognized was good, where the line was small. She saw Rachel make a beeline for an Italian place and Jason went for a pizza place. She stepped into the line of five people, before realizing she had no money.
"Uh, Vee? Could you give me some money?" Tess whispered into the device, so nobody else heard her.
"Yep." She suddenly felt some pressure in her right pocket of her jeans, and knew that Vee had put the money there. She slid Vee into her Ugg boot and pulled the money out of her pocket. There were five twenty dollar bills. A hundred dollars! Wow, she had not been expecting that, but hey, she was in the True Emotion Games. She didn't know what to expect now. When it was her turn in to order, she simply asked for a bottle of water and an order of dumplings. The man smiled and charged her $8.50. Tess put the money down on the counter and the man took it, put the bill in the cash register and gave her back $11.50 and the water bottle out of the cooler. She put the two quarters in the tip jar and smiled at him, before stepping to the side to wait for her food. It took five minutes and Tess was grateful when a brown bag with the place logo on it was set in front of her. She smiled and took the bag, turning around to see where Jason and Rachel were at. She found them sitting at a table in the center of the room. It looked like they were talking, and their food was untouched. Tess headed over to them, weaving in between tables and squeezing in between chairs. Finally, she made it to the table where she collapsed in the chair, setting her bag of food and her water bottle down with a 'thunk'. Tess pulled the box of dumplings out of the bag hungrily and opened the box. She saw Jason opening a small pizza box and Rachel taking the plastic cover off of a round plastic container.
"What took you so long? We were starving!" Rachel exclaimed. Tess shrugged.
"You could've just eaten without me," she countered, reaching into the bag again for a fork and knife. Luckily there was one in there, which meant she wouldn't have to get up again. Rachel sighed and shook her head while she twirled a piece of spaghetti around a fork before eating it. Jason had a piece of pizza in his hand and was taking crazily large bites of it. Tess couldn't figure out what was on the pizza, there were too many things.
"What type of pizza is that?" she asked, cutting one of the dumplings. He glanced up at her with a smirk.
"I have no idea. It's delicious, though," he answered, taking another big bite. Tess paused before putting one half of the dumpling into her mouth.
"What do you mean 'you have no idea'?" Jason shrugged.
"I just told them to surprise me. As long as they didn't put onions on." He wrinkled his nose. "I don't like onions." Tess laughed and shoved the half of the dumpling into her mouth, grinning in appreciation of the taste. After she had finished chewing, she ate the other half. She didn't realize how fast she was eating after that, until all of the dumplings were finished and Rachel was staring at her.
"Wow, someone's hungry," she remarked. Tess gave her an embarrassed smile.
"I guess I am," she replied, taking a swig of the water bottle. She gulped it down, but only figured out afterwards that she had taken too much. She grimaced as the lump of water tried to get down her system. Everyone has had that feeling before, right? You take too much water and your system is too narrow. Anyway, that was what was happening to her. After a painful thirty seconds, it was finally down and Tess took a large breath of relief.
"What?" Jason asked.
"I drank too much water," she explained. His face was contorted in confusion, but he shrugged, leaving the topic alone. She continued to gulp down water, but not too much at a time. Soon, the water bottle was empty also. By that time, Rachel had finished off her spaghetti and Jason was on his last slice of pizza. Tess felt full, a feeling that she loved, but usually took for granted. After a minute had passed, the three of them were done with their food and looking expectantly at one another. Abruptly, as though a single thought had randomly popped into here head, Rachel turned to Tess.
"Trey," she said simply. Jason and Tess froze. Jason knew something bad was about to happen and Tess just wanted to stay off the topic, quite frankly. But instead of cowering into her chair, she took a deep breath, relaxed her posture and opened her mouth, looking at her hands.
"Trey is my ex-boyfriend," she started. "I broke up with him and started dating Sam." She swallowed. "Trey was angry. He wanted me back. So he killed my parents, my brother, my sister, and Sam." Tess's heart broke just thinking about it. "Trey framed me for their deaths. And then the police were after me. So I've been running for a month or two, give or take. And when I was just about to..." Tess trailed off. "I joined the True Emotion Games." And that was it. That was all she had to say. That was all she was going to say. But it was even more heartbreaking to know that she had just spoke of the only people in her life that she had cared about's deaths in one simple sentence. She glanced up at Rachel, and Jason too, because she hasn't told him the full story. The look on Rachel's face was pure shock and horror. For once, the girl was speechless. Jason's eyes were on his the empty pizza box and he looked... Angry? Tess couldn't tell. And now Rachel was going to try to be all sympathetic, which Tess sooooo did not need right now.
"Te-" Rachel started.
"No," she cut her off. "I don't want any sympathy from you and I don't want any therapist type stuff from you guys, understood?" Tess said harshly.
"But Tess-" Rachel tried.
"No." A death glare was given to Rachel which quieted her. Luckily, Jason didn't need any quieting. There was silence for a minute or two before Tess spoke up again, her voice falsely cheery and bright.
"So, what do you guys say we do some shopping?" she suggested.
"Kay," Jason replied in a small voice.
"Ok then. Jason, how about you go to all of your guy stores and Tess and I can do our own shopping together." Rachel looked for reactions from both of them. Tess nodded, as did Jason. Rachel was the first to get up, then Tess and finally Jason. They dumped their trash into the stinky trash bin and the girls gave Jason a wave before setting of to their favorite stores. Jason muttered something inaudible, but they were already walking away by the time they had even registered that he said something.
"So, where do you want to go?" Tess asked. Shopping had never been one of her high points. She wasn't one of those popular girls who felt so at home when shopping; she was the awkward girl who wished she had something cute to wear but was too embarrassed when picking out clothes in a store to actually get cute clothes. Rachel seemed to be the opposite. A second after the words were out of Tess's mouth, Rachel squealed and pulled her into a store. She strode in, looking very comfortable and made a beeline to a pile of jeans. She turned to Tess.
"Rule number one of getting a brand new wardrobe: get your simple clothes that you can always just slip on first." Tess smiled, relieved that she wouldn't have to be super awkward. She knew Rachel could tell she wasn't a dedicated shopper. Rachel pulled out a few pairs of jeans and shoved them into Tess's arms while picking out a few pairs for herself and tucking them carefully in between her hands. "Let's go find some dressing rooms. I have a feeling those will look great on you." She gave Tess a wide grin which Tess returned. They meandered through the store, meaning to find dressing rooms, but Rachel kept getting off track. She would randomly dart into a corner of the store and pull something off the rack and give it to Tess, telling her that it would be so cute on her, or pick out something for herself. Finally, after ten minutes, Tess's arms were getting tired, holding a giant stack of clothes. With a loud sigh, she went up to a woman wearing a name tag that read "Elena" and pushed away her awkwardness.
"Hi, um I was wondering if there were any dressing rooms available." Rachel walked up behind Tess.
"Sure, sweetie. They are in the back of the store, near the cash registers," Elena responded with a gentle smile, pointing in the direction of the dressing rooms.
"Thank you!" Rachel called before Tess had a chance to say something as she dragged Tess with her to the dressing rooms. Once she found two that were next to each other she shooed Tess inside one and shut herself inside the one next to it. Tess could hear Rachel hurrying to try on all of the clothes and she sighed, doing the same, only slower. She took off her Uggs and the pair of jeans she had on and slipped on the first pair in the stack. They fit perfectly. Tess smiled at herself in the body length mirror that was placed on the back of the door of the dressing room. She opened the door and stepped out.
"Rachel, what do you think?" she asked. She felt like she had to ask the fashionista first, before deciding they were good. Rachel poked her head out the door and grinned.
"Excellente!" she exclaimed, trying to sound spanish (which was a major fail and got both girls giggling) and closed the door. "Try on the next pair!" So Tess did. After each one, she would ask Rachel what she thought and after Rachel gave her opinion, she would try on the next pair. After getting through all the pairs of jeans, she had picked out four pairs that she would keep. She knew that all you really needed was two, but Tess wore jeans more than other people. She didn't really pick out cute clothes, she just wore jeans and a t-shirt most of the time. The amount of clothes Rachel had given her to try on made her dizzy. But she set to work, because she definitely wanted some new clothes. Once Tess was sure it had been at least an hour, she had finally gotten through the massive stack of clothes. She now had: four pairs of jeans, two pairs of sweatpants/yoga pants, four pairs of leggings (all in different colors), two skirts, three sweatshirts, four sweaters, six long sleeve shirts, four graphic t-shirts, four regular shirts, four plain color shirts, a bunch of jewelry and a few pairs of mittens, hats and scarves, not to mention three belts. It was quite the haul and Tess was pretty tired now, and didn't know what she would do if Rachel took her to more stores. She grabbed the pile of the things she wanted to keep and walked up to the register with Rachel. The cashier looked at the stack of clothes on the counter, rose his eyebrow, and when he saw she wasn't kidding, let out a long sigh before reaching for the first thing on the pile and ringing it up. Tess smiled, but stepped out of the line so she could get some money from Vee. She asked for enough money to pay for the clothes and was surprised when there was over three hundred dollars in her pocket. But she shrugged and got back into the line, waiting for all of the clothes to be rung up. Finally, he was done ringing up all the clothes and she paid. He acted like this was the toughest thing for him to do. She gave him a sour smile and stepped to the side to wait for Rachel to pay and do all that business. After a little while, she finally was finished and she gave the guy a wink and a wave and giggled slightly when he flushed and returned her flirting with a cocky grin. Tess began to walk out of the store, Rachel on her heels.
"So, are we done?" Tess asked. Rachel stopped in place with her hand placed dramatically over her heart.
"God, no! We still have to get jewelry, makeup, essentials, shoes..." Tess tuned out as her new friend listed a bunch of things that she really wouldn't like to do, groaning. And right then, Tess knew it was going to be a long day.

Note: Sorry about not updating a lot... I will try to do better :)

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