The True Emotion Games

(Just so you know, this has nothing, I repeat nothing to do with the Hunger Games. It just happens to have a similar name) When Tess's boyfriend Sam dies, she is broken. And when her ex goes on a killing spree of all of her family, aiming for her next, she feels she has nothing else to live for. But right before she decides to end it all, she joins the True Emotion Games, a competition set up by Love/Hate (after all, they really are the same thing). She now has a purpose, a meaning. Find out what the True Emotion Games are (it's in the prologue, you don't even have to read more, I swear) and how Tess copes with them in the True Emotion Games.

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8. Chapter 7: Malls Can Be Surprising

Chapter 7

When Tess emerged from the shower, the wonderful, hot, clean shower, she realized four things. One, she didn't have a towel. Two: her dirty clothes were gone. Three, she had no clothes either. Four, Vee wasn't anywhere to be seen, which made Tess wonder when she had disappeared. But before the panic overrode her logic, she remembered what Carl had said: to get your device, you have to think "device in hand" or "device in pocket" or wherever you want it. So she concentrated on her thoughts and thought hard of "device in hand". And relief courses throughout her body when Vee slowly materialized into her palm.
"Hey Vee, could you get me a towel and some clothes in my size?" Tess asked.
"Of course, honey," came from Vee. And a second later, a towel hung from a railing on the shower that she hadn't noticed before, and ten racks of clothes were clustered in the middle of the humongous room. Tess gratefully grabbed the towel and wrapped it around herself. Then, she walked over to a sink area that had an empty space that served as a counter, and a giant mirror, as well as four power outlets. She put Vee down, and tried to think of what to do next, before she asked the device something again.
"Vee, I'm really sorry, but do you think you could get a bathrobe, a hair dryer, a hairbrush, my favorite makeup stuff and makeup brushes and that type of stuff? Oh, and a toothbrush and toothpaste." Tess paused. "And deodorant and makeup remover pads," she added as an afterthought. Then, she waited for Vee's long, ragged sigh that she would have let out, had their positions been reversed. But it never came.
"Sure!" Vee responded brightly. "After all, that's what I'm here for!" That last comment made Tess remember a key thing that would come with participating in the True Emotion Games.
"Speaking of which... Do you think you could get Trey to not be after me anymore and the police to not chase after me, and me off the news and out of everyone's minds? I just don't want to be known as what the media interpreted me as," she explained. There was a loud pop.
"Done," said Vee. Tess smiled in relief before pulling on her bathrobe. She looked to her right to see all of the things she had conceitedly asked for piled up on the counter. She took a deep breath, before setting off to make her look like herself again. First, she pulled out the makeup remover and rubbed under her eyes and on top of them. So much mascara and eyeshadow came off, it wasn't even funny. Then, she found some soap and face cloths and proceeded to wash her face. Next, Tess decided to do hair and then makeup. Makeup was easy, because she had done the same thing with the exact products many times before, but she had to put a bunch of concealer over her black eye. Finally, her face looked acceptable and the black eye was barely noticeable. She pulled out the toothbrush and toothpaste and brushed until her teeth were pearly white. She grinned at the progress she was making and picked up the hairbrush and tugged it through her knotted now red-blonde hair. Once it was all straight, Tess turned the hair dryer on and attempted to dry her hair. She had never been good at it, always having her friend Ciara do it for her. She thought Ciara should've become a hair stylist. But that was before she had gotten into a coma from a car crash. She tried to copy the way Ciara had done it, but eventually gave up seeing her attempt was a failure. Instead she just put the hair dryer really close to her hair and kept it there until the skin under the hair started to feel burned. Then she moved it. Then she would bend over so her hair fell down and she dried the bottom layers of her hair. It was almost all dry. Tess worked tirelessly for another ten minutes, until her hair was fully dry, but even more knotted than before. It was a challenge to get the hairbrush back into her hair, but she managed to do it, and felt great pride when the red-blonde hair fell into her soft, natural waves. And her bangs fell over them. She didn't really like the bangs, after all. Maybe she could grow them out. So Tess asked Vee for some hair clips and pinned her bangs on the top of her head, right in the center. Then, she examine herself in the mirror. She was satisfied. But the clothes! Tess made her way over to the many racks of clothes. It took about fifteen minutes, but it was worth it. She wore a pair of dark jeans, a gray belt, a silk teal tank top with little gray specks on it, a gray scarf, a dark jacket, and a new pair of black Uggs. The way it sounds does not do justice to the outfit though, believe me. Even if it wasn't much, Tess felt like a rockstar, with the teal emphasizing her green-blue eyes. At that moment, Rachel walked into the room and closed the door loudly behind her. Tess turned around with a grin on her face. Rachel completely stopped, shock written all over her own face. This made Tess start to giggle.
"Wow, you clean up nice!" She smiled at Tess. "I wonder what Jason'll think." She winked. Tess rolled her eyes and walked toward Rachel.
"You don't look too bad yourself," she said, elbowing her. Rachel now wore a pair of black leggings, a black high waisted skirt, a shirt with the Union Jack on it that was tucked into the skirt, a jean jacket, a clunky necklace and her same pair of riding boots. She also had on natural looking makeup and her blonde hair was in a side braid that was on the right side. Rachel laughed and they walked out of the bathroom without a second thought. When they came into the real mall bathroom, there were several people in there. A group of teenagers were checking their reflections in the mirror and a young woman was cooing to a baby in a stroller while a five year old that was no doubt her daughter was prancing around and leaping into the air, a wide grin on her face. They didn't notice Rachel and Tess stepping out of the door to their bathrooms and the girls were glad. How exactly would you explain that to them? They strode out of the mall bathroom with linked arms and Rachel pulled out Rez from nowhere.
"Hey Rez, where's Jason?" she asked kindly.
"He's in the ice cream shop, sweetie," responded Rez. Tess and Rachel both glanced at each other knowingly.
"Of course," Tess muttered. Rachel smiled.
"Thank you!" she said to Rez. Then, the two girls headed off to the ice cream shop, directed by the massive map of the mall that was on the wall next to them. After about ten minutes of being lost because the map was so difficult to read, they finally found it. The wall to the shop was glass, so they could see Jason tackling a large chocolate ice cream in the back booth. They walked in, to where he was sitting and slid into the opposite seat to his in the booth. He looked up.
"Hey, Rachel!" he greeted her. Tess's heart fell a little. "Who's this?" Jason asked, glancing and winking with a cocky smile at Tess. Rachel looked at him and laughed. Her heart lifted as she wiggled her fingers at him in a wave.
"Hey, Jason." Tess giggled when his jaw dropped.
"Tess?!" She nodded. His eyes traveled over her.
"Your hair, it's all different! It was black before!" he exclaimed.
"It was black dye, Jason."
"Oh," he said. He couldn't stop looking at her. But after a minute or two, it started to be uncomfortable. She fidgeted.
"So, do you guys want to hear over to the food court now?" Rachel asked, sensing her discomfort.
"Yes!" came from both Tess and Jason, and thankfully pulled him out of the trance. So they all got out of the booth, although Jason was reluctant to leave his ice cream, and walked out of the ice cream shop. They didn't say a word as they made their way across the mall to the food court which was all the way in the left wing, while they were in the right. As they were rounding a corner that led into the food court, Tess saw somebody that made her completely stop, her jaw dropping open. She started to back away slowly, trying to go back the way they had come. Jason and Rachel immediately rushed back to her. Jason grabbed both of her arms, holding her in place. She desperately tried to get out, her eyes still on the person.
"Tess, what is it?" he asked. Tess struggled to stay calm.
"Trey," she finally choked out.


Note: My friend Rachel (rachelap0210) has just started a new movella and it is completely phenomenal!!! Seriously, you should check it out, it's super good and a little birdie told me that she has some fun stuff for the story. It's called What's Worth Dying For and I really hope you check it out. Love ya, Rachel and any readers!!!

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