The True Emotion Games

(Just so you know, this has nothing, I repeat nothing to do with the Hunger Games. It just happens to have a similar name) When Tess's boyfriend Sam dies, she is broken. And when her ex goes on a killing spree of all of her family, aiming for her next, she feels she has nothing else to live for. But right before she decides to end it all, she joins the True Emotion Games, a competition set up by Love/Hate (after all, they really are the same thing). She now has a purpose, a meaning. Find out what the True Emotion Games are (it's in the prologue, you don't even have to read more, I swear) and how Tess copes with them in the True Emotion Games.

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7. Chapter 6: Cleanliness is a Virtue

Chapter 6

After a few minutes of pointless chit-chat, Tess finally bursted.
"Guys, we have to get the stuff together for the road trip, you know." She didn't mean to sound rude, but frankly, she was annoyed. The only person that she had really talked to in a whole month and the only person she had opened up to since Sam, was seeming to replace her. Already. She had a feeling she would end up being the third wheel. And that was one of her least favorite things. Rachel and Jason turned to look at her blankly. Jason recovered first, scratching his forehead tiredly.
"Oh, yeah, I hadn't thought of that." Rachel flicked her eyes between the two of them.
"I know someone who can get us a good car," Rachel spoke up, a smile tugging at her cherry-lipsticked lips, her device held up in her palm. "This is Rez." She looked at Jason and Tess, prompting them to introduce their devices.
"Her name is Vee," said Tess.
"Cal. Short for B389ZY3A12M9," Jason added, studying Cal. When he looked up, he noticed both of the girls gawking at him. "What?"
"You memorized it?!" they exclaimed in unison. He shrugged off their shock.
"It's what I'm trained to do," he offered as an explanation. Tess crossed her arms.
"Nope, I'm not going to believe that until you tell us what your training is." He froze, then forced himself to relax.
"I didn't think you would catch that."
"Pshh, girls catch everything. Please," Tess said seriously. Rachel snorted.
"True, Very true," she agreed. Tess gave her a small smile and Rachel suddenly looked like she had gotten a home run. All of a sudden, Jason took his device and threw it at her. She didn't react quick enough. Cal hit Tess on her right eye, hard. It fell on her lap. Rachel was inspecting her in a millisecond, from the motherly instinct while Jason was smirking under his hands that covered his mouth. Tess fought the urge to cry, even though tears were already filling her eyes.
"What the hell was that for?!" she shrieked at Jason, her hands up to her eye. She patted it gingerly, searching for the sore parts. Her entire eye was sore. Rachel stared at Jason, too.
"Yeah, dude, you just don't randomly through pieces of metal at people!" she exclaimed, backing Tess up.
"You said girls caught everything..." Jason explained quietly. The girls both stopped their touching of Tess's eye to stare at Jason.
"That was your reason?!" they screeched. He nodded slowly. Tess sighed loudly and glanced at Rachel.
"Men," she said simply. A giggle escaped Rachel's mouth and her laugh was contagious; Tess had to laugh too, no matter how much she wanted to hate her. The two of them laughed for a minute or two, and Jason's arms were crossed, his lips pursed. Tess's eye was still throbbing, or so it felt. She knew it was going to bruise. And she was have a black eye. But hey, there's a conversation starter.
"Well, lets make a truce between all of us," Rachel suggested.
"I'm listening," Jason replied. Tess nodded.
"How about we have to stay on light topics," she gestured to herself and Tess. "And you don't get violent, even if it wasn't your intent?" She looked Jason square in the eye. She checked for their reactions. Tess nodded slowly and Jason smiled. Rachel breathed out in relief.
"Okay, so now that that's all figured out, we should decide what we should do for the road trip. Like where, when, in what, and so on," Jason put in his opinion.
"Wait, do you guys wanna do like an RV or a van or what?" Tess asked, looking around at them. They were silent. Then, Rachel's eyes lit up.
"Okay, guys. I have an idea. So when I was on tour in the U.K.-" Rachel started.
"You were on tour in the U.K.? On tour for what?" Jason interrupted her.
"Singing. I'm a singer. You might have heard of my band. Do either of you remember? We got pretty popular." She looked at Tess and Jason for any sign of recognition. After a few moments, Tess smiled softly.
"Oh yeah, my friend Ciara and I used to listen to you guys. I think we went to one of your concerts!" Tess exclaimed.
"What date was it?"
"June 14," she responded, not missing a beat.
"That was the 'dancing in the rain' one, wasn't it?" Rachel grinned.
"Yep, we were dancing in the stands, I remember." The two girls remembered that night with faraway looks on their faces.
"Rachel, what were you saying?" Jason finally interrupted.
"Oh, yeah. So while we were on tour, we had this awesome bus. It's sort of like an RV, but you can have bunk beds and separate rooms and stuff. So basically a house on wheels. I was just thinking maybe we could get one of those."
"Yeah, that sounds really cool! And we can each design our own room, right? I mean, if we ask our devices to make the bus, they can probably get us the decorating tools and stuff," Tess added.
"That's what I was thinking!" came from Jason.
"So we are all in agreement?" Tess clarified. Everyone nodded. "Okay, I have an idea. So ask your device to make a model of them bus according to what you think it should look like. Then, we can compare and decide which one we like." They all did what Tess said and little models, seven inches long, three inches wide. Once compared, they found that all of their ideas were basically the same. Tess brought Vee to her mouth.
"Hey, Vee. Do you think you could make a bus like the ones we designed? And put in all the things we like on our rooms?" she asked.
"Of course, sweetie. When you want to be in the bus, just tell me 'bus 1' and the information will be passed onto the transporter, so you will be there," Vee replied within a second. Tess lowered Vee and smiled.
"The bus is done. Our rooms should be set up, and I'm pretty sure if we need anything else, we can just ask the devices or something," she told her companions. Rachel smiled. Jason smiled. Tess had already been smiling. They were a smiling group, the three of them. Happy. Well, maybe not happy, but smiling. There was a silence. An awkward silence.
"So... Should we figure out where we want to go?" Rachel asked. Then, Jason's stomach growled. Loudly.
"Guys, I don't know about you, but I am starving."
"Ditto," said Tess.
"Me, too. Lets get some lunch!" exclaimed Rachel. They all smiled, but nobody made a move to do anything.
"I'm not really up for a sit down meal, so do you guys want to hit the food court at the mall? That way we can also split up and get some clothes and stuff like that." Tess watched their faces for their reactions.
"Sounds great!"
"Yeah, let's go!" So Tess brought Vee up to her mouth.
"Vee, can you take me, Rachel and Jason to the mall? One with a lot of good stores, a great food court, and they speak English?" asked Tess. And suddenly they were in the dark, the pitch black. It smelled musty and like stale soap, if that was a possible smell. There was also murky water. It smelled murky. If that was possible. She couldn't see anything. Tess let out a shriek and grabbed at the air. She struck skin and a masculine swear filled the space. It was Jason. She giggled.
"Where are we?" Rachel asked.
"I don't know, but I have an idea," Jason replied. There was the sound of fabric on skin and Tess could guess that Jason was reaching or leaning forward. There was a twisting sound, before a small slit of light shone on Jason. He was grinning. "I knew it!" he murmured. He used the door knob he was holding to push the door open more. Light shone on hers and Rachel's faces. She held her hand up to her forehead, to keep from being blinded. Jason stepped out of the dark space and Tess peered after him. Then she noticed what was on the ground, and she freaked. She leaped out of the dark area and there were shivers sent up her spine as she checked everywhere on her body. No mice on her. But there was a mouse in there. Rachel followed in a millisecond, jumping out, screaming as Tess had. The people- she had only just noticed there were people- were staring at them like they were crazy. Jason gave the people apologetic smiles and quickly shut the door. Light glinted off the label on it that read: Janitor's Closet 1165G. The 'Janitor's Closet' part really stuck out to her. Out of the corner of her eye, Tess saw a girl wrinkle her nose in disgust at Tess. That's when she realized that she was a mucky mess. Her dyed-black hair was knotted and her face and hands were covered in grime. Her outfit consisted of an oversized concert t-shirt, a dark green sweatshirt, a pair of ripped blue jeans, and black short Uggs. The mascara she had been wearing for two weeks was probably smeared all over her face and under her eyes, and she must be greasy as hell. Ick. How did one guy even start talking to her, let alone another one like her? And how had those girls at the meeting thought she was competition? She was disgusting right now! Rachel seemed to notice the same thing as well and gripped Tess's arm. She gave Jason a quick smile.
"We're going to go freshen up, Kay?" But she and Tess were already off before Jason had a chance to say anything. "See you in like an hour!" she called over her shoulder. They rushed through the crowds of people, who naturally made way for the pretty girl and her gross, homeless-looking friend. A bathroom made itself clear to them with its sign, stating "restroom" in bold block letters. Once inside and concealed by most of the customers at the mall, Rachel stopped.
"Hey Rez, do you think you could make a shower and a private bathroom for Tess to use?"
"Yep!" Rez chirped. A door suddenly appeared on the spotless white wall next to them and Rachel dashed inside, pulling Tess with her. Then, they both froze. It was amazing. The most luxurious bathroom Tess had ever seen, was laid out in front of them.
"Uh Rez, can you make one identical to this one next to us with a connecting door?" Rachel asked into her device. Another door appeared to their left and Rachel pulled it open. She didn't look that awed, compared to Tess's dumbstruck face.
"I'm gonna take a shower," Rachel said, and closed the door quickly behind her. Tess blinked. And then locked the door that led into the mall bathroom. She wouldn't want anyone to stumble in. Then, she explored the big area. It was white. And there was a chocolate brown carpet on the ground that Tess could tell was soft, even if her shoes weren't off yet. The room was giant, so big that there could be three hundred people in there and there would be two feet between each person. She felt tiny. There was a ten feet by six feet shower, a round jacuzzi that had about a six foot diameter and a few sinks and bathroom stalls. Tess had never expected to find something so classy and expensive like this, ever again. But before she could explore any more, the smell coming from her hair hit her and she decided that she needed to change that. While she was walking to the shower, she passed a mirror, and saw her hair. If she could get Vee to get the police to stop running after her, she could finally wash this disgusting black hair dye out of her hair. She looked forward to seeing the real her again; it had been so long. Suddenly, Tess was feeling eager to get clean, not that she hasn't been before, but... She made a dash for the shower and stripped off her clothes quickly, stepping into the big space. She turned to knob labeled "water" and was happily surprised to find that the water was already warm. Her favorite shampoo and conditioner were there and as she scrubbed them into her hair, she realized how happy she was. And as she rinsed her hair and saw the black dye swirling into the drain, she felt the old, cautious, mourning Tess going with it. And she was ok with that. She smiled into the steam. And that was all she needed for now.

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