The True Emotion Games

(Just so you know, this has nothing, I repeat nothing to do with the Hunger Games. It just happens to have a similar name) When Tess's boyfriend Sam dies, she is broken. And when her ex goes on a killing spree of all of her family, aiming for her next, she feels she has nothing else to live for. But right before she decides to end it all, she joins the True Emotion Games, a competition set up by Love/Hate (after all, they really are the same thing). She now has a purpose, a meaning. Find out what the True Emotion Games are (it's in the prologue, you don't even have to read more, I swear) and how Tess copes with them in the True Emotion Games.

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2. Chapter 1: Last Look, Or Not?

Chapter 1

He was gone. He was gone. He was gone. Tess repeated this to herself over and over. Maybe it would make her believe. But she knew in the pit of her heart that she was trying to trick herself. He wasn't gone. He was still out there, ready to make her life a living Hell. He had already started, and had already succeeded. Her brother. Dead. Her sister. Dead. Her mother. Dead. Her father. Dead. Her true love. Dead. Her. She was broken. A little doll owned and loved by a little innocent girl. Who had a demon for a brother. He had taken the girl's doll and shoved it between the door. And slammed the door. Hard. While his little sister watched him, sobbing. While she tugged on his arm and screamed for him to stop. While he laughed meanly and shrugged her off. And when he was done, threw the doll at her feet. And left, spitting on it as he went. She dropping to her knees, seeing that the doll was gone. The head cracked. The paint smeared and chipped. Gone. Unfixable. Broken. That was Tess. The little girl and the doll in some ways. Tess looked up and around, fearing the face she had once loved. Trey. Trey Waylse. Her ex boyfriend. Her soon to be killer. Not if she did it first, she though lurchingly. She wiped her face off with the back of her hand knowing it would make no difference. There was too much dirt and grime from all of the running. Why was she doing it anyways? Her heart was weighed down with grief no matter if she lived or not. She couldn't stand to be on this Earth without him. Sam. Even just thinking his name sent a series of shivers down her spine, a pulse into her heart, a warmth to her skin, a jolt of grief through her entire body. The grief, the pain, it was so emotional it had become physical. Tess doubled over, and slammed her head into her knees because she was already sitting down. Her breathing quickened and she gasped for air. Tess couldn't take this anymore. She had to do something. The plan was already forming in her mind, her fear tucked away until the time when she would execute the plan. And as far as Tess knew now, this would be the last plan she would make. Ever. How far off she was.


It was finally time. Somehow, she had made it to the roof. And now she stood, looking over the edge, down at the icy waters below. Twenty five stories below. It was a windy day and Tess's hair was whipping back and forth. She tucked it behind her ear, but her efforts were useless. The wind just coaxed it out again and knocked it around. She crept a little closer to the edge and gripped the thin wall railing hard. It was a defiant way to go. Conquering her fears. Her fears of dying, her fears of heights and her fears of him. If she really did this, it would be proving that he couldn't scare her. And if she really did this, she would be with Sam. She almost doubled over again, which would have sent her over the railing. But a low, seductive voice in her ear stopped her. It wasn't Trey. She jerked around, but there was nobody there.
"Tess," it said, "you don't have to do this. You can join my games." The voice sent shivers down her spine and lulled her into a sort of sleepy drunken state.
"Who are you?" she asked. The voice laughed, a vibrating sound that reverberated all through her body sending tingles everywhere, even the places dormant since Sam had been gone. Like her heart.
"I am Love. I am Hate. Call me either. Would you like to join my Games?" Tess wrinkled her nose as she stared at the waves crashing onto the rocks.
"I don't like games," she replied even though she was sure this was her going crazy talking.
"Yes you do." Love/Hate was matter of fact. She sighed.
"You're right. What are your Games?" The words sounded unfamiliar in her mouth, like she had tried to fit a bunch of foam cubes in her mouth and was trying to swallow them or throw them around in her mouth but they just wouldn't go.
"They are called the True Emotion Games," Love/Hate started almost breathlessly. Tess let out a big breath. Love/Hate made them sound like a dream. "The rules are simple. You see, you humans don't feel true love or hate. You only like or dislike. That is the object of the game. To get a human to feel true emotions for you. Love or hate, it doesn't matter. But you have to take the form of me to do so." Once she was sure Love/Hate had finished talking, Tess filled the taciturnity.
"So am I still partly myself if I take the form you?
"Yes. You just have the powers and some of the characteristics of me."
"And if I win?” her voice fought against the strong wind that ushered her words away until they were lost in the air.
“If you win, you may take a part of me for you and a person of your choice.” Sam, she immediately thought. Love/Hate was speaking strongly, and the tone was insinuating something that Tess couldn’t put her finger on. She could tell it wasn’t good, though.
“And if I lose?” Time stopped.
“As some contestants have in the past centuries, you and the human will be dragged into the pits of Hell,” Love/Hate told her enthusiastically. He/she sounded happy and pumped up, just waiting for her to fail and be stuck with this fate. She suddenly felt like she should be protecting her honor or something. It was weird, Tess just felt like she had to do it. She straightened her posture.
“I’m in.” Even though she couldn’t see him/her, she knew Love/Hate was smiling. “Just one question,” she added.
“What.” The tone was saucy and annoyed, not like Love/Hate was really asking ‘what’ but more like he/she was being assigned a job and he/she hadn’t anticipated this in the job.
“Are you a guy or a girl? I’m having trouble placing you,” she wondered aloud. Tess was sure it was a smirk this time.
“Doll, Love and Hate take many forms. I’m whatever you don’t want me to be.” And with that, Love/Hate was gone, his/her voice just a memory.
“Wait!” she cried out. She still had a few more questions. Of course, ones she had only thought after Love/Hate was gone. Then, Tess realized that she was holding something in her palm. She brought it up to her face and studied it. It was a tiny cell phone type thing, Tess corrected after further examination. There was no screen, just metal but it didn't weigh a pound.
“Uh, please stop yelling maybe?” she asked, bracing herself for the next loud round of british accents.
“Is this better?” The voice asked instead.
“Uh, yeah. Thanks. What’s your name?” Tess was intrigued. She had a knack for devices and she was itching to learn more about this one.
“How sweet of you to ask, Theresa. My name is H35YP065HGB7,” she paused. “But you can call me Vee.”
“Quite the name you have, Vee. But could you, uh, call me Tess instead of Theresa?”
“Sure, sweetie.”
“Are you an actual person or an electronic device?" Vee was silent for too long and Tess was sure she had struck a chord.
"Hon, I'm sorry but I'm not allowed to talk about that sort of thing " Vee said quietly.
"Oh." Silence followed for a long time. "Is there somewhere where all of the contestants have a meeting or something?" Tess finally asked.

"Oh my gosh!" Vee squeaked. "Yeah, hold on!" Then out of the rectangular device that was supposedly Vee, came another little device. Tess realized that there was a slot in the bottom of Vee and wondered what else could be in there? "Tess, sweetie, here is a teleportation device. Use it to go anywhere. Simply press the button and think of where you want to go. Right now, I need you to press the button and think: Meeting One." Vee didn't give her much time to examine the new device which saddened her, but she figured that if she wanted to know how to play the True Emotion Games, she should do what Vee told her. So she pressed the big red button in the center of the rectangular teleportation device and thought hard of Meeting One with her eyes sewed shut. Within seconds, the wind had stopped and the noises of the sea had adjourned also. Tess hesitantly opened one eye, then opened the other too. She fidgeted with her hands and looked around the room, slightly scared. It was made of glass. And it freaked her out. After surveying the area more, she realized that it must be the very top floor. Of a really really tall building. Even the floor and walls were glass, or at least they were completely see through. Tess walked over to the closest wall/window and pressed her palm up to it. She was in the clouds. 

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