Summer Love Triangle

This story is about a girl who has to choose between a normal guy she just met or Harry Styles from One Direction. Who will she choose?


2. The Waiting and The Waiter

  How could I possibly wait for the concert?! It was in a month. So Lindsey, Kennedy, and I did stuff everyday after school to get our minds of waiting. We had Lindsey drive us to the mall and even to restaurants. When we went to this Italian restaurant that's where my big dilemma started.

  We pulled up in this little Italian restaurant and when we walked in it was so little and cozy I loved it. Then when we sat down this very hot waiter waited on us. "Would you like anything else with that?" he asked Kennedy. "N,n,n,no" she barely peeped out as she couldn't get over his looks to talk. "excuse me?" he said. Assuming she wasn't going to answer I said to him "She doesn't want anything else" He just stared at me. Not in a mean way but in a lovable way. I just awkwardly said "Thanks that'll be all" Then he just walked away.

"I think he likes you" Lindsey told me. "ME!!!!!" Kennedy shouted out at us thinking Lindsey was talking to her. "No I was talking to Hannah." Lindsey said. "Oh, ok" Kennedy said with a little frown on her face. "Why do you think he likes me?" I asked Lindsey with a smirk. "I done't know, did you see the way he looked at you! I mean come on that's gotta be like love at first sight or something. Right" Lindsey told me."I guess so" I said with a little smile creeping onto my face.  

  When he came back he gad no food and he looked confused. "Forget the food?" I said jokingly. "OH YEAH FOOD!" he said then he ran back to the kitchen. A few seconds later he came back with our food. He looked like he wanted to ask me something, but how could he when Lindsey and Kennedy were staring him down. They knew that, so thankfully Lindsey excused her and Kennedy to the bathroom.

  He quickly sat down to the chair next to me. He was handsome he had brown curly hair,big blue eyes, and red cheeks. Then in a soft  sudden voice he said "Would you like to go on a date with me sometime?" I was so started I didn't know what to say but I made myself say something "Sure when?" 

  "Ummm... I don't know I honestly didn't think I would make it this far" he said clearly embarrassed. "How about now?" I said not thinking what I saying. "What?" he said back confused. "Yeah you can show me the city" I said drag'in him out the door and into the city jungle. 

  "So what's your name?" He asked me. "Hannah and yours" I said "James" He replied. "So where are we going?" He asked me. "I don't know lets just have fun!" 

  First we went out and walked up and down the streets taking pictures with my phone and having an absolutely great time. We probably looked like a couple because by the end of our little "Chicago" tour we were holding hands. 

  It ended when we came back an hour later to the restaurant were an angry Kennedy sat. Lindsey was fine but Kennedy was mad at me for some reason. We exchanged phone numbers and that was it. 

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