Summer Love Triangle

This story is about a girl who has to choose between a normal guy she just met or Harry Styles from One Direction. Who will she choose?


3. The Concert

  It was finally the day of the concert! I was so excited for it. I kinda forgot about everyone and everything except One Direction and Lindsey and Kennedy. It was 3 o'clock but the concert was at 5. We still had to wait, but in that time Lindsey, Kennedy, and I wear getting ready for it. We all looked great: Kennedy had a red dress on, Lindsey wore her skinny jeans with a white shirt, and I wore Jeans as well, with a blue top. When it came time for the concert we all were jumpy and excited. When we got there everyone was screaming it hurt my ears. There must have been a million people there by the sound of it. They boys looked great. I personally thought Harry looked the best, but then again he is my favorite. They sang all of their songs. We didn't great seats but we could still see them and they could see us. We were up in the stands in row 9 we actually had a good view of them. During Little Things I swore Harry looked straight at me. When I told Kennedy and Lindsey after the concert they didn't believe me at all. Our ears were still ringing after the concert. The next day we would go to a signing where we could meet them. We were all freaking out. 

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