Summer Love Triangle

This story is about a girl who has to choose between a normal guy she just met or Harry Styles from One Direction. Who will she choose?


4. Love at First Sight

  The next morning we got to go to the signing. There was a lot of people there, I was getting claustrophobic. I had my little picture of them ready to go in my hand for them to sign it. When I got to the table I had Niall signed first then the rest of the boys went, Harry was last. I was so excited and the boys were just smiling and signing stuff everything was going normal, until I got to Harry. When I got to Harry I turned around because Lindsey wanted to tell me something but she was interrupted when I turned back at Harry. He was holding my hand, hard. He said something to me but I couldn't here it. He just kept staring at me and didn't move or sign my picture. The guards where telling me to move so I tried to but he wouldn't let go. Then one of the guards came up to my and picked me up to move me. Harry got up in a flash and told one of the guards something. I couldn't hear cause it was so loud but he never once took his eyes off of me. The guard set me down and put me next to Harry. 

  "Sorry about this, but I must know your name" Harry screamed into my ear.

  "Hannah Miller" I shouted back at him.

  "Thanks love" he said and with that the guard showed me to the door.

  It took awhile to find Lindsey and Kennedy but when I did I told them all about it. They couldn't believe their ears. 

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