Summer Love Triangle

This story is about a girl who has to choose between a normal guy she just met or Harry Styles from One Direction. Who will she choose?


1. The Present

   I'm just like any other One Direction fan, I have posters of them in my room and hopping for one day to meet them. So when I heard that they were going to be in my home town of Chicago for their tour I flipped out. My friends,Lindsey and Kennedy both got tickets to see them, but I couldn't afford them. I had one last, final shot to get them cause my birthday was coming up so I could ask for them for my birthday.

  It was the day of my birthday I was turning 16. I called up Lindsey and Kennedy to come over and pray with me that I would get tickets from my parents. I quickly ripped open all of my presents. One present, two present, then it finally hit me when I opened my last present they didn't get me tickets. I was crushed. So my friends and I went in my room to watch a movie so I could get my mind off of me not getting tickets. When I walked in my room and turned on my lights I saw a shinny red envelope on my bed. I had big blue letter on it that said "HANNAH" on it. "It's for you Lindsey said" I went over to it and picked it up. Then I ripped it open. There in that little beautiful red envelope was tickets for One Direction. Not only was I going to see them in concert I was also going to a signing so I could meet them there! My friends and I jumped up and down screaming our heads off.

  That was it I was finally going to meet One Direction!

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