Silent Insanity


1. cold

It was a cold, snowy night. A girl whom was nothing but lonely, sat on the curb, underneath what was thought to be a broken street light. The street light would always be either off or half . It would never light...not even for a lightless care in need of direction.  The girl, the girl whom sat there quietly every night....could some how make it glow. Though this was quite strange, she kept this to her self. Most of the time spent under the light was used to think about her day. "was it worth it?" she'd think or "could it have been better with out me..."

This particular night though, she did not spend very much time under the light's warmth. She sat for no more than fifteen. The girl walked down her street. quietly enjoying the numbness of her fingers. Every night she'd walk into her house, her feeling of depression would vanish. Her home was the only place she felt loved. Every one there understood her. These young people brought smiles to her ashy face. They would never judge...never harm....they could truly be trusted. The young girl laughed with her mates until the clock struck twelve. She'd say her goodbyes and scurry upstairs to her room. Her friends would never truly leave. They would be beside her while she tucked herself in. As the young girl slept, her friends finally started to fade. They faded into to old, walls and the where they were created. The young girl whom smiles in her sleep, eventually rest her stiffen pains and aches. From the days humiliation and abuse. Though you might think this girl isn't very lonely, you must also realize....this girl is alone. Alone in the darkness of her room, still smiling because of her friends that are not even real  



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