Irish Boy

Ellie is the loving girlfriend of Irish pop star, Niall Horan. After their Take Me Home tour is finally done, she finally has time to spend with her favorite people in the world. Just as she and Niall start to get close a fellow band mate, Harry Styles to be exact, starts to fancy her. Will she choose the boy who has loved her forever or the English heart throb that is head over heels for her? To make matters worse, a certain fortune telling Mr. is back and is ready to make sure that their fortunes come true. Who is loved, forgotten, and left for dead? Read all about it in Irish boy.


7. Olivia's POV: Insanity

Breathless, I look into the mirror expecting for another dress with another price tag that makes me look like another white ghost covered in a white dress that is too expensive for me to pay for. “That looks marvelous!” Ellie cooes, looking into the mirror at my reflection where the perfect dress is laid upon my skin.
Liam had done it, picked the perfect dress in only an hour. It seems impossible, yet he did it. The top was light and lacy but not over the top. The bottom was of a princess poof, perfect.
“Did I do it or did I do it?” Liam  smiles as I run over and throw my arms around him.
“THANK YOU!” I scream, looking over my shoulder awkwardly as customers start to stare.
“And may I add I really love this bridesmaid dress?” Ellie giggles, twirling in knee length peach dress.
“It looks great! But it kinda sucks that I only have one bridesmaid. But as long as you all are there, I’m happy.”
“Your parents didn’t tell you?” Liam cocks his head and stares at me for a minute, making me extremely uncomfortable.
“Didn’t tell me what?” Olivia’s eyes widen as she stares Liam down.
“Your parents got a couple of your friends to be bridesmaids at short notice,” Liam states, walking over and grabbing our change of clothes.
I shake my head, my friends have changed a billion times. Not like Mother knew that. There was Rose (Ellie grew up down the street so we ended up sharing a couple friends) but we don’t talk after she tried to practically go all “snatching your people up” on Louis last Christmas. She jumped at him as we said grace and wouldn’t let him go until Paul attacked her and called the police. She won’t talk to me anymore because she says that, “I ruined her chances with her future husband.” Isn’t that ironic? I had a friend named Lauren but we just stopped talking because something stupid I had said about her boyfriend, Robert, and how his quiff wasn’t as perfect Zayn’s. And then there’s Reece. I don’t know what happened really. First she’s sleeping over and slipping a knife under the door to kill Louis with, she started writing really catty things online about us, and then she even showed up at the Take Me Home concert with a gun. I cut that friendship off, immediately.
Well, tomorrow is going to be insane.
Dearest Olivia,
I’m sorry this has been so crazy but beyond contrary belief, I am extremely excited for tomorrow. I know that whatever dress Liam has put you in, you will look beyond amazing. Please enjoy the chocolates left for you in the refrigerator. There’s a copy of My Big Fat Greek Wedding on the counter for Ellie and you to enjoy. I love you, truly madly deeply.
Yours Forever Officially Tomorrow,
P.S Send letters through Ellie. Niall is driving me cray cray. :)

This feels really stupid considering yours was extremely sweet. Liam picked a to-die-for dress and I hope the boys don’t ruin your tux. Ellie is bouncing up and down because stupid Liam bought her coffee. Stupid Liam. Tell Niall that Ellie is going downstairs to grab a candy bar if he wants to surprise her. I have no idea what else to say.
Love You,
Olivia the Swagest Swagger that ever did Swag
P.S. Ellie is driving me crazy, send back up.

I can’t help but laugh at your name now. Olivia the Swagest Swagger that ever did Swag? Well, I guess that is pretty accurate. Well, that makes me Louis the Skinniest Skinny Jean that ever did Wear? Maybe? Okay, so you left your iPod in my coat pocket and I got around to listening to some of the songs and I must say, this The Wanted did not deserve all those awards. “I’ll get you a drink, drink it if you can.” At least we don’t make ya’ll drunk when we sing to you.
Tired of Irish Jingles,
P.S. Want a vanilla malt? I’m hungry and I was wondering if we can meet up.

So not true! You’ve got girls all over the country getting drunk on pictures surfaced from that beach trip. So, don’t get all catty with me. :) Okay, so that makes Niall the Irishy Irish that ever did Irish? I can’t go get that malt, but can you bring it up here? I absolutely hate this. Ellie just passed out and I’m left alone with the  leaky sink in the bathroom..
Just wanting to fall asleep and fast forward to tomorrow. Liam is apparently coming  over at six to start helping us get dressed. When did Puppy Liam get replaced by Fabulous Liam?
Gosh I am tired,
Olivia the Tiredest Tired that ever did Sleep

Then fall asleep silly! Ha, Niall is now playing Call of Duty in the back, I expect to have very sleepy best men. My tux has been delivered as of 9 o’clock sharp. We’re suppose to be at at seven to check everything out. You promise it isn’t cowboy boots, guns, and tumbleweeds because I can’t take another “Howdy ya’ll!” The cashier at the gift shop let me pay for the items, spazzed out, and then said Howdy like fifty billion times.
Hoping you can fall asleep soon,
Louis the Cowboy-ist Cowboy that ever did Howdy.

Sleep came easier than expected. I slept quickly, not really thinking about what was next.
“Olivia. Olivia! OLIVIA!” Liam screams, shaking my shoulders in what others would call Gay Boy clothes.
“” I choke out, looking him up and down and then back at the ceiling, it was morning.
“It’s my...pajamas,” Liam blushes, yanking me out of bed and onto the cold floor where a styling team of one waited.
I began to rub the sleep from my eyes only to be painfully reminded that my wedding ring was on my finger, scratching up and down my face.
“I..don’t have to be ready for like another four hours!” I call out, diving back onto my bed and burying my head into my pillows.
Liam rushed over to my suitcase and pulled out a floral dress, tan heels, and pieces of jewelry. “Ellie is downstairs grabbing breakfast, you are supposed to be ready to go by the time she gets back. Shoo. Shoo!”
I grab the dress and held it up to my thin frame and shook my head,” I’m not ready.”
Liam frowns and walks over and wraps me in a brotherly hug and smiles warmly, “We never are.”
The Wedding of Louis William Tomlinson and Olivia Jane Georgia
Welcome, please follow the trail of pink roses out to the courtyard where the ceremony will take place. Please no food or drink in the courtyard at any time and no flash photography will be admitted.
Bridesmaids? First door on your right.
Bride? Upstairs to the left.
Groom and Groomsmen? Downstairs to your right.

The word’s itself were enough to make me nervous. I leaned onto Liam for support as he walked me up the stairs and to a white door on the left with roses that were scattered on the frame of the door.
“Don’t worry. You’ll be fine, okay?” Liam whispered, walking me into the room and putting me into my styling chair.
“I’m just scared! Louis hasn’t even gone public about this. How are people going to react when he comes out with a wedding band?” I choke out, looking at Liam in the mirror as he whips out his phone and pulls out twitter and shakes his head, “Nothing, wasn’t I right?”
“So are you thinking about not going through with it?”
“I want to go through with this more than anything...but I don’t think it’s the best thing for him.”
“Olivia, he just wants to be with you.”
“At his own expense, might I add! I...I...mean, he’s throwing away his fangirls that practically live off of the fact that they “might” have a chance with him! I come in and BAM! Gone.”
“You really feel that way?”
I feel a tear roll down my face as Liam kneels besides me as he carefully wipes a tear away from cheek and wraps me in a tight hug. I can’t remember the last hug that I had that wasn’t Louis. It felt good, knowing that I had a friend that could hug me awkwardly.
“I don’t even know anymore...”
“Don’t cry, Olivia. It’s not becoming.”
“Screw becoming...”
I feel Liam chuckle as he pulls away and swipes away a tear, “I need you to be strong, okay?”
“I’ll try.”
“No, no try. DO. Do you love him?”
“Liam, what kind of question is that?”
“Answer the question, Olivia.”
“Yes, I am in love with him.”
“There you have it.”
“It just doesn’t feel right...”
“It never does.”

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