Irish Boy

Ellie is the loving girlfriend of Irish pop star, Niall Horan. After their Take Me Home tour is finally done, she finally has time to spend with her favorite people in the world. Just as she and Niall start to get close a fellow band mate, Harry Styles to be exact, starts to fancy her. Will she choose the boy who has loved her forever or the English heart throb that is head over heels for her? To make matters worse, a certain fortune telling Mr. is back and is ready to make sure that their fortunes come true. Who is loved, forgotten, and left for dead? Read all about it in Irish boy.


10. Niall's POV: Mistakes

“And where do you both plan to live?” Olivia’s mother chimes in, placing her hand on Louis’ shoulder carefully as she looks at her daughter.
“I think I’m going to make my home in England, with Lou but we will buy a house here in Houston soon so we can visit and such,” Olivia smiles, being hugged tight by Louis.
Her mother nods her head as her eyes flick over to me and Ellie and her eyebrows crease in disapprovement, “Ellie.”
My arm, which was wrapped around her waist, slightly tenses as the woman’s voice pierces the cheery mood. Ellie’s smile turns to a grimace as she turns to face me and then the woman, “Mrs. Georgia, it’s a pleasure.”
“Don’t kid yourself, darling,” she cackles, “It is not a pleasure to see me and it is not a pleasure to see you.”
Ellie’s eyes stare harshly at the woman as she flicks to me and quickly tries to move me away from the scene with a request for punch.
“One minute, love...” I smile, pushing my way towards the mother.
“So this is the boy that Ellie was keeping from Vickie?” the woman questions Olivia, throwing a nasty glare towards me.
“Vickie?” I mouth to Louis and he cocks his head to the right, implying me to follow him.
I follow him down the hall and towards the kitchen where cooks prepare snacks for the guests and Louis drags his fingers through his hair.
“So who’s the Vickie that I was stolen from?” I question, pushing my hands into my pockets.
“Short version or long and dramatic version?” Louis asks, pulling a glass of wine off of a moving tray and passes me one.
“Well, you have a wife to get back to and I have an angered short,” I laugh, taking a swig of the drink and placing it on the counter.
“Vickie is Olivia’s cousin from....Cheshire, I think.  Vickie is obsession, I mean like life sized posters, fake kissing booths....the whole nine yards...”
“She sounds like a real cuckoo bird for us...”
“She stalked you for a while, did you know that?” Louis laughs, taking a drink and smiling carefully at me.
“No, I did not. Great! Do you know how many times I didn’t shut the windows while I was changing?” I laugh, waiting for the rest of the story.
“Well, anyway.... When Olivia started dating me, she kind of promised to put in a good word about you and then you started getting serious with Ellie and Olivia just thought it’d be rude to bring up Vickie at that time so, she didn’t. And Vickie went on this big rampage about how Olivia had failed her....”
“So, Little Stalker’s mum never forgave Ellie for dating me?” I chuckled before being answered with Louis’s nodding head.
“Oh hello, Ni,” a voice called, walking behind me and placing a hand on my shoulder.
I turned my head to view a tall girl, no older than 18, with strawberry blonde hair and silver blue eyes. She was wearing a floor length velvet-red dress with her hair pulled into a tight braid.
“And you are?” I question, taking a sip of my wine and looking at Lou for answers.
“Isn’t it obvious, Mr. Horan?” she smiles, coming towards Louis and grabbing him by his face and leaning in, “Congrats, Tommo.”
She walks over and stares me in the eyes as she leans in, “Vickie.”
I nod my head and look at her dead on,"Is that supposed to scare me,Vickie?"
Her shoulders flop as she walks around and plucks a glass from the counter and drinks some of it,"I'll have you know, Mr.Horan. The world is a very dangerous place. One minute you're safe and the next is filled with tormentation. Remember that."
I place my drink down and slowly walk away with Louis on my side back to Ellie and Olivia.
"What happened back there?" Ellie whispers, pulling on my jacket.
"Nothing I want to remember..."

“Well, that was nice,” Ellie smiles, grabbing my hand and swinging it back and forth in the parking lot.
I nod and stare at her for a quick second. Her rusty hair was braided around her head in a simple yet beautiful braid that was paired with her dress perfectly.
“So, what happened back there with Lou?” she questions, walking towards the crosswalk to get to the bakery that I so foolishly promised her after wedding cake.
I tap my fingers on hers and hum to myself, not wanted to really talk about this at the moment.
“Oh come on!” she giggled, looking me up and down as she presses the button that will let her cross.
“Okay, Lou told be about Vickie...”
“And? She’s just obsessive. That’s it,” she smiled, wrapping me in a hug.
“A little bit more than obsessive, love.”
“Question mark?” she frowns, cocking her head at me and walking forward as the crosswalk reads green.
“Forget it,” I breathe off, pulling her forward but she doesn’t buy it.
She stops in the middle of the road and stomps her foot. “Niall James Horan! You are going to tell me now, so help me!”
“Ellie, get out of the road. Come here,” I call out, trying to pull her to the other end.
“Move deeper into traffic? Gladly!” she screams, pushing herself closer to the cars that would run over her in a matter of seconds.
“Ellie!” I scream as the light flicks red and the cars start forward.
Her eyes bulge as she tries to dodge a Honda without success and is hit dead on and rolls to the side of the road. The Honda stops and out jumps a woman dressed for an elegant party in a velvet dress.
“Oh dear!” she fake calls, stopping by Ellie and petting her hair before delivering a swift kick into her side.
“GET OFF HER!” I scream, running across the street as I try to pick her up but she just howls in pain.
“Ni..all...” she breathes, trying to move but grimacing at the pain, “I can’t...”
“El, I’m going to have to move you. Grit your teeth or something,” I whisper, trying to cradle her in my arms and surprised by my new found strength.
She grabs onto me and I feel her body tense as I move her off the street and onto a park bench. The woman sits next to Ellie and looks at me and smiles, “Go get help, Ni.”
I walk closer to her and deliver a thick smack across her face, “Don’t tell me what to do.”
“NIALL, get help!” she screams, pushing me away.
I hesitate, this woman isn’t a good idea.  I flick out my phone and dial 911 quickly.
“NIALL!” she screams, writhing in pain as she holds her side.
The phone rings for a minute and then a strong voice answers on the other end, “911, what’s your emergency?”
“Yes! My girlfriend was just hit by a car and is seriously hurt,” I explain, pacing while I keep my eyes on Ellie.
“Location?” the voice asks calmly.
I fiddle with my fingers as I rip out the wedding invitation from my pocket and look at the address, “Houston Country Club, do you know where that is?”
“Yes sir, we will have someone there as soon as we can...” the voice explains.
“Hurry please!” I tense up, shutting the phone and returning to Ellie’s side.
“Just couldn’t go get help...could you?” Vickie smiles, lightly punching me and standing to get back to her car.
“ have to stay,” I call after her, propping Ellie up.
“Can’t resist me, eh Ni?” she laughs, leaning on the card.
“No, it’s the law and I have your plate number,” I spit back, as I hear the sirens blaring towards us.
“See you later, Irish Boy!” Vickie calls, jumping into the car and pulling away.  

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