Irish Boy

Ellie is the loving girlfriend of Irish pop star, Niall Horan. After their Take Me Home tour is finally done, she finally has time to spend with her favorite people in the world. Just as she and Niall start to get close a fellow band mate, Harry Styles to be exact, starts to fancy her. Will she choose the boy who has loved her forever or the English heart throb that is head over heels for her? To make matters worse, a certain fortune telling Mr. is back and is ready to make sure that their fortunes come true. Who is loved, forgotten, and left for dead? Read all about it in Irish boy.


5. Liam's POV: Mr. X

It hurts to think that she’s ever cried. I mean, why would Harry do this to a flower like Ellie? She’s fragile like glass, unstable like a three legged table, and as emotional as a girl in a clothing store.
“This looks good!” Ellie laughs, twirling in a knee length skirt that had small gems at the hem that sparkled when it hit the sun, or in this case, the dim light of the Hollister dressing room.
“The color really brings out your eyes, Ellie,” I answer to her giggle with a sturdy voice, as I grab my sweatshirt off the table and go to return the two shirts that I had tried on but didn’t like due to the stench of body spray all over them.
“Thanks Liam,” she smiles again, tossing her hair over her shoulder as she spins again to let the light catch the gems,”How much is this again?”
I blush and check the tag at the bottom of the skirt and reply, “Sixty American dollars.”
“Woah, man. Woah,” she laughs again as she rummages through her purse,”So that’s about...37 pounds?”
“Ah, our American girl is learning quickly!” I joke, looking through my wallet for my credit card to pay for a nice perfume that I found for Olivia and a snazzy shirt that I found for Louis that says “I own a boat” because, it’s Louis.
“Great, I’ve only got twenty. That’s what I get for buying Niall’s gift early!” she calls,changing quickly as she grabs the hanger to hang the skirt back up, “And I really liked that!”
“You want me to spot you?” I ask, feeling like a gentleman.
“Liam you don’t have to do that, I can’t take your money.”
“No no no! Let’s consider it a treat, on me. I’ll buy this and treat you to lunch. My treat.”
I saw her shake her head as she flashed a toothy grin at me and then looked at the floor, “Then this counts as my Christmas present PLUS my birthday.”
“Nope! Already bought those! Liam has a mind of gold!” I exclaim, trying my best Dobby voice on her.
“I’d hate you if you weren’t so dang sweet!” she laughs again as she hands me the skirt and places the money back in her purse and begins to head out of the small store, “If you buy me lunch, I’m getting us coffee.”
“I don’t like coffee!” I call, knowing it isn’t going to change her mind.
“Oh come on! You’ll love it!” she smiles back, taking a step back and walking along the sidewalk to head to a small coffee shop that looked pretty deserted.
I can’t help at smile at my new friend. She’s a real hoot and I guess I know why Niall likes her so much.
“Hey Liam! Pick up the phone! It’s Spoon-y Magee! Hey Liam! Pick up the phone! The sporks are coming for you!” I hear my phone buzz as I catch a quick glance at it and then step into line.
The girl at the desk looks at my face and then has a little scream and begins to scan the items.
“Thank you,” I mouth at the girl, still feeling like a gentleman.
“You ignored my call? Y dude? Y?” I read Niall’s text and the many that follow between us.
“Sorry, in Hollister. You almost blew my cover! :)” I text back, hitting send quickly and burying the now paid for bag into my coat as I trudge towards the coffee shop but stop halfway and sit on a bench to respond to Niall.

“Do you know where Ellie went? She won’t pick up her phone.” Niall texts and I remember how it died on our drive over here so she stuffed it into the glove compartment so she wouldn’t have to worry about it.

“Phone’s dead. Um, I think she just went to go grab us coffee. Why?” I respond, and within a few seconds Niall texts me back.
“I think she’s mad at me. Where are you guys? I wanna buy lunch for you guys.”

“Near Hollister on Third. Thanks! I’m gonna go grab Ellie before she orders me a Coffee Grande with energy boost.”

“Okay brotha. See you soon-” I read quickly before something I hear makes me drop my phone on the pavement.

“LEAVE ME ALONE! HELP! LIAM!” I hear Ellie’s voice ring out near the coffee shop and I take off in a sprint, leaving the phone on the ground.

“ELLIE!?” I scream, running up and down streets before I hear another shrill scream where I finally see her cornered in the parking lot by a couple men.

“Ah, sweetie. Liam isn’t coming. We sent Tony on him. Liam’s gone,” one of the men laughs, tracing her face with his grimy finger.
They sent someone after me? I flick my head around to look at where I was to find a man slamming my phone into the concrete as he screamed some colorful words in the direction of the coffee shop.
"LIAM!!" She screams louder and I almost go to help her but I stop when the thugs pull out a gun and push it towards her temple.
"All your money, on the floor," the second man sneered, pulling her hair back as she cries in pain.
She pulls her twenty pounds out of her purse and the thugs look at each other and chuckle for a minute.
The man pushes the gun harder into her head and snaps,"I know you're American and all but the rest sweetheart."
"That's it!" She cries, screaming for a minute before a roar of a car comes into the picture.
"ANYONE CARE TO TELL ME WHAT'S GOING ON?" I hear Zayn burst out staring at the thugs as Niall steps out of the car and shares a panicked glance with Ellie.
"Gladly," one of the thugs smiles, pointing the gun at Zayn and At that moment she became a killing ninja.
Ellie kicked the man in the back and spun him around and held him in a choke hold as she kicked the gun to the floor. She looks up and her eyes are wild, her makeup is running, and her hair is tousled but that moment of rare beauty only lasts until Zayn, Niall, and I get the same idea. Zayn attacks the man closest to him that has a golden tooth and Skrillex like earrings, which are the first things Zayn grabs which has the man writhing in pain and not even trying to help the rest of his friends as I go to help Ellie with the pinned guy. Niall grabs the gun and points it at the third man and the man, wearing a ski mask, seems a lot less manly.
"You wouldn't shoot me Niall James Horan," a woman- like voice laughs from the mask.
"Who says?" Niall says, his fingers shaking.
"Mr.X," the voice laughs, kicking the gun from Niall, shooting a shot into the air as she runs off and hops into unlicensed car and drives off.
Ellie lets out a short breath and falls onto her knees.
"Ellie!" Niall cries and runs to her and holds her tight, "Are you okay, love?"
She just nods and buries herself into his chest where she sobs uncontrollably.
"Did anyone get shot?" I ask looking around and noticing that the other thugs ran
off, great.
"We're all good," Zayn answers, helping Ellie up and walking her to the car with the help of Niall. "I'm going to call the police. Any objections?" Zayn asks and without a word from anyone else, he exits to make the call.
I walk quickly to Niall and Ellie where I find her shaking uncontrollably. "What exactly did they say to you?" Niall asks, holding her into him.
"The one with the earrings kept saying things like 'That Irish Playboy isn't coming' and 'We'd blow your head off right now if you weren't carrying so much money' and I wasn't. I don't really have anything! Ask Liam, he had to buy me that skirt because I fell short. And then the second snapped at me saying how he saw a diamond ring in a shop with my name on plac next to it in the back and he said that anyone that could afford that didn't disearve to hoard her money." She cried pushing her into Niall's chest harder as he patted her hair and parted it and fiddled softly with it.
"Honey, I am so sorry that this happened..." Niall whispered as he held her tight and looked up to me and mouthed,"Mr.X is back?"
I mouthed back, "I guess so."
This was crazy, we just need to get away for a while, all of us. We can pack up and be out in the morning,"Niall, I think we should get out of town for a while. Just until the heat dies down."
"Where'd we go?" Niall asked, still holding Ellie tightly.
"I have a house down in Texas is you guys want to crash with me. It's all mine and it's pretty roomy, thanks Niall for that. He made sure I had way to much space on my hands..." She smiles, getting her spirits back.
"Then that figures where Louis, Olivia and Niall can stay and Harry,Zayn, and I will hang out in a resort or something..." I thought out loud.
"Liam? Do you mind if I just stay with Ellie by myself? I mean, you guys can comeover but I think not to raise suspicion and Olivia is probably going to want Louis and her to stay down in Houston with her parents...." Niall explains and I understand, patting him on the back.
"Let's go get you guys some lunch."

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