Irish Boy

Ellie is the loving girlfriend of Irish pop star, Niall Horan. After their Take Me Home tour is finally done, she finally has time to spend with her favorite people in the world. Just as she and Niall start to get close a fellow band mate, Harry Styles to be exact, starts to fancy her. Will she choose the boy who has loved her forever or the English heart throb that is head over heels for her? To make matters worse, a certain fortune telling Mr. is back and is ready to make sure that their fortunes come true. Who is loved, forgotten, and left for dead? Read all about it in Irish boy.


1. Irish Boy: Ellie's POV

Niall!” Liam shouted shoving Harry into the car while Niall played loud music from shotgun.
Niall laughed as he cranked up the music to a ear-bleeding pitch as he and Zayn sang to the heavens,”SO CALL ME MAYBE?!”
I shook my head, these boys were trouble. Not the bad kind of trouble that could put me behind bars but the kind that can make you roll over and die with laughter.
“Louis, what are you waiting for!?” Harry shouted, grabbing my shoulder and making me bob along with the music.
I looked at Liam with concerned eyes as Louis pulled a sandwich from his bag and began to nibble on it,”Wanna a bite, hon?”
I shook my head, pulling my arms back into my jacket. These guys were freaks, not the kind of freaks that hide in a funhouse but the kind that will dance on your grave. Well, Niall would do a jig and Louis would probably do a little, “Put a ring on it,” while Zayn walked around saying, “Imma Bradford Bad Boi, yo.”
Liam punched Niall in the back,”HEY. Lover boy? Your girlfriend’s here!”
Harry giggled pushing his hair behind his ear as he grabbed Louis’s hand,”Hey, Lou? Who’s the girl?”
I looked up to find a young girl, no older than twenty, with long blonde hair, giggled to the music.
“It’s Olivia, she’s a friend,” Louis smiled, pulling her towards him.
“Uh huh,” she laughed loudly through her teeth, stealing his sandwich away from him.
Looking at Liam, I saw him with his head out the window screaming at the top of his lungs.
“What’s up with Liam?” Zayn asked, looking at Harry.
Harry just pointed at the giant billboard we just passed,”Sally’s Super Spoons.”
“Ah,” Zayn laughed, yanking Liam back in the car.
Niall laughed as he stopped the car and jumped out, pulling me along with him.
“Ay, me and Ellie are gonna go hit Nandos. Anyone want anything?” Niall asked, poking his head through the window to find Liam hyperventilating.
“Well, I could use some chi-” Harry started, just before Niall stopped him.
“Nope, nobody wants anything? Then, we’ll just be at Nando’s today. They have a buffet line for today only. See you at nine!” Niall smiled.
“It’s two,” Liam addressed, rolling down the window to reveal Niall’s hungry face.
“7 hours isn’t enough time to eat a Nandos, Liam. Be glad that I’m only going for that period of time...” Niall snapped, grabbing my hand and running towards the crosswalk.
“WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSE TO DO? SIT IN THIS CAR FOR 7 HOURS?!” Louis shouted, sticking his head out of the window.
“EXACTLY!” Niall shouted back, charging for the brightly colored building up ahead.
As the wind behind my hair flew, I heard Niall chanting a very odd song that I know has never actually been produced, EVER.
“Everyone else in the world loves Nandos, but we’re not the same because...
Maybe I like my chips with da ketchup on!
The way those burgers crisp, makes me moan and yawn.
I’m gonna eat all the food like it’s Red Dawn.
You don’t know...oh oh! You don’t know I love Nandos! Oh Oh, that’s what makes my hunger grow!”
“N....I....A....L...L!!!” I cry as Niall sprints forward and rounds a corner just before my face collides with a brick wall labeled , “Sally’s Super Spoons.”
Liam would’ve freaked, this I know. Niall justed flashed his perfect irish smile as he continued to run into the brightly light building, dragging me along with every step.
“We’re here,” he gleams, holding my hand tightly as he spins me to face the building.
“Are we seriously going to leave the guys in the car back there?” I ask worriedly, rubbing my wrists to relieve them from the pressure of being yanked around.
“No, Paul will be by in roughly an hour to pick them up,” Niall laughs, walking inside and sitting me in a brightly colored booth as he takes his phone out of his pocket.
“Please tell me you aren’t texting,” I groan, throwing my hand in front of the phone as he laughs.
“No, just pulling up notes to take your order,” he smiles his perfect smile as he grasps my hand in his, “So love, what’s it gonna be?”
“Water, and maybe a chicken sandwich,” I announce, throwing a napkin at his face as he catches my playful glare.
“No no no. That will not do....” he frowns, picking up the menu as he spins it around at me, “Close your eyes, love.”
I raise my eyebrows at this curious series of events but I obey, closing my eyes as I feel he take my hand and roll his fingers over my knuckles.
“ I’m going to be the best person ever and order FOR you,” he whispers, still rubbing my hands.
It’s weird. This boy clearly understands me yet, I don’t completely understand him. He’s sweet, and always hungry. He’s humourous, and the slightest bit perverted but not in front of me. I mean, he’s perfect.
“Don’t make me fat, okay?” I smile, my eyes still closed.
“Ha, you’ll just have to squeeze into your jeans but you’re perfect to me,” he sings, melting my heart in his hands.
“Can I open my eyes now?” I giggle, feeling his warm hands grasp mine.
“Yeah, now look,” he announces, holding a little necklace with a black heart on the end.
“For me?” I ask, feeling the chain that holds the charm.
“No, for our waitress. Yes for you, my precious,” he smiles, “Turn it over.”
I roll the heart charm onto my hand and find it engraved with little song lyrics.
“I won’t let these little things slip out of my mouth. But if I do, it’s you. Yeah it’s you, they add to. Yes, I'm in love with you. And all your little things."
I felt a solid tear roll down my cheek as I rolled the charm around in my hands. Niall smiles as he looks towards the dimly light door to find Louis standing with his hand on his hips, “NIALL!”
Niall’s eyes expanded as he leaned into me and waved nervously at Louis.
“I assume you bought something for Olivia and me? Hmm?” the sassmaster himself proclaimed.
“Yeah! And you better have packed a cookie!” Olivia huffs, walking towards us at the empty table.”NO FOOD?!?!?! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!”
I giggled as she ran around the room, throwing tables over before she came to the cashier, “Food, now.”
The cashier stuffed the bag full of delicious treats but Olivia clearly wasn’t satisfied,” Give me my COOKIE!!”
“Um, we don’t sell cookies.”
Her glare just burned a hole into the cashier’s forehead until she pulled a cookie out of her lunchbag, “Here you go...scary American girl.”
I saw Louis face flush red as he wrapped Olivia in a hug before they tried to squeeze in between me and Niall.
“Babe, you grabbed me a cookie too, right?” Louis whispered, not as soft as he thought he did.
“Better,” Olivia gleamed, rummaging through the bag and pulling out a thick bread like object.
“YOU GOT ME TWO COOKIES?” Louis giddly replied, throwing his head back as he laughs hysterically towards the cracked ceiling.
“No, even better.”
She just rolled her eyes as she shut his eyes with her fingers and slipped a piece of the item into his mouth, “Don’t forget to chew, I did once and I got smacked by a fat nun.”
Louis just chews the piece as a smile arises from his face, “Delicious! Carrot cake, right love?”
“Hey, I thought you two were just friends!” Niall laughs, throwing a playful punch at Louis.
“More than that,” Louis smiles, throwing a flirtatious glance at Oliva,”Indeed more than that.”
Olivia smiles as Louis slides her a cookie, she gladly bites into it to reveal a hard piece, “OW!”
She fishes the item out of her mouth and dusts it off with a napkin, a ray of sparkles flood the room. My mouth drops open and Niall just holds me close, that’s no ordinary Cereal Box ring, that was the real deal.
“Oliva?” Louis asked, holding her hand as he moved it to his face.
“Yeah?” she cocks her head and listens.
“Maybe it’s this beautiful night..” he begins to sing my favorite Bruno Mar’s song, “Or maybe it’s these dancin tunes. Who cares baby...?”
I see Olivia’s eyes light up as she finishes the song herself, “I think I wanna marry you...”
Louis just smiles again as he lowers himself to one knee and properly asks,”Olivia Jane Georgia, will you marry me?”
Olivia just nodded her head as Louis slipped the ring onto her pale finger, “Olivia Jane has a good ring to it, doesn't it?”
“Yeah, Louis. It does...” I smile patting him on the back as he and Olivia walk out of the store, already discussing wedding plans.
“Cookie cake? Oooh! And a chocolate fountain!” she laughs, holding him closely like she might lose him.
“You want sweets? Let’s compromise. Carrot cake with chocolate cookies as decor...” he promises, wrapping her in a warm hug.
“Sounds delightful,” she whispers before burying herself in his chest.
“I love you,” he whispered into her hair.
“I love you too,” she whispered back, holding him closer.
“Forever and Always,” he promised, raising her face.
“Forever and always,” she agreed, lightly kissing him.
I imagined to any normal person, it would be strange to see a pop icon kissing a social nobody, but I realized that that was practically my life now.
“Niall, I was thinking...” I start, holding his hand.
“Don’t worry, when I propose it won’t be from a cookie.”
“So, you’re going to?”
“What did I tell you?”
I just smiled, he loved me.
“When the time and place is right, yes.”
“Just no cookies.”
“No cookies.”
As Olivia announced the news, I swear I could feel Harry’s eyes trying to melt Louis’s skull.
“I’m sooo happy for you,” Harry sarcastically applauded, pushing his way out of the room.
“Harry? Where are you going?” I called, following him into a small tea house.
“AWAY!”he called back, throwing his scarf over his head and at me like a jealous child.
“Harry!” I scream, ripping open the door to find him with his head in his hands, sitting in a plush violet chair.
I just pulled up a small stool as I rested my head upon my hand to symbolize that I was ready to talk if he needed me.
“Go away, it’s not like you know how hard it is for me to cope with this,” Harry weakly says, burying himself in his jacket.
“Yeah, I know that what you guys have is special.”
“NO! Hahahaha, that’s not it...”
“So what is it?”
“Louis and I have been such good friends and to find out that he’s shipping himself off with another girl? That’s unbearable.”
“You’ll still have us...”
“Oh come on, Niall has you, Liam is bound to find someone fairly soon, and Zayn? Has like a girlfriend a week.”
“What about Paul?”
“Paul is already married, idiot! I’m going to be the last direction that hasn’t found a purpose in life. I’m going to be the crazy cat man that lives down the street.”
“Harry, I’ll be here. I’m not going anywhere.”
“Then let me try one thing.”
Harry leaned in and kissed me, holding me tight in his grasp until finally, he released.
“I’m sorry Ellie, I just had to do that.”
“WHAT?” I heard a voice call from the open door, Olivia.
“It isn’t what it looks like!” I call back, running up to her.
“I think it’s exactly what it looks like!” Olivia called back, shoving her way to Harry as she stared at him.
“Olivia, can you explain what you think is going on?” Harry calmly addressed, looking at Olivia with his soft green eyes.
Olivia’s eyes whipped to me and then back at him, “Isn’t it obvious?”
I just shook my head, trying to let Olivia figure this out herself.
“You two got tea without me!” Olivia explains, dead serious.
“Yes, and I feel terrible about that. Here’s a twenty, grab some cookies as well for you and Louis,” Harry smirked, passing Olivia money as he grabbed my arm and led me out of the shop, “I sometimes wonder why she isn’t the one who’s with Niall..”
“Hey!” I call back, shoving him a little bit and laughing to myself a little when he doesn’t even shake.
“Yeah, but I’m glad you’re in our lives too, Ellie,” he smiles, trying to wrap me in another hug.
“No....Harry this isn’t going to work,” I push him away, feeling like a dirty cheater.
“I don’t understand...” Harry responded, trying to hug me.
“Yeah, I think you do...” I snap, pulling away as I trudge back to everybody else, leaving Harry in the dust.
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