Irish Boy

Ellie is the loving girlfriend of Irish pop star, Niall Horan. After their Take Me Home tour is finally done, she finally has time to spend with her favorite people in the world. Just as she and Niall start to get close a fellow band mate, Harry Styles to be exact, starts to fancy her. Will she choose the boy who has loved her forever or the English heart throb that is head over heels for her? To make matters worse, a certain fortune telling Mr. is back and is ready to make sure that their fortunes come true. Who is loved, forgotten, and left for dead? Read all about it in Irish boy.


2. Harry's POV: Dirty, Rotten, Cheat

The whole problem with that moment, the one that I hoped she’d leave Niall, was that she didn’t. She didn’t hug me back. She wasn’t going to cover me. She didn’t like my playful insults. She didn’t like me.
My milkshakes bring all the boys to the yar-” my phone rang at an ear piercing pitch, as I quickly ripped it from my pocket.
“Hello?” I whispered, begging that it wasn’t Niall, I couldn’t deal with that.
“Hey, where are you?” I heard Liam’s voice ask as laughter rang out in the background.
“A tea shop, Maggie’s Tea, I think...” I frown, he doesn’t know.
“Can you swing by the house any time soon?” Liam asks, practically begging for me to return.
“I don’t know if I can. Who’s all home?” I ask, begging once again that Niall wasn’t there.
“Well, Zayn, Olivia, Me...Ellie just walked in...and Louis is playing hide-n-seek with Olivia somewhere in the house,” Liam explains, no Niall.
“I’ll be right over,” I smile, thinking that the world isn’t half bad at the moment.
“We have someone you need to meet,” I hear, Ellie’s hoarse voice spit back at me.
I hang the phone up as I see Louis and my face light up as my background in front of our first concert poster. I wish that reality was still here. I blink quickly and I swear my mind is playing tricks on me. My image turns to Olivia, and the background isn’t a poster, it’s a wedding chapel.
Reality wasn’t waiting for me to catch up, I had to meet it halfway.
“My name’s Lorie...” a timid girl whispers, showing me her hand as if I will shake it.

“It’s nice to meet such a pretty girl like yourself,” I smile, wrapping her into a warm hug.
“A REALLY pretty girl..” I hear Zayn flaunt, tapping me on the shoulder before I elbow him in the gut.“Well, you two are nice...” she smiled, looking up at me with honest eyes as she flashes me a thick smile.
I look at Ellie who has a guilty look on her face as she hugs Niall close, she catches my glance and returns it with a glare.
“So, where are we heading to dinner?” Niall asks, looking at Louis.
“I was thinking that new Italian place downtown, but anything works,” he smiles, wrapping Olivia into a large hug.
“That sounds good,” Liam smiles, always happy.
“So are me and Zayn supposed to be each other’s dates or something?” Liam smiles, jokingly until Ellie stands to open the door.
“Not exactly...”
Two girls, both dressed casually classy step forward, “These are my friends from school. This is Maddie and Hannah,” Ellie smiles, passing them forward.
“It’s nice to meet you,” Maddie sweetly says to Liam, holding his hand.
“And you, dearest Maddie,” Liam repeats her motion.
“Zayn! It’s amazing to finally meet you!” Hannah giddly responds, giving him a hug.
This girl isn’t going to last a minute.
“Uh, yeah,” Zayn fakely smiles, throwing him arm around her as we all file into our cars.
I find myself and this Lorie girl, being the last one’s out of the house and I need to pick a car to ride with.
Louis has his cherry red Corvette, Zayn has his black Hummer, and Niall’s sitting in his orange Cadillac, tapping on the dash. I walk to my first choice, Louis.
“Mind if we sit with you guys?” I smile, leaning over the cracked window.
“I would offer you a seat, but Olivia is using a seat for her cookie bag and Liam and Maddie took up two others. Sorry, Harry Barry...” he  apologizes as he pulls out of the garage and onto the road ahead.
“Okay...Zayn. Got any room?” I smile, praying he does.
“Sorry, bub. Only two because I kept the equipment  from our tennis match in the bag. See you at the restaurant!” Zayn calls, backing up onto the street.
Crap. I have to take a ride from Niall.
“Hey, jump in the back!” Niall calls, he either doesn’t know or he’s going to crash this car.
Lorie happily jumps in as I wait hesitantly, what are his motives?
“Niall, I have to grab my jacket. Harry can you help me?” Ellie asks, throwing her hair over her shoulder as she kisses Niall’s cheek and pulls me into the house.
“He doesn’t know, okay?”
“Why didn’t you tell him?”
“Because it wasn’t my fault!”
“So, it was mine?”
“Yes, it was completely yours!”
“So, if I told Niall...that would be my fault.”
“Yes, wait. You aren’t going to do that.”
“And why wouldn’t I?”
“Because you wouldn’t, okay?”
“And what’s stopping me?”
“My future?”
“What about it?”
She just takes a deep breath as she paces around the house, trying to find the words to explain what she’s feeling. I try to notice everything about her. Her eyes are a deep brown, like a swirling pool of chocolate. Her hair is like hazelnut coffee, ground up with pieces of peppermint. When she smiled, I felt almost happy in the world I lived in. Why’d I kiss her? I don’t know, impulse maybe. Or maybe I love her. That’s right, I love her. If Niall didn’t know, we were going to keep it that way. At least for now.
“I love him, Harry. And, it isn’t fair to put me through this...”
“So, love keeps secrets?” I snapped, holding her shoulders as I pushed my forehead against hers.
“I’m going to tell him. And when he breaks up with me and beats you to a pulp, then I’ll feel bad. But at the moment Harry? You’re a jerk,” she whispered, trudging back to the car as she slipped into the front seat.
Was I really that terrible? Was it that bad? It was just a kiss, after all. Who was I kidding? This was terrible. My best friends were going to kill me. Literally, kill me.

“Harry, are you coming?” I heard Lorie call from the car, a worried tint in her voice.
“Uh, yeah!” I call back, hesitating on my words.
Niall was laughing hysterically, twirling his spaghetti on his fork as he spinned it around in the air, “Look at me! I’m the cowboy of Ireland!”
Ellie just laughs, holding his hand as she chews on a piece of garlic bread.
“So, Harry. What’s up with that song you were writing?” I heard Lorie smile, looking at me with her little eyes.
“Who told you about that?” I question, looking at her with startled eyes.
“Zayn, he’s been acting really nice to be all of the sudden!” she laughs, looking at me again.
“Yeah, I wonder why?” I look at Zayn, almost ready to punch him in the face.
“So, about that song?” Lorie asks again, pressuring me into spilling.
“Kinda top secret.” I smile, looking at her and winking.
“Please play it when we get home?” she asks again, clearly not backing down.
“Fine,” I huff knowing this isn’t going to end.
Lorie passed Niall his guitar, I can’t play, as I set up the microphone.
“Go Harry!” I hear Lorie call, smiling wider than she should.
I take a deep breath as I start to sing.
“She’s a diva, longing attention.
She’s an actress, working the stage.
She’s player, always in action.
She’s a movie, about to hit play.
And I just wanna rewind, rewind, rewind.
Turn back time, time, time
Back to the day ay ay
That I first met you ou ou.
And the first time we ki ki kissed
Is a memory I mi mi miss
If I could replay this...
I’d always hit rewind.
Turn back time.
Ah yes, I’d hit rewind.
For you,” I sing, drowning myself in the music as I shoot a glance at Ellie who quickly looks away.
“That’s really pretty Harry,” Lorie leaned in, trying to kiss me.
I just pushed her away, “I don’t think this is going to work. Bye Lorie.”
That’s what I meant, and I’m not taking it back. I’ll fight for her, even if it kills me.

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