Irish Boy

Ellie is the loving girlfriend of Irish pop star, Niall Horan. After their Take Me Home tour is finally done, she finally has time to spend with her favorite people in the world. Just as she and Niall start to get close a fellow band mate, Harry Styles to be exact, starts to fancy her. Will she choose the boy who has loved her forever or the English heart throb that is head over heels for her? To make matters worse, a certain fortune telling Mr. is back and is ready to make sure that their fortunes come true. Who is loved, forgotten, and left for dead? Read all about it in Irish boy.


6. Ellie's POV: Memories

Niall used the plane to get us to Texas and truly, I understand why Harry worships this thing. It's seats are as comfy as couches and it has mini fridges stocked with soda and such.
"Music?" Niall asked, handing me an earpiece to listen to something he picked.
"Thanks," I smile, cuddling into his shoulder and resting my head on his chest.
Queen starts pouring out of the headphones,"I didn't think you liked Queen, Niall."
"You do. And I need to try new things," he smiles, wrapping me in a hug.
Wasn't he great?
"HEY GIRLS.HEY!" Olivia and Louis stormed on, trudging through the eisle from the other room.
"Hey Lou. Ready to meet The 'Rents of Georgia here?" I giggled as Niall laughed and patted my hair.
"Ya'll Texans can't play games with me!" Louis exclaims, making gun hands and running around.
I see Niall bust out laughing as he joins Louis and pretends to take out a finger gun and begins shooting Louis and everyone in the cabin. He points his fingers at Liam and pushes down his thumb.
"I've been shot!" Liam exclaimed, falling onto the floor.
"IS EVERYONE OKAY?" Paul yells, running in from the pilots cabin and takes a seat when he figures out we were all just fooling around.
"We're fine Paul," Harry laughs, walking over and snapping a Pepsi out of the freezer.
Zayn stands up and walks over to him and try's to take the Pepsi,"Come on kid, I'm Drew Brees."
Harry laughs and sees what Zayn was doing and continues the pattern,"And I'm Harry."
"Who?" Zayn laughs, looking at Liam.
"FROM ONE DIRECTION?" Liam calls, flopping back on the floor.
"Platinum album," Louis calls from the couch where Olivia has fallen asleep in his lap.
"Won the super bowl," Zayn laughs.
"On the cover!" Liam yells again filling in the space.
"MVP," Zayn states shaking his head and flipping his hair.
"Oh yeah?" Louis yells, everyone forgetting whose lines were whose.
I, feeling like its right, pop up and scream a little.
"Yeah," Zayn smiles as Paul stands up and screams.
"If you give him the Pepsi, you can be in the band," Niall states, smiling his toothy grin.
All the boys stand in front of me and take their microphones from the cabinet on my right and begin to sing, changing the song so Olivia won't wake up. They begin to sing Gotta be You and Harry can't take his eyes off of me but neither can Niall.
"IT'S GOTTA BE YOU!!" Zayn belts out horridly to keep up the football look.
All the boys break after the song is over and Niall takes his seat next to me and Paul begins to talk to everyone.
"So I assume everyone knows the reason we are traveling?" Paul asks looking around and when Louis and Harry look up, he begins to tell the story,"Ellie was attacked yesterday by three thugs and they attempted to kill her. They did pull guns and fired one bullet into the air. Zayn called the police but the three thugs got away. One claimed to be Mr. X and pulled a gun at Niall. They apparently think that Ellie has a lot on money because she is associated with us. Ellie had made the rule that we cannot give her money so she clearly didn't. We are taking a trip from England to America because we don't want an episode of this again or flurries of news about it. Everyone needs to live low for a while-"
"And everyday 10-10 we will all meetup at my house. No exceptions and if you are late, you need to notify me ASAP. If we don't hear from you, we fear the worst. Does everyone understand?" I choke out as I feel Niall holding me.
They all nod their heads as Paul explains we're we will be staying. Louis nods, kissing Olivia's forehead and staring at Niall where he mouths,"Mr. X is back?"
Niall shrugs his shoulders and stares at me for a minute and whispers,"Are you okay,love?"
"It's a lot to take in. I mean at first I didn't want to hurt you but someone wants to hurt me. It's a scary turn of events."
"We'll then we just need to protect each other," he whispers, kissing my nose,"Now get some sleep, it's a long ride."
I nod and place my head on Niall's lap as he carefully strokes my hair and hums sweetly into my ear until I find myself drifting off.
"Niall, I'm sorry that I feel the way I do," Harry whispers, thinking I'm already asleep.
"I can't blame you for noticing she's beautiful, Harry..." Niall whispers back, still stroking my head.
"Thank you, Niall."
"You didn't let me finish. But I can blame you for kissing her. I can blame you for using her. I can blame you for not telling me," Niall whispers, letting his voice slip through the air.
"I....don't know why I did it."
"Yes you do, Harry. But thank you for putting a straight face on whenever she's around..."
"Niall, I think I lo-"
"I don't want to hear it. She doesn't love you, okay? So get your sick fantasy where we share her out of your head. She's my angel, not your tormented soul," Niall spits, moving my head to rest on the couch as he gets up,"I'm going to see how much longer."
I feel Niall move and Harry takes his place, holding my head up in the same position so I wouldn’t wake up. I feel small drops of water pour on my head and I try to keep my breathing slow so it still seems like I’m sleeping and that I don’t know that Harry is crying on me.
“Harry, you can’t keep doing this to yourself..” Louis whispers, putting his hand on Harry’s shoulders and giving him a hug, “First Rebecca and now her?”
“We said we wouldn’t talk about that. Rebecca is just a name to me now, Louis. Nothing else,” Harry continues to cry and I feel his tears drip down harder.
“She wasn’t when we went on tour. She wasn’t when we went to Hawaii. She wasn’t when you found out that she-” Louis tried to make his point, holding Harry again and looking down at me and regretting his words.
Harry let out a loud sigh,”And when I found out she had a thing going on with a boy who happened to be my sister’s boyfriend. She and I were crushed, how and why would someone do this? Because she could, Louis. I was gone for a while and I guess she figured I’d never know, but how was I not suppose to know? I...don’t know if I want to fall in love again.”
“But you did, didn’t you?” Louis questioned, stealing the seat beside Harry and pulling my legs up on his knees so he could sit.
“But if I did then I’m just as bad as her. I’ll be a dirty, rotten cheater. I’d be no better than that filthy Rebecca,” Harry whispers, and I feel him trying to get up and then giving up and just petting my hair.
“Harry, part of me takes Niall’s side. It is his girlfriend or undetermined fiance. But the other part of me takes your side because you deserve love and if you found found it.”
“It just feels like a stupid Taylor Swift song, doesn’t it?” Harry breathes, looking at Louis and I feel Louis laugh a little.
“More or less, I guess.”
“Do you think, if I kissed her now, you know while she’s sleeping. That there’d be a possibility that she’d wake up and love me?”
“Like Sleeping Beauty?”
“I guess that’s what I mean.”
“Harry, that’s fairytale talk.”
“I’m desperate Lou.”
“Maybe it’ll work. Maybe it won’t. Maybe she’ll kiss you back. Maybe she’ll kiss you back because she thinks it’s Nialler. Maybe you’ll suffocate her with your big fat lips...”
“Sorry, just trying to lighten the mood.”
“Not helping.”
“Sorry Hazza,” Louis says, slipping out from under my feet and walking back to Olivia where she is mumbling in her sleep.

Her thin blonde hair flops down her shoulders and her perfectly swiped eyelashes flutter in her sleep. Louis sits her up and let’s her flop against his shoulder and her small mumbling becomes a little louder.
“Louis...Louis...Louis!” she mumbles, rolling around in her sleep.
“It’s okay love, I’m here.” Louis whispers, holding her towards him.
I start feeling my legs numb and I decide it’s time to get up because I am not going to be in the lap of this unstable boy.
“It looks like Ellie’s waking up,” Louis announces, looking at Zayn and demanding a Pepsi.
I lift my head and rub my eyes and I feel Harry shift uncomfortably.
“I guess you’re wondering why, um, I’m here and not Niall...” Harry stutters as he stands up and does that awkward hand thing when he gets nervous.
“It’s fine, Harry. I mean, it’s okay. I mean...” I stammered out, “I’m going to go get a drink.”
“Please stay, Ellie,” he calls, holding my hand in his.
“Harry, you’re a sweet boy but...”
“Just give me a chance. Please.”
“I just don’t think I can do that, Harry.”
And like that, he spun me around and dipped me and gave me a soft kiss, holding my waist. I panicked. Crap, it was happening again. I pushed him off and felt my cheeks flush red, “Harry, I’m not going to do this again.”
“I’m sorry. You..nothing?” Harry stuttered, trying to figure out what I meant when I snapped back.
“Harry, you need to understand that I don’t feel the same about you as you do about me. I’m sorry,” I tried to brake to him, pulling away and going in the direction of where Niall had head.
“I love you, Ellie. I am truly, madly, deeply in love with you,” Harry whispers, holding my hand and making sure I can’t escape.
“Harry, I’m sorry...” I whisper, snapping my hand away as I walk back to where Niall is.
He’s sitting at a small table that has a white tablecloth over it and a small candle perfectly placed in the middle. There are two plates set, each decorated with flowers. The two glasses aren’t filled but there is a bottle of Coke-a-Cola at the bottom of the table, Niall knows that I don’t like drinking. Niall is sitting at one of the place settings, twirling his phone his hand as he sips on a small mocha that I got him hooked on when he visited me last summer.
“Hi,” I smile, sitting in front of him and getting to eye level with him and I think I see tiny tears forming at the crease in his eyes.
“Hey love,” he whispers, reaching across the table and grabbing my hand.
“I’ve been thinking-” I started before he reached across and put a finger to my lips.
“Nothing good comes from thinking on an empty stomach,” he smiles, running into the other room and grabbing a basket of bread sticks.
“Breadsticks?” I question, quietly nibbling on the end of bread and staring at Niall.
“Do you remember how we met?” Niall asks, taking my hand back in his as he stares at me.
“Vaguely, I mean the screaming of teen girls kinda washed the memory,” I giggle, squeezing his hand.
“Want we to tell you again? That was the best moment of my entire existence and I will gladly share it again with you,” he whispers, leaning into him and his breathe hits me with a minty blast.
“I’d be delighted to hear it again.”
He stands, and grabs my hand and brings me over to one of the airplane windows and points to a place as we flew, “There is where we met. We are flying over Mamma Mia’s Italian Diner right at this moment and that is where we met. You, being a student at Baylor University, had come down for a while to visit family and friends but you were only halfway home so you decided to stop for a bite to eat. Oddly enough, the boys had stopped to go talk to a concert director a few miles away and had left me here so I could, you know, relieve myself and get a bite. I came in with tinted sunglasses, my black hoodie, hightops, and a knit cap and you had been waiting for a table right in front of me. When you turned because you accidentally bumped into me and you started to say sorry, I swear I saw an angel right in front of me. I was going to talk to you and I planned on asking you to share dinner with me but I thought that a girl as pretty as yourself was indeed taken. You told the hostess that you were a party of one and I decided that this is where I should jump in. I tapped you lightly on the shoulder and asked if you would prefer to have dinner with a companion instead of just the air in the seat in front of you. You smiled sweetly and welcomed me to sit with you.”
“I remember that! I thought you were some sort of hobo or something because, I guess it was the knit hat...” I smile, holding him closely as we continued to stare out the window.
“And then when we started talking, our waiter came to take our order, you ordered the Calzone Deluxe and I ordered the cheese pizza. I was in awe that this angel also had a big appetite. We chatted about our personal life and I never mentioned One Direction or took my glasses off. You commented that the room was actually pretty dim and that I could take my glasses off but I told you I really prefer to have them on and you didn’t criticize me or anything. You asked about my Irish accent and I told you about my home back in Ireland and you just looked at me in awe. We were both so into our conversations that we didn’t care that our food didn’t come until an hour later. You made me laugh numerous times and you laughed at all of my jokes. We ate quickly and then I took you  to gelato next door where I got you to try Bacon and Cheese and you gagged on it but forced it down for me. We didn’t even know each other’s names but we had fallen hopelessly in love...” he chokes out, holding me into him as I feel him smiling through his skin.
“You finally told me your name, Ellie, as we sat on a park bench and you laid your head on my shoulder. I thought that it was amazing that someone could love me even though she didn’t know who I was.  It was going amazing until Louis drove up and stuck his head out of the window and called for me after that it all went something like this;
“Nialler! Come on we gotta go!” Louis called as his eyes became fixated on you and a thick smile stretched across his face, “Ah...I see what’s going on!”
“Is that Louis? From One Direction?” you had whispered, looking up at me with curious eyes.
So I had to tell you who I was and you freaked out and smiled a big cheesy smile. Louis kept making fun of me and finding a girlfriend while I was supposed to be grabbing grub but then he stopped abruptly when a girl yelled, “OH MY GOSH! IT’S ONE DIRECTION!”  The sound came closer and began to swarm us with flashing lights, screaming girls, and fancy posters. Louis opened the door and let us jump in but not before a girl grabbed his leg and tried to pull him out.
“I’M HIT! I’M HIT!” Louis called hitting the horn on the car before the girl continued to pull him into the sea of women.
“I’ll save you!” Harry calls, driving into the pool of girls where he finally surfaces with the help of a blonde girl.
Harry pulls the two up into the car and sets Louis down, tattered and all.
“Thanks, love. That was really brave of you to save me like that,” Louis breathes, looking at Harry and the girl.
“Ain’t nothing but a chicken wing,” the girl smiled, winking with her thick Texas accent.
“Louis Tomlinson,” Louis smiles, sticking out his hand and staring at her.
“The name’s Olivia Jane Georgia but ya’ll can call me whenever,” she smiles, handing her number to Louis.
“Let’s just drive, Lou...” Harry whispers, honking the horn and blaring the lights towards the teens.
“WE LOVE YOU HARRY STYLES!” some girl from the crowd screams, pressing her face to the window and kissing it uncontrollably.
“DRIVE LOUIS! DRIVE! COOTIES!” Harry screams, hitting the “gas pedal” on his side and holding on to the dash with his big hands. “ Niall finishes, looking up at me and smiling.

He holds me tight and rocks me back and forth between his arms before stopping and looking at the table he had set out and then back at the floor. His dyed blonde hair swayed along with the engine and the small brown streaks danced on top of his forehead before he began to grab my hand and started Little Things on the stereo. He spun me around placed my hands upon his neck that was covered with a black hoodie that read in big white lettering, “I don’t know man, I just love food.” He wrapped me in a deep hug and I could feel the warmth of his breath encircling me before I just closed my eyes and swayed to the music. The song had a whole new meaning in this context but I couldn’t believe that it actually felt real. Just a few years ago, I was sitting in my bedroom listening to WMYB when my friend from trade school, Rose, called me up and demanded that I meet her at that restaurant but she never actually bothered to show up. And to think, that was the day I met Niall James Horan. But me, being the directioner that I was, should’ve known it was him. But, I didn’t and look where I was now.  I couldn’t describe how happy I was at this moment in time and the only way to make this better would be if Harry wasn’t in the other room, awaiting my return.
“So you see? Even with all the crazy fans, this is my favorite moment in human history,” he smiled, his smile streaking one across my face as well.
"Guys, we've got news!"Olivia calls out, beckoning us into the main chamber Liam is clapping uncontrollably and exciting chatter rolls through the room.
 "What's the big deal?" Harry calls out, leaping over the couch and landing on top of Zayn.
"Well, good news is that Olivia's parents can see the wedding...” Louis laughs awkwardly with his arm around Olivia as she stares at me with intense eyes.
“Well, that’s great!” Niall smiles again, walking over to Louis and placing a hand on his shoulder.
“Okay, now what’s the bad news?”Harry’s eyebrows crease as a small smile stretches across his lips, great.
“They aren’t coming to England to see it...” Louis breathes out, running his hand over Olivia’s hair as he laughs again,”How do you guys feel about a white wedding in Houston?”
Olivia’s face exploded with emotion, smiling and frowning at the same exact time that only Olivia could. Her thin figure was overcome with questions as Liam started fangirling about how they can go pick out her dress tonight and I can do her hair in a majestic braid, one problem, I don’t braid.
“Okay, so when’s the date?” Zayn questions, rolling his fingers through his hair and placing them finally on the backing of the couch.
I felt Louis take one deep breath and then look up at the ceiling, taking in his words before he said them. I look at his perfectly combed hair that has a small white flower at the ear because Olivia had picked it before we boarded, saying that “In Texas, you need a little bit of England to keep your sanity.” His shirt was a simple blue and green stripe and a pair of green jeans which Niall had taped a four leaf clover on the butt pocket. Olivia was lucky to know the man she was going to spend the rest of her life with is crazy in love with her.
“Her parents apparently canceled the wedding in England two months ago and planned it that quickly here. We go on tomorrow. So, um, her father-”
“James,” Olivia interrupts matter-a-factly.
“Right, James. Well, James has arranged for all of us to stay at their country club, separately. So it’s going to be...” Louis starts, looking at the room keys that have appeared in his hand from Olivia’s leather purse,”Zayn and I will be in B309, Niall and Harry will be in room B310, and Liam and Paul will be in B311. That leaves Olivia and Ellie in room A210, on the other side of the club. Any questions?”
Harry slumps down in his chair as Niall’s hand shoots up, “I want a room change.”
Zayn’s eyebrows shoot up in alarm, “Oooh! Drama?”
Niall gets defensive and looks around,” You really think I want to be in the same the one who sleeps naked? Come on guys!”
Louis took a deep breath and laughed hysterically, “That’s it. What a baby! He has the same parts as you, Nialler.”
I can’t help but burst out laughing as I try to steady myself on the wall.
“Fine. Niall will switch with Zayn. You aren’t afraid of the same sex right?” Louis giggles, staring at Zayn and then back at Niall.
“I don’t know about ya’ll but I love my roommate...” Olivia smiles, trotting over to me and throwing an arm around me and laughing.
“Well, it’s settled! Wedding in Houston!” Harry calls out, standing up and seeming oddly happy.
“Tomorrow,” Liam adds, standing up, “We’ll be landing soon and right at that moment. Paul will drive you guys to the club and I will find a cab and take Olivia and Ellie wedding and bridesmaid dress hunting. We’ll be home by 11. Understood?”

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